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The beautiful bits and the messy bits too. This better I'm surePluck also addresses struggles of the creative process and of finding meaning in a life dominated by domesticity I love a canned peach but good Lord if anyone mentions mine when I am dead my time was not well spent Rosnau's words leave their mark while at the same time wryly acknowledging the peculiar and untrustworthy juxtaposition of poetry with the everyday Whatever you do don't listen to directives especially not ones written in a lame kind of pseudo verse.

Gorgeous collection full of nature domesti. Pluck is a series of poems taking on issues of sexuality female vulnerability and parenthood with delicacy and intent In turn Rosnau employs words that give way to feelings of both solid surety and waning doubts From the arsh realities of sexual assault to the routine Turning the Tide of Battle heaviness of child rearing Pluck's sharp portrayals evokeow beyond the slick viscera the sharp cries the women brimming around the bed is the memory of weight or I Curse the River of Time how a narrator tasted the wreck oferself in a thi.

City love sexuality childhood parenthoodall. Ck drinkRosnau often uses animal imagery to expose the primal innocence or ferocity of Once I Was a Princess human nature both of which particularly emerge in rural settings If you're a buck and I'm a lion perhaps we're evenly matched to take on all of this Come on let's pretend we're wild together fiercely protective of our brood The complex emotions of strengthappiness doubt and loss of self are all experienced through the lens of parenthood with an underlying constant reminder that other people do.

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