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Eness and personal responsibility When a reader is ffended by these painfully direct accounts and graphic details explicitly made ut for us it pauses me to consider the source f their written complaints and credit them to another version f the typically judgmental and self righteous ne who holds little to no credibility based The Something on a typically guilty history The sensitive man who feels somehow affronted as well is considered also in less than a good light as we are all complicitf these same behaviors and thoughts no matter how hard we impress urselves and thers in ur attempts to deny them For wary readers it seems Jelinek s incessant bombardment is meant in rder to wear A Killing Tide one down She is anything but taciturn in her sometimes disgusting assaults so perversely avowed Two thirds through this generously elongated tirade marks a new measuref tiredness She flirts with boredom It is possible the book could have ended at this same mark But perhaps she still has something new and yet unheard Shivers: four in one: The Enchanted Attic/A Ghastly Shade of Green/The Locked Room - The Awful Apple Orchard of to say Surely it is hoped her constant fucking and sucking might beget a new meaning It is true the hairdresser fails at keeping Gerti fresh No longer available to Jelinek are any additional analogies for going downhill Perhaps she could have the fuckers skiing backwardsr perhaps in reverse The woman doesn t improve from constant use but if she herself wants to avail herself L'Oracle de votre subconscient : I-Ching, Le Livre des transformations of a young man make herself available to a fellow who lives nearby no it won t do So Gerti degrades herself even A husband who uses her every hole to fill and gorge with hiswn juices and then leaves her soiled and bent with nary a kiss goodbye is still not enough abuse for her so Gerti ventures Weirdos of the Universe, Unite! out to seek in the shape and formsf youth that are now and forever escaping her But we us extras we are so difficult to move we hang leaden upon Les Naufrags d'Ythaq T03 : Le soupir des toiles our catheters through whichur warm waste waters trickle wretchedly awayBeing drunk and spread ut n the snow American Maharajah of herwn digging wanting too much to be loved enad f herself delusional enough so that gangs f young men and women are allowed to expose and fondle grab and mishandle her hidden places her creases and folds torn and spread enough to spew their juices laughably considered by these kids as no longer needed and instead worn and desperately used up Gerti is put in her car uiet now How shall I put it She has been at the mercy f hands and tonguesAnd for some f us having been roughly groped and fondled like this would be just what we have wanted An Squeamish About Sushi: And other Food Adventures in Japan orgy designed for denying personal despair But not Gerti She wants the young man Michael and not the restf what comes with him The narrator frankly tells us that this woman has to get attached to an asshole like Michael f all people He grabs roughly inside the front f her coat and dress and laughing tugs and twists her nipplesThe book is strikingly about regrets The Quarterback's Crush over life choices rather than the popular blurbed war between the sexes Poor choices and not being true tone s self plays into this work in far greater measure than feminism and spousal abuse On almost every page men and women being caught up in superficial looks and pretentious appearances are shown as contagious diseases prevalent throughout ur consumer driven societies Torn and tormented we become visible and we want to look good for thers to think f what we paid for ur clothes we no longer have what we paid and we notice the lack when we have to undress and caress Achtung! Cthulhu our partner in loveDefeated in the worldf lust youth rules Age is not kind and life simply wears ne ut Thus their round fat bodies hum away life goes General P.T.G. Beauregard on man vanishes continually in death the hours sink to the ground but women flit numbly about the house never safe from all the blows that fate dealsThere is no hope And ultimately a god is blamedr held responsible for this creation It is hard to imagine a work like this becoming popular Flabbergasted the men gape into their women s holes torn by life and yes they shudder as if they knew that the box had long been empty from which the seeds have been shaken My Wishful Thinking out for years But the dear women are so attached to them In this book Elfriede Jelinek has much to say Of which ample need impels allf us to consider And where we might also discover why her violence is most driven This is becoming tiresome even if Jelinek s insights into contemporary this was written in 89 existence do bear consideration Later Finally finished I feel as if I should bathe my soul in bleach though The language The Boy and the Blue Moon of porn the storyf modern slavery Harsh and well written this book has two aspects the brilliant analysis and mirroring f sex with capitalism and the wearying repetition by the first thirty Outineuze vervelende herhalingen van altijd maar hetzelfde Ze is vaak verdwenen en belandt af en toe dronken in de politiecel Wanneer Michael een student haar p een van haar vluchten praapt uit de sneeuw wordt zij.

Down this autumn to the work f transposing all my hand written work from last summer Father Tom Padilla: Mark of the Demon Priest onto my computer I am somewhat surprised at how relevant this particular workf Elfriede Jelinek is to what I myself had been impelled to write about Reading for me is far than a diversion from my life This novel makes me think Clearly I am no longer f the patriarchal and consumer driven society I have been born into and I have done my utmost to insure against my falling back into what I so laboriously rid myself f further becoming Yes I am married to a woman I have sex with but never a day passes in which I am not grateful for her and what she does for me I never feel entitled to anything awarded me except for the continuance f a fair shake and honest relationship Deceit and covert affronts f power are expressly not my cup Eat Vegan on $4.00 a Day of tea Elfriede Jelinek is a poet Or the translator Michael Hulse is a poet It matters not to me who the responsible party is here Fact is this novel is a masterpiece in brutal honesty Fiction as fact I know these people she writes about and they exist in the world I live in They always have They are my neighbors and we live in the same townsA thirdf the way into this beautifully profound though vicious treatise the narrator after somewhat sarcastically speaking f a factory worker fetching from the dispenser a refreshing Coke says the word I She r he unhesitatingly and frankly makes strong claims Wood is pulped and the pulp is processed at the mill by people who ve been pulpedObviously the Pantyhose Professionals (Pantyhose Diaries Book 2) opinions voiced in this narrator s countless personal attacks are broad and thoroughly encompassing Becausef mounting evidence and personal experience I feel confident that Elfriede is not exclusively a man hater as thers have previously suggested To label her ne is totally unfair Obviously she eually hates all that is Masterchef Junior Cookbook: Bold Recipes and Essential Techniques to Inspire Young Cooks oppressive and insanely preposterous which covers enormous swathsf ground and leaves her much else to expose in the course Black Macho and the Myth of the Superwoman of her saying so As for the pitiful women she portrays she clearly positions herself above and beyond them and in fact holds them responsible for the spousal abuse they receive inasmuch as they are themselves slaves to wanting the things and prestige thatnly money can buy This mass disease Study of Organ Inferiority and Its Psychical Compensation; A Contribution to Clinical Medicine - Scholar's Choice Edition of consumerism is as much at fault as the worldly desire for money and property Through the ages this hunger has undoubtedly proven to feed a vicious cyclef abuse In matters Heaven Next Stop of sexual behaviors Jelinek goes wellver the line in rder to be herself appropriately absurd The gargantuan number f rifices filled and splayed seem almost hilarious and ften delightfully insane Nature presupposes sheer scale anything Bases Loaded of a smaller size could never excite usr entice us tempt us to buy a dirndl dress Have A Good Night, Volume 1 or a huntingutfitShe is eually without hope for all who are ppressed It is the human condition we are born with Oppressed people the world ver resort to life s foibles to determine the results and direction f their flawed and blemished lives The nes in charge continue to profit and consider themselves superior in their disgusting delusions When You Lose Your Job of grandeur There are so manyf life s examples to this affect that Jelinek has little trouble digressing and exploring the diverse and meandering avenues and countrysides f ur Isabel the Queen: Life and Times often pathetic and meaningless existence All day long a man livesff the beautiful image Fantastic Post Office 03 of his wifenly to have her nag all eveningShe and the village women and all Tim Crouch of us there we stand dripping and thawing facing the kitchen stove and counting the tablespoonfuls in which we doleurselves utUnrelenting in her assault f all and the insults she spews upon us Jelinek scours her cynical mind for the strongest corrosive agent she may engage Her courageous honesty is so absurd to be somewhat funny and profanely enjoyable to read A weaker mind Drawing the Human Head of lesser character could never delight in these scribblings patterned in short paragraphsf hers that never fail to inspire a reader to go Twin Block Functional Therapy: Applications in Dentofacial Orthopedics on and hear what else she might have to say about these people we all should know and be dreadfully awaref Otherwise we are ne f them as well Better to be a recreational bserver slouched within the stuffing f ur leisure chair devoid f any personal feeling Dead Man Riding (Nell Bray, of responsibility that urges us to also merge within these irrelevant lives as additional willing participants Even the station master s slender signal baton is almost too much for her She isbeying her wn command And no ne else s In the midst f her life this woman ften likes to think she has to get ut f her alignment alongside Livin de Life other women with sagging breasts and hopes who have docked beside herJelinek in her way promotes self awar. Uit angst voor aids ziet Hermann directeur van de papierfabriek voortaan af van partnerruil en prostitutie en grijpt hij terugp zijn vrouw Gerti Zij probeert aan zijn hernieuwde seksuele aanvallen te ntkomen die

Ages much f which i read Be CentsAble: How to Cut Your Household Budget in Half on the el hoping none would glance into the book and see the inevitably sordid brutal sex scene Academic Inbreeding and Mobility in Higher Education: Global Perspectives of the moment i emerged from the el tunnel with new eyes toward the world as if the veil had been dropped it s a rare book that accomplishes such a thing in its readers so i was sold but despite how brilliant it was i m not sure when i ll want to dive into anotherf jelinek s works again it was brutal to read and by halfway through i wanted a significant number Radio Crackling, Radio Gone of the characters to die also i can t imagine having anyone with whom to discuss this book i wouldn t dare recommend it to anyone lest they hate me for it I couldn t finish it I think Jelinek is thenly person who understands it completely and perfectly I sure don t There is something deeply disturbing about this book This won the Nobel Prize What a joke Its prose is all The Legend of Joaquin Murrieta: California's Gold Rush Bandit over the place the story is depressing And the story itself takes so fricking long to get into such are the excessive descriptionsf things scenery and metaphors so much so Limey Gumshoe one forgets what the novel is about I wasn t too sure that I d want to read about sexual violence rape in marriage anyway I didn t finish it I barely made 15 pages So not my thing It was all mind numbing dull and erratic attempts at metaphors analogies and descriptors rather than story telling I would have given it zero stars despite havingnly managed to read 15 pages The OCD in me was compelled to rate it anyway this was the final nail in my already sturdy feminist coffinmansion this book broke my 3rd eye in 80 ways when i was 17 jelinek s musicality transcended what i thought belonged in sentences its cadence and beauty allowing for the violence it contains to be both swallowed and amplified like those pills with dinosaur sponges in them it s harder to recommend to friends than say Wonderful Wonderful Times but to be 17 to have stumbled upon this to learn that prose could be poetic and that aggression was not Maritime Academy Graduate: Memoir Of A Third Mate only nuanced but still all redredred was important something i d try to passn to any critically thinking latently frustrated young woman about to embark for adulthood trigger warning rapeI loved a lot f this book Elfriede Jelinek is a misandrist extraordinaire and refuses to be subtle in her indictments f men That s great But after a certain point I needed this book to be done Desperately so I had to goad myself with sugar cookies and a strawberry smoothie in Trouble Looking for a Place to Happen order to go through with my final push There arenly so many euphemisms for dick and forced sex that a person can reasonably handle and it gets repetitive and exhausting after a while The Dressed for Thrills: 100 Years of Halloween Costumes and Masquerade only thing the husband in this book did was rape his wifer talk about raping his wife Harcourt School Publishers Collections or plan to rape his wifer drug their child so he could rape his wife in peace It s horrifying And even the solace she tries to take in another man backfires in maybe the most stomach churning way I have ever read From Paella to Porridge: A Farewell to Mallorca and a Scottish Adventure on paper Nothing that happens in this book is good You will not feel cozy You might at most smirk at the thoughtf castrating someone This shit is bleak But my respect On Toby's Terms of Elfriede Jelinek remains strong I think we just need to gon a break Nobody does it better than Elfriede Jelinek when it comes to writing about the filthy side f human beings not just any dark side real filthy sideA husband sexually abuses his housewife Industrialists and politicians abuse the nature Herman is the manager director f a paper mill in Austrian countryside who exploits the nature and local people Gerti his housewife is sexually exploited by Hermann Max Lerner: Pilgrim in the Promised Land on daily basisGerti wanders into a nearby skiing resort in her evening gown and slippers at the heightf her drunkenness has a sexual encounter with Michael a self centered youth with political hopes For 23 f this book Gerti s laborious walking episode is interlaced with fragments f her daily sexual abuses this is a beautiful piece Indiscretion of narrationThere is some allegorical connection between the sexual abuse and capitalism Elfriede Jelinek s lame marxist remarks could have been toned down a bit though They are so repetitive and really getn to your nerves towards the endElfriede Jelinek is the kind Indiscretion of writer who makes you feel ashamed for not knowing the language a book wasriginally written Even though Michael Hulse did a wonderful job in translating this complex prose somehow you don t get to sufficiently experience the musical flow f voices and counter voices for which Elfride Jelinek is known forOne word f caution this is not a book for weak hearts You are wading into a dangerous water you might end up despising everything in life and everybody in the world It s as though Godard and Breillat had a chil. Verliefd Soul Dust op de jonge god Eerst verleidt hij haar vervolgens vernedert en verkracht hij haar uiteindelijk zelfs in hetpenbaar De papierfabrikant vindt haar als een hoopje ellende terug Er is geen ntsnapping mogelij.

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The Piano TeacherShe was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2004 for her musical flow of voices and counter voices in novels and plays that with extraordinary linguistic zeal reveal the absurdity of society's clichés and their subjugating power