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I enjoyed this ead and thought it was a lovely story about finding your way ebuilding your life after you were betrayed and starting over with a new love I thought the author showed how easy it is to misunderstand each other how men and women think differentlyLily is a very smart woman but with most smart people they get bored easy until they find the one thing that makes their world tick Lily built a game and made a ton of money but got bored and moved on She decides to buy a horse sanctuary which turned in to taking in horses pigs and chickens She has trouble with the word NOShe is in way over her head with too many of each animal She isn t looking for love or even a man but she needs help With animals having a free un of her land eating her house and pooping where they want it is a little trying She has a vet friend Nick who sends his new vet friend over to do a check up on her animalsRegan is one hot little cowboy who has all his body parts place on him just ight is there a women alive who can esist this stud It sure isn t going to be Lily Regan can t believe how pretty she is she might be smart but she doesn t have a clue how to deal with animals He decides to help her out and see if he can t get a little closer to her He is 6 months out of a bad elationship and eady for a little action Regan can t get over the bright colors of her building Lily has painted everything BRIGHT He can t esist her charm and starts to want than a few nights of hot love Lily can t forget how he broke up with his ex and she doesn t want to be the ebound lady Can these two get their act together and ealize they were meant to be togetherI thought this story this was a great story with lots of passion At times it moved a little low for me and felt a little ushed I just do not see Regan getting over his issues with his best friend so fast I thought it had a great ending but I would have loved to have had a little closure I do believe these two couples might be in future books since this is a series I thought the plot was great even had me chuckling a few times It was worth the ead Originally posted on Tales to Tide You OverThis book has some issues mainly that there s a little too much back story on the Chance Family in the beginning to tie this into that series and a little too much focus on detailed sex for my tastes even for a Harleuin Desire but these two items aside it s a lovely look at coming to understand yourself and being willing to let yourself be vulnerable enough to take a chance on loveThe male main character Regan is broken for very good eason but not the one he thinks is the problem He d caught his fiancee in bed with his best friend just six months earlier and is wallowing in the betrayal but it takes meeting Lily for him to see everything that led up to that crushing moment so he can learn the true source of his problems She s an unexpected intrusion into his emotional state and one he cannot ignoreMeanwhile Lily knows all there is to know about ebound elationships having had her heart stomped on by one before Forewarned about Regan s ecent history she s determined to keep her distance despite the instant attraction she feels If she can just keep things platonic as he helps her bring the horse escue she s purchased around into something viable without having her charges stage a coup everything will be fineLily s heart is too open for her own goodto Regan and to the ejected animals that come to her door Regan s is too closed because he sees only the uprooted part of his childhood without ecognizing the foundationThis is a novel about learning your own motivations and discovering when surface appearances can be misleading both in Regan s interpretation of how he was aised and how Lily appears flighty when she s just searching for the job or person to make her heart singI think the esolution could have used some of the space spent on the sex mechanics to be stronger one of the easons I think it s too much sex and there s a small thread left dangling but the story is well written and thought out Both of them have to grow and learn before they e eady to commit to a shared future and that growth occurs on the page where we can share in their discoveryPS I eceived this title from the publisher through NetGalley in eturn for an honest eview Originally posted on Adria s Romance ReviewsI m still fairly new to Vicki Lewis Thompson s books despite the fact that I ead The Nerd Who Loved Me years ago That print copy didn. Saddle up There ain't a ider that can't be thrown And large animal veterinarian Regan O'Connelli was thrown hard when he discovered his fiancée with his best friend Now he's starting his life over at the Last Chance Ranch

T survive the new dog we found and I wasn t able to commit Thompson s name to memoryFast forward 7 years and I m trying to catch upLily King has no idea how to un the horse sanctuary that she s ecently purchased so when a friend offers to have euine veterinarian Regan O Connelli help her organize the sanctuary she jumps at the chance What she doesn t expect is a wounded man that attracts her like no one elseLily is the most unstructured unorganized woman that euine veterinarian Regan has ever met but he can t seem to get her out of his mind Still eeling from finding his fianc in bed with his best friend Regan doesn t want to get involved with Lily but the time he spends around her the less he emembers why he should avoid herI didn t know what to expect from Riding High the 14th book yes you ead ight in Thompson s Sons of Chance series so I was excited about eading it I m so glad I did too it s so different from her Wild About You series in the best waysAt first Lily came off as a moron I get that she was spontaneous and has a good heart so that s why she bought a horse sanctuary but did she bother to do any esearch on how to un it before or after the purchase No I was willing to give her some points at first because I thought maybe the story took place before the internet but no at one point she looks up what to feed pigs yet doesn t look up how to care for horses or un a sanctuary It didn t make sense to me or make her seem like a very smart person That s what kept me from warming up to her However about halfway through Riding High Lily changed from inept but well meaning to a hard working intelligent woman and I admired her ability to admit her faults and correct themRegan was a great balance to Lily s flighty and unorganized personality He s eliable uiet and gentle which was surprising given how badly he was hurt in the past He didn t follow the stereotype of disliking or being overly cautious about women or people because his best friend and fianc betrayed him He was kind and considerate of Lily and though he didn t want to get involved with her he never treated her with any kind of disdain or suspicion I loved that about him and because I love a man who loves animals Regan s profession and understanding of horses just made him all the delicious in my eyesRegan and Lily s story was peppered with appearances from the Chance family whom I haven t met yet but plan to in the future but fell in love with They e boisterous loving nosey and loyal I loved the humor and familial love they brought to Riding High What caught me off guard was the appearance of a character from Regan s past While I liked the conflict that characters appearance brought to Regan and then to Lily I was disappointed with how uickly and easily Regan and this character esolved the conflict It felt like an empty esolution and made the initial conflict seem less serious than it wasOf course after finishing Riding High I went to the author s site to see what book if any came next in the series and imagine my surprise when I see that Regan s best friend and his ex fianc will each have their own books At first I had a big uestion mark of confusion on my face I mean how the heck is Vicki Lewis Thompson going to explain what they did to Regan and make them likable enough to deserve a happy ending Talk about a challenge Now however I m very intrigued and super eager to see how those two characters play out in upcoming booksFinal Verdict Riding High was an impressive ead from an author I had discovered years ago It s definitely different from her other series and that s wonderful for new and old eaders it s like getting different authors all in from one place I can t wait to ead the upcoming books nor can I wait to make time for the previous books in the series I got this book in a box of books that I bought at a book sale Reading the first page I ealized that I had previously ead this book I emember liking the book the first time so I decided to keep eading Glad I kept eading Fourteenth in the Sons of Chance omance series evolving around the Chance family and their friends in Shoshone Wyoming The couple focus is on Lily King and Regan O ConnelliI couldn t wait to dive into Thompson s new installment in the Sons of Chance saga and was particularly grateful to eceive this eARC No I m still gonna do an honest eviewgrinMy TakeThis is typically Thompson with a sweet omance filled with decent people with whom you d love to be friends Although there. Un by the tightly knit Chance clan But damned if his libido hasn't perked up over the spirited edhead who looks a lot like trouble Lily King is the ueen of anti structure Turns out that makes unning a horse sanctuary a chal.

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Are some people I d be happy to see dumped at seaThen there s Lily with her big heart as she slowly ealizes that Nick and Regan made some good points our Lily is the poster girl for I can t say no I can get behind Lily s philosophy and I do agree with her to an extent However ain t it always the way kids and critters all need boundaries even LilyI have to confess I d eact the same way Regan did butsighthe mature approach would have been to sit down and talk about it I hate maturity Still there are benefits to Regan s leaving and his actions could lead to a match made in heaven or the Peaceful Kingdom anyway lol Both will learn from each other and make peace with their pastsRegan does have some cool horse whisperer moves that make a lot of sense I should think the concept behind it would work for any animal And Lily learns some very useful pointers about unning a sanctuary I do love that Regan feels inspired by Lily even when she gets nastyIt falls apart for me when Lily starts making eally stupid decisions too fast She doesn t take the time to think this out well not ight away anyway I do love the direction Thompson takes this with Lily finally thinking straight and following through Even better when she ealizes what she s done yeah Lily There s a good lesson in this to sit back and think about cause and effect and how to get around it And looking at the conseuences of her current policy on the other animals It just takes slipping outside your own whirlpool of habitBethany and Nathan Bledsoe get a mention and Drake s got a surprising evelation for Regan Definitely an ego boost for ReganA very worthwhile story on so many levelsThe StoryIt s not good That ainbow paint job brings up bad memories of his hippy parents lifestyle and that first impression isn t helped by some jerk thinking he can dump his overgrown pig on the sanctuaryAnd yet worse when Regan finally meets the sexy Lily King a soft hearted woman who just can t say noThe CharactersThe so very colorful and very smart Lily King had some success with a video game and wants to share her bounty with a worthwhile charity the Peaceful Kingdom Horse Sanctuary sold to her by the Turners Her parents were two of Nick s favorite high school teachers Wilbur is a potbellied pig Lily accepted a short time ago Harley is a potbellied pig his owners want to dump Alfred G Dinwoody is the ex boyfriend who did not have matching valuesRegan O Connelli is a doctor of veterinary medicine and indulging in the efuge of the Last Chance Ranch Nick Chance is his brother in law and business partner He has seven siblings and was elieved to escape Bianca Spinelli and Seamus O Connor s his parents footloose lifestyle they didn t want a hyphenated last name hence the O Conelli The horses include Buck the flower eater Sally is not the shy bay mare Strawberry is a big oan Rex is the palomino and the herd stallion Sandy is a sweetheart of a gelding Molasses and Taffy who may be the breaking point between Regan and Lily The ChancesSarah is the Chance family matriarch Mary Lou is the anch cook who is married to Watkins one of the anch hands Regan s pregnant sister Morgan a ealtor is married to Gabe his twin sister Tyler an event player is married to Alex Keller he handles Last Chance s marketing whose sister Josie she owns the tavern Spirits and Spurs is Jack s wife Cassidy the youngest O Connelli has apprenticed to the Chance housekeeper Nick the family vet is married to Dominiue a photographer and they have an adopted son LesterDrake Brewster is his former best friend ejected from that prized spot when Regan found him betraying that friendship Jeannette Trenton is Regan s former fianc e Buck Brannaman is the original horse whispererThe PrologueEleanor Chance writes of grandson Nicholas predilection for helping injured animals The latest is named Hercules Henry Applegate is the large animal vet Jonathan and Sarah like this direction Jack the oldest has a wild streak while Gabe the youngest is the most competitive The CoverYou can t help but love this cover The shirtless Regan is so happily comfortable laid back against that hay bale a hand to his straw cowboy hat and one thumb hooked into his jeans pocket you just can t help it I eckon Thompson s books must sell simply because her name is on it as the title of the story is not uite the smallest font on the coverI m not sure where the title is coming from as Regan is not Riding High althoughI suppose you could say that Lily is until eality hits. Lenge Regan's help is exactly what Lily needs not to mention the seriously sexy sparks that are flying between them Now she just has to convince this fallen cowboy to dust himself off and get back in the saddleand into her be.

New York Times and USA Today bestseller Vicki Lewis Thompson believes love makes the world go around and laughter makes the trip worth taking The recipient of RWA’s Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award and the author of than ninety books Vicki pioneered a new kind of romance hero with Nerd in Shining Armor Following the success of her nerd stories Vicki launched a boisterous paranormal