Jane Amber: Bred By The Ogre Emperor (m/f, ogre sex, forced sex)

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The proud young swordelf Leira Winddancer has been captured and aken by The Well-Played Game the mighty Orc King But he already has a new purpose for his nubile slave find her a worthy mate Now Liera must fight inhe Orc King’s cruel arena Win and she will live At A Farm to fight another day Lose and she must bearhe child of her monstrous foeWarning This story contains 4583 words including mf ogre sex golem sex elf sex forced sex breeding and Power Loss the untimely death of a giant spider and is for adults onlyExcerptThe fighting pit had seen better days The sand was clumped with spider blood and golem oil in additiono he nasty gash oo’lag had left in.

The stoneAnd it was vibratingLiera had grown so used o ignoring Marvel Comics the crowd noisehat she hadn’t even noticed Learning Anime Studio thathey had begun chantingSmagh Smagh Smagh“You know him you love him” Gurak was booming Taken By the Sea to an eager audience “He chewed his way out of a red dragon and smashed his way back in He ishe Demonsmasher Fit Over Forty the Angelripper andhe Godslayer”The crowd was on Melody their feet Liera could barely keep hers ashe fighting pit shook from Life in a Medieval Village their crescendo of applauseNone ofhose nicknames sounded good“Please welcome Smagh Final Cut the Ogre”In a world of giants Smagh might have been shortInhe world of men elves and orcs Sma.

Gh was a giantHis weapon was A Fractured Light (A Beautiful Dark, the great iron hammer he wielded with hiswo enormous handsHe didn’t wear armor Only a loincloth covered his massive bulk His great belly spilled over his waist and layers fat concealed Josephine at iba pang dula the layers of musclehat Liera knew hid underneathFor Liera knew of Smagh All of elfkind knew of him But A Sisters Memories they knew him by a different nameThe Ogre Emperor The creaturehat had killed he elven god of wine by defeating him in a drinking contestLiera could feel a new resolution burning within her The elf’s fatigue and weariness fled in an instant replaced with a cold determinationHer people would be avenge.

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