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I loved this book It was a uick concise fascinating read that I would recommend to anyone Won this as a giveawayThis book is a great reference book to understand what a republic is and all of the main ieces that go into that The book does a good job defining other types of governments as well and explains how the United States is not one of those governments democracy A Star Is Born primarily If you re looking to understand this in a very concise manner this book is for you This isn t a sit down and read for enjoyment type book though Be ready to learn I received this book free through Goodreads First ReadsrogramThis book is CSA Scenarios for the MRCGP, third edition primarily a review of John Adams ideas and reasoning in choosing a republic as the best form of government including those for which he was involved in writing a Constitution ie Massachusetts and the United States It draws a great deal of the 56ages of The Ornament (Ornament, primary content from The Works of John Adams Volumes IV V and VI Thoughts on Government Defence of the Constitutions etc It also includes Thoughts on Government by John Adams as the first appendix and the Constitution of the United States of America as the second appendix a short reading list makes up the third While it occasionally cites works other than those about or by John Adams those citations are few and do little to demonstrate any historical conflict in these areasFor the mostart this may be easier to digest than the original material though in large sections of the book most of the A short and concise rimer on the fundamental rinciples of the American government Thi.

Ontent is uotations of John Adams works This may be of use for a high school student looking for added depth in this Rant particular area but not yet interested in going to original sources or reading the several hundredages John Adams wrote on this and other subjects related to the structure and Super Minds Level 2 Students Book with DVD-ROM purpose of government Won this in Goodreads giveaway Fantastic book Short and concise Explains the subject clearly I would recommend this book to any one wanting to understand why america chose a republic I received this book from First Reads This book is good for anyone who is interested in the history of the American government and why this type of government was chosen This Republic is a very short read but it does have some good information I received this book asart of Good Reads First Reads GiveawayThis book is a review of the arguments in favor of the United States republican government turns out capitalization makes a difference I can t say it s a review of the development of our Constitution because the book focuses rimarily on John Adams writings and his arguments for our form of governmentOverall the author does a good job of laying out the differences between different forms of government and clearly differentiates a republic from other forms of government Obviously a republic comes out superior to a monarchy or aristocracy but the distinction between a republic and a democracy was especially interestingI d recommend this book for anyone who s intere. S Republic draws upon the writings of the American founders and extensively the writing.

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Sted in why our government is structured the way it is and for any one who s not interested because really they ought to be After all a government by the eople is a uniue gift we ve been given by our forebears and it bears reminding why it really is a gift A succinct intelligence study on what a Republic is meant and not meant to be If you are interested in learning about the idea our Founding Fathers built the United States on then this is an excellent starting Kids Draw Knights, Kings, Queens, Dragons point I received this book asart of the Goodreads First Reads rogram for the urpose of a fair reviewOverview If you are like most Americans you might think that America was supposed to be a democracy It might surprise you to find out that there is a difference between a republic and a democracy Mr Butts has the help of his favorite Founder s words to show us what the Founding Fathers wanted for this nationLikes We get a copy of the Constitution in this book That is almost all you need for a selling oint isn t it That and the letter from John Adams really made the book stand outDislikes The etymology included in this reference was almost too much Although it does help get the oints across sometimes it came across as a little too muchConclusion I don t know why some of the other reviews seem to dislike the fact that most of the information came from John Adams It s not Mr Butts s job to do the studies for our sake Sometimes we can retain if we make the effort to find the information ourselves. S of John Adams to thoroughly explain the nature of republics and republican government.