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Ckish readOne of those Armada paperbacks that I had loads of as a kid but have long since gone it is lightweight in all respects In fact it reminded me of a Leo Kessler novel but without the rude bits and ultra violence and set in the air in WW1 not grubbing about on the Ostfront in WW2 Sometimes ou need such books to amuse and et inform as WE Johns seems to know his stuff even tho he was not actually a Captain let alone a fighter pilot No Camels for him DH9s in fact but he conveys the misery and pathos of t This volume of Biggles adventures during WW I consists of separate stories mostly of air strikes in all of which Biggles proves to be a hero after all Nostalgia for me nice to have gotten reauainted with Has a taste of trench warfare THE BOMBERBiggles attacks a heavily defended new German bomber and has to devise a way to shoot it down ON LEAVEBiggles is forced to take leave but manages to shoot down 2 German seaplanes that bomb the UK FOGBiggles gets lost in fog and is shocked to discover he has landed by a German gas supply dump AFFAIRE DE COEURBiggles meets the love of his life Marie Janis only to discover that she is a spy THE LAST SHOWBiggles gets promoted to Major and is shot down only to discover the armistice has been signed.

Written for the oung male audience this is still a classic book the first Fiction book I owned although I didn t actually read it till ears later lacks the gritty reality of recent WW1 air books which is not necessarily a bad thing but makes up for this by having stories based on real events written by someone who was there In the early 1930s Captain WE Johns of the Royal Flying Corps crafted one of the enduring heroes of aviation stories Biggles Generations of British boys have thrilled to the adventures of Captain Bigglesworth and his pal Algy Whether in the skies over France flying East West North or South on vacation or flying to work Biggles upholds British pluck and fair playhttpfireandswordblogspotcom2. This contains thirteen short stories eleven of which were originally published in The Camels are Coming 1932 and two The Thought Reader and Biggles Finds His Feet which were originally published in Biggles of the Camel Suadron 1934The stories areTHE CARRIERBiggles' propeller kills a carrier pigeon but Biggles finds the message and goes to rescue a spy SPADS AND SPANDAUSBiggles and his suadron join up with some Americans for a major air battle with the Germans THE ZONE CALLA captured German pilot tricks Biggles but he realises in time.

007 My son loved this Biggles enough to reread parts immediately Important part in the Biggles canon Algy Marie end WW 1All bunch of unrelated stories that deserved Warning this book contains a series of short stories some of which have been published previously in Biggles Learns To Fly and The Camels Are Coming and therefore only contains about 50% new material In addition some of the extra tales are a bit Samey Only 2 stars then but worth a read if ou haven t read the other 2 books One for completists A nice wander down memory lane with a book I read as a kid Found it when sorting through others and since it is about the RFC which have always had a soft spot for I indulged for the Bank Hols weekend as a ui. To foil a German attack THE DECOYWhen Biggles loses one of his pilots to a German trick he goes all out to get the plane responsible THE BOOBBiggles first meets a new pilot who happens to be his cousin and whose Christian name is Algernon THE BATTLE OF FLOWERSAlgy takes revenge when a German raid on the Suadron's aerodrome destroys his garden THE THOUGHT READERBiggles discovers a German plane receiving secret signals from a spy using corn in a field BIGGLES FINDS HIS FEETEngine trouble forces Biggles down in 'no man's land' where he.

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Invariably known as Captain WE Johns William Earl Johns was born in Bengeo Hertfordshire England He was the son of Richard Eastman Johns a tailor and Elizabeth Johns née Earl the daughter of a master butcher He had a younger brother Russell Ernest Johns who was born on 24 October 1895 He went to Hertford Grammar School where he was no great scholar but he did develop into a crack sh