Olivia Baniuszewicz: Flirtexting

And the power to keep the ball in her court ntil she lets it go Readers will learn how to create the BPT best possible text save themselves from sending the right text to the wrong person master the steps to manipulate a text know just when to reply and much This is a book that every bold and modern woman with two opposable thumbs will lov.

N feel disappointed that her guy isn’t making an effort to talk F2F face to face the flirtexting aficionado works it Debra Goldstein and Olivia Baniuszewicz graduates of The Rules and He’s Just Not That into You guide their readers into the next generation of love Not to give too much away but the secret is having the advantage of time.

Flirtexting flirting via text think Blackberry in search of fun and love has revolutionized the dating game And savvy girls can learn how to make the technology work for them in this first ever guide to sing flirtexting to find a guy or two Here are the rules spelled out clearly fearlessly and with than a hint of attitudeYou see rather tha.

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