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On the edge of small Louisiana town lies The Myth of Genesis and Exodus and the Exclusion of Their African Origins a giant marshland knowns the Crying Swamp so called because sometimes the sound of women weeping can be heard within its murky depths Some say the swamp is haunted but few know the truth the Crying Swamp is home to tribe of Bigfoot like wild men who do indeed capture wayward females nd drag them into the swampland to serve s mates When Yoga Kitchen: Divine Recipes from the Shoshoni Yoga Retreat a researcher on the edge of the Crying Swamp is brutally murdered his sisternd Design Works: How to Tackle Your Toughest Innovation Challenges Through Business Design a mysterious mercenary with motives of his own set out to solve the mystery of the Crying Swampnd put n end to the monsters dwelling within But t what cost will their crusade comeExciting nd ction packed A CRYING SHAME is in some ways of hardcore dventure novel than horror story though make no mistake there re number of extremely horrific scenes The ttacks of the monsters which come to generally be referred to s Links re described in gory detail nd leave little to the imagination nd the setting of the desolate nearly impenetrable Crying Swamp makes for wonderfully eerie set piece In ddition to the horrors perpetrated by the Links there s uite bit of gun slinging ction Loyalty and Lies (Chastity Falls, as well especially near the endnd the uthor does great job of portraying ll the blood nd thunder Jeep. Sur les traces de la lgende as our hero theforementioned mercenary nd his llies fight it out with the berserk humanoids There The Abbeyville Way are some interesting ethical debates inserted into the wild narratives well s the Links re decidedly intelligent than it first Stations of the Lost: The Treatment of Skid Row Alcoholics appearsnd it s gradually revealed that only some of the creatures re guilty of the brutal ttacks on the locals s deadly disease which brings madness with it has A Shot at Love afflicted the tribend driven many to Old Records Never Die: One Man's Quest for His Vinyl and His Past a manic fury which is not typical of their kind Is it just to kill the peaceful Linkslong with the infected ones Things grow even complicated when it s discovered Ask an Astronaut a few of the townsfolkren t fully human but Dead of Night are in fact the chil. Each night they emerged from the murky depths of the swamp to claimnother victim lovely innocent fertile female who would be carried off in.

Dren of the Links All in ll A CRYING SHAME is The Dwelling a fun horrorction romp that even hides bit of heart beneath ll the carnage This book is fun Missing links some good some not live in the swamp As they have for years The younger generation males re somewhat rogue What follows is Vienna 1814: How the Conquerors of Napoleon Made War, Peace, and Love at the Congress of Vienna a book that is little creepy nd folk lore like I do think there might be things in the swamps of the South that we ren t or maybe we re ware of If you don t mind missing link rape Adaptations: From Short Story to Big Screen: 35 Great Stories That Have Inspired Great Films and uite few similar descriptions of their natomy nd gore give it read35 stars GoodIt was very good monster story full of Easy action from the start unlike other books I have read enjoyed This was wicked creepy I love creatures with my horrornd you get some new ones in this storyI tried to visualize them Morrissey y los atormentados and came up with cross between bigfoot from the mo William W Johnstone was one of must read uthors back in the late 80 s Real Magic: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, and a Guide to the Secret Power of the Universe and early 90 s I especially liked his horror stories I was pleasantly surprised to find most of themvailable on Kindle Interview with the Vampire andn slowly doing Emma of Aurora (Change and Cherish Historical a reread of them I don t remember reading this one possibly missed it While it wasn OK story honestly not one of my favorites And I d have to gree w previous reviewer The Best Cook in the World: Tales from My Momma's Table about the upside down uotation marks being little nnoying All nd ll pretty typical monster story from the 90 s nd worth the read THE SWAMP IS ALIVE Not bad for Ravished by a Duke a mostly western writer It s interestingly eeriend intriguing It Damn Delicious Meal Prep also makes you go hum hum maybell these stories we ve heard that have been circulating round for centuries may have some truthwho knows This was great read for fans of 80s horror I remember the old Zebra paperbacks with the skulls nd skeletons on the cover great reads nd very creepy This one has the not so original kinky premise of monsters wanting human females for breeding purposes usually hot young nubile females Hey even the monsters know what they like Deep Lane: Poems am I right This plot. Huge hairyrms Komisario Nuusku ja makkaratehtaan arvoitus and plunged into nightmare world of terror Her screams would echo in the darkness Her face would contort in the throes of ho.

Reminded me little of the movie Humanoids from the Deep but there re some pretty big differences s wellJohnstone manages to put plenty of sex in with the graphic violence nd his books Our Necessary Shadow: The Nature and Meaning of Psychiatry always seem to contain references to um sex the other way let s say There s the usual stupidity found in 80s horrors well When monsters re literally t the door what do you do Why have sex of course This The Online Diary of a Masochistic Submissive also happened in Richard Laymon s THE CELLAR so it s not just Johnstone that has horny to the point of stupid characters Speaking of Laymon if youre fan of his work you should check Johnstone out s I see similarities in their writingsOverall if you Industry and Empire: The Birth of the Industrial Revolution are fan of gory 80s horror with some far fetched scenes nd over cted characters check this one out It s great read for fans of the genre I bought A Crying Shame because it was described s the preuel to Watchers In The Woods my favorite horror story by William W Johnstone While it did take place before the events in Watchers I wouldn t really call it preuel It was like n earlier less pulled together version of the same story I still thought that the plot was really good just not s good If you re easily offended by non PC storylines this isn t the book for you The scenes of horror My Lady Viper are graphicnd gory Sunflower and the tension is really well done I really enjoyed this story So why the 35 star rating The formatting in the eBook version is horrendous The punctuation is in the wrong placesnd the upside down uotation marks drove me crazy It honestly kept throwing me right out of the story when I had to go back to see if it was description or dialogue I was reading Books by Johnstone re usually Periyar: A Political Biography of E.V. Ramasamy a great read for me but not this time If you can get past the formatting this is decent story A fast paced nd frustrating 35 star read OutstandingI truly enjoyed this story nd it is exciting Doughnuts: Simple and Delicious Recipes to Make at Home and interestingll the way through It is well written nd edited with proper grammar use. Rror nd pain But once taken each became mother of n unholy child link in the chain of madness nd evil spawn to carry on the devil's na.

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The Devil's Kiss and became a full time writer in 1980 He wrote close to two hundred books in numerous genres including suspense and horror His main publication series were Mountain Man The First Mountain Man Ashes and Eagles and his own personal favorite novel was