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Taking a stroll down memory lane is something we all do at some stage of our lives It might be just because at that current moment we feel lost or you might be at a point where you are thinking you would have been better off if you made a different decision But no matter the eason for most of us the fact 6 Verses That Can Change Your Life remains that we will simply never get back what once was Unless a second chance is in the cards for usAs is the case in the newead from Kandy Shepard On impulse Sandy Adams takes a detour and ends up back in Dolphin Bay She Lets Be Just Friends (Just Friends, runs smack bang into Ben Once they shared a beautifulelationship together until certain circumstances tore them apart Now they have a second chance at happiness but in the twelve years that have passed they have both become different people and it is not as easy as Okay let s do this again without any troubleI A Mother and Daughter Diary of Raw Food Recipes for Beginners really liked thisead It was a very nice focus on a trip down memory lane and the transformation of two people years after they once knew each other I adored that the author used the difference in personalities to show both characters in a different light to each other It eminded me that as we become older we do change it is not always for the better but for the most part it is but that does not mean we will be able to simply fall back into a previous pattern or elationship as easy as one two three And this is so vital to emember when we come face to face with our past Don t think the love of your life will simply just automatically focus on only the good you once had there is always to consider Both main characters were very well written and I loved them from the st. Ben Morgan has had his share of heartache yet buries his scars beneath his charming façade But when Sand.

Art but particularly I fell very hard for Ben The man was a lost soul just needing to be healed and I ooted for him all the way to find happiness with Sandy There is a very stunning message in this ead one that we can all emember and take with us every minute of the day Life is so short and if we get the opportunity to have a second chance at happiness or at anything eally we need to take it Sitting back and only giving focus to the bad that once was will only make the entire situation so much worse You will never know if you once again let go of happiness and years later will still be left with the wondering of it all Take a chance and never let circumstances deceive you there is always something deeper hidden in everything in life4 star eview The eturn of summer love blossoms into an endless summer of happiness This is such a heartwarming emotional and sensual story I couldn t put it downSandy and Ben had met 12 years before while still teenagers and fell in love in the coastal town of Dolphin Bay such a great setting but when Sandy went back to the City they lost touch but neither forgot each other Much has happened to both of them in these years tragedy and heart break but when they meet again the spark is still there but there is a lot to overcome You will not want to miss this one This book gave me the warm and fuzzies from beginning to end It s a bit of a cliche to call a omance sweet or heartwarming but that s eally what The Summer They Never Forgot isI was having a pretty horrific day when I picked it up and was hoping I d end up getting a dose of The charming little esort town of. Y Adams drives into town memories of their last summer together come flooding back Everything may have ch.

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Dolphin Bay Australia is the setting author Kandy Shepherd has created for her heartwarming contemporary omance The Summer They Never Forgot On Sandy Adams thirtieth birthday she leaves big city Sydney and a broken omance behind and heads for a new job opportunity in Melbourne Along the way happy memories lead her to a stop over in Dolphin Bay where a long ago vacation with her family lead to a youthful omance with Ben Morgan The Summer They Never ForgotI loved this book It gave me a chance to see how the United Kingdom uses words that are so similar to ours in the US I love anything that has to do with the UK Some the best authors come the UK This book is no exception I bought a book by Kandy Shepherd just yesterday and saw that this book came before it so I bought it on my Kindle to ead before eading the other This book had me laughing and wanting to cry at the same time I could actually picture myself on the beaches of Australia and swimming in the waters of Big Ray Beach I could also picture the characters and what they went through in their past and future I love the Love at first sight story of Ben and Sandy The Sandy character actually eminded me a lot of the Sandy character in the movie Grease It broke my heart how Ben lost his wife and son in a fire but also happy that he ealized the that he couldn t live his life egretting what happened and not being able to save them but importantly that he could love again enough to isk is heart for the girl he meet when they were teenagers I would love to ead another book by Kandy Shepherd and to see how Ben and Sandy and their future turned out. Anged in the last twelve years yet they’re ight back where they started facing a second chancetogether.

Kandy Shepherd left a fast paced career as a magazine editor to write award winning romantic fictionKandy lives in a small farm in the Blue Mountains near Sydney Australia with her husband daughter and a menagerie of four legged friendsShe believes in love at first sight and real life romance—they worked for her