Richard Harding Davis: Notes of a War Correspondent

Umor when called for He oes not glorify war but rather points out the heroes and villains it creates on all sides Readers may especially find interesting his early 20th century advice on how to euip oneself for following such campaigns. The 'Gibson man' fitting the adventurous image of the journalist popular in film and literature While his accounts highlight the brutality and inhumanity of war they are riveting pieces of reportage Harding Davis makes it clear that these moments in hell can make heroes and villains of us all.

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It is always interesting to hear or read eye witness accounts rather than or in addition to second hand history There are ifferent narrators and unfortunately these are of varying uality as are some of the technical aspects of the reco. A war correspondent's breathtaking account of early twentieth century wars including the Greek Turkish War 1897 and the Spanish American War 1898 These events have fallen into relative obscurity following the two World Wars yet remain important forces shaping modern politics 'Moments in Hell'.

Rdings although I would imagine these were completed some years ago Wonderfully told first hand accounts of the Greek Turkish War the Boer War and the Spanish American War Davis observes with insight understanding and often surprising Reveals the conflicting loyalties of the war correspondent caught between political ideologies and personal suffering and provides an enlightening background to recent conflicts Harding Davis was a ashingly fashionable figure in turn of the century New York and cited as the inspiration for.

Richard Harding Davis April 18 1864 – April 11 1916 was a journalist and writer of fiction and drama known foremost as the first American war correspondent to cover the Spanish American War the Second Boer War and the First World War His writing greatly assisted the political career of Theodore Roosevelt and he also played a major role in the evolution of the American magazine His influen