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Joseph is fed up with his dad He forgets to do the shopping cooks terrible meals and never helps him with his homework Why can t he be organized sporty or even smarter Joseph wonders That s what the dad library is for explains his friend Helen The dad library is a place were all sorts of wonderful dads can be rented out just like books in a regular library Joseph thinks this is a I wish you could change dads the way you can change library books I wish there was a Dad LibraryJoseph is fed up with his dad He forgets to o shopping he cooks

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Be used as part of a uided reading session It could also be placed in the class library for independent reading A very entertaining children s book that made my son and me laugh together it is so much fun and the central idea is used to perfection by the author I think it worked too my son was rateful for his ordinary dad we still both remember it fondly now over ten years on. Derful dads Should he borrow an Organizer Dad or a Sporting Dad or a Clever Dad or an Indulgent Dad Joseph wants to try them all But which one will he want to kee.

Onderful idea and takes this opportunity to upgrade his dad He rents out an organizer dad a clever dad and an indulgent dad but soon realizes none of these dads are perfect Joseph soon begins to miss his own regular dad but will he be able to et him back and bring him home before his mum arrives home from hospital This book would be suitable for a year three or four class and could. Errible meals he doesn't help Joseph with his homework and he makes him eat school dinnersThen Joseph discovers the Dad Library crammed full with all sorts of won.