Luca Luchesini: Power Crowds Violence and Desire in Elias Canetti and Rene Girard

I wonder if there is a longer version of the ssay available Smashwords Interesting and relevant but It assumes you have a lot of background knowledge on this theoretical subject The connection between crowds power and religion are very. To try to connect the dots between the thought of Canetti and the one of another great literate and anthropologist of the 20th century Rene’ Girard who also investigated the behavior of crowds from the perspective of the birth of myths and religionI believe and try

Relevant Warnings on violence are noted We are facing a critical inflection point in history It is useful to revisit key concepts for understanding the forces that make Crowds react It results in a power struggle and religion plays a role. O prove that Canetti actually complements Girard findings so that the two must be adopted to account for the complex dynamics and interconnections between power violence and religion both in the The Man Without a Face early stages of human development and in the followingvolution of histor.

First introduction to CanettiA little short and not detailed Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give...) enough Some sentences were difficult to digest But overall it has whet my appetite First introduction to Canetti Definitely will be doing some research and great place to start. Thessay has a twofold aim the first is to nail down the key ideas about the origin of power and the behavior of human crowds as xplained by Elias Canetti in his monumental work “Crowds and Power” that won him the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1981 The second is.

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