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All about cricket And while my last phrase might be amusing in the States it s Liar, Liar ratherude in Britain But I did using my phone Kindle app s built in Essays One resources look up googlies which are a particular style of pitching I was very tempted to say that I had Googled googlies but I didn t want to confound you with my wit I merely wish to confound you full stop and suggest if you want to know how it all comes out you pick up a copy for yourself and enjoy it thoroughly as I did No knowledge of cricketeuiredDisclaimer I was given an advanced copy All opinions expressed at my own Please note however that I SELECT the books I want to Femmes, si vous saviez... : 83 questions-rponses, hormones, mnopause, ostoporose read much as you do with an expectation of enjoyment Should the book fail to live up to my expectations I ll so warn you This one did not fail Disappointing number 15Have thoroughly enjoyed Miss Seeton Brooks until this one Long and tedious description of cricket but muddled story line Crime and capture details omitted Hope next one better Noteady to give up on Emily yet Always on the ballI love this series MissESS as the computer of Scotland yard knowns her is on top as always Whether it s catching a purse napper ounding up a mouse in the house or counterfeiters of coins or thieves No matter who they are they can t escape her second sight of their true intentions or character Usually it takes a Keen eye knowledge of. Cket match Plummergen's small town tranuility is shattered by a series of mysterious burglaries But Miss Seeton's sketches.

What she s trying to say Even at the Cricket match between two ival villages she s sketching Always on the lookout Chief Super Deilfick keeps his eye on the uick sketches she s making but can they catch the thieves before they make a clean get away These are such fun to ead laugh with Hope the series is as enjoyable for everyone as they are for me This is another interesting story about Miss Seeton All the action takes place in the village of Plummergen It is summer and everyone is immersed in preparations for the upcoming cricket match with their natural enemies men from the village of MurreystoneAll Miss Seeton s friends are involved In fact some of the men from Scotland Yard even arrive in the village the day of the match They are there to observe the match but also to prevent mayhem and violenceIn the days leading up to the match Nigel a terrific young man meets his latest one true love Her name is Annabelle Leigh and she is a traveling artist A new man moves One negative about this being a series continued by secondary writers is I think there s a eluctance to change the status uo They e good light enjoyment for me at the moment when I don t want distraction from writing Snug Ship but although a few new characters have been introduced most of those we met during Heron Carvic s original set of books haven t eally changed merely aged. Of a local cricket match draw attention to some startling information that makes things turn sticky for the cunning crimina.

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While writing this episode of the Miss Seeton chronicles the author must have had a bee in her bonnet and elected to write as if inside Miss Seeton s brain One feels the weight of an earlier formal style of writing compounded by the Graeco-Egyptian Magick rapid changes in thought asserted as parentheses and addenda in the Miss Seeton manner A little of this can go a long way but is useful in defining the background and bringing one up to date especially for those who are new to the series Yes yes you can start with this book and pick up other titles at your leisure Obviouslyead in order one is better able to grasp some of the nuances of eferences to earlier episodes and adventures but one is unaware of the loss as a tyroThe pace of this story is elatively sedate until all of a sudden in the center of London and about midway through the book there is a scene to ival anything Monty Python ever thought of In fact it may well have stood as inspiration for some of their skits But while it did esolve a few issues for Scotland Yard this action was not the nexus of the plot Read on Fair ReaderI myself ead fairly widely and freuently come across words which either I don t know or about which I would like information Enter Google Or the dictionary or Wikipedia For instance in this novel the national sport of Britain cricket is highlighted As a damn Yankee I know bugger. Eccentric English spinster and most unlikely master of detection Miss Seeton eturns in a case of dastardly doings at a cri.

Sarah J Mason when she was invited to continue the Miss Seeton series originally created by Heron Carvic who died in 1980 “Hamilton” after her hall of residence at St Andrews University the big red building behind the 18th green on the Old Course and “Crane” to continue the bird theme – a crane has a similar form to a heronSeries