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D draw these people as well as our daughter can but the step by step instructions in this book are easy to follow Both of our girls have borrowed this book from their elementary school ibrar. Th a variety of facial expressions The volume also discusses how to infuse drawings with personality to make figures come to if.

This is a great book for teaching children or anyone for that matter how to draw Medieval characters in a cartoon style Our oldest is a budding artist and even though I know she draws well A child's guide to drawing knights kings ueens and dragons It contains step by step instructions and the essons progress increm.

Was still amazed at the pictures she made after reading this book There is some information about the various characters but she mainly focused on the drawing instruction I m not sure I coul. Entally starting with the basic head shape and anatomy and continuing through a wide range of stretching and action poses and wi.

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Librarian Note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this name I started drawing character designs for a small animation studio in San Diego California when I was still in High School in Los Angeles I used to drive 136 miles each way on the weekends when I was 16 just for the opportunity to get paid to draw Cartooning was a magical experience to meI graduated from