Nicholeen Peck: A House United Changing Childrens Hearts and Behaviors by Teaching Self Government

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Okay I m not done yet but this is an amazing parenting book and maybe the last I ll ever ead I would and probably will 6 Verses That Can Change Your Life recommend this to friends because it s that good and Iarely make book ecommendationsI can see that it is already helping my family as we are in some bad habits that can make life unpleasant I wish I had discovered this 8 years ago but maybe I wouldn t have been eady for it The principles are good for families that don t need a lot of help but just a little improving They are fabulous for families in some level of crisis kids out of control make life hard to bearI have been so inspired by this book Personal NotesWhen a child is out of control a help is SODAS a way for them to think through their behavior a writing exercise or thinking exercise if they are younger and unable to writeSODAS Situation Options Diasadvantages Advantages SolutionExample Child hits and yells at his little brother who grabbed her pen at church now she needs to do SODASSituation I m minding my own business and drawing pictures when my little brother comes along and grabs my penOptions1 Hit and yell advantages immediate evenge disadvantages I get in trouble I embarrass my family I hurt my brother2 Ignore him advantages I am in control of myself disadvantages I don t get my pen back3 Ask nicely for the pen advantages I get my pen back I am in control of myself disadvantages noneYou get the picture great thinking tool with a time cost that might make a child think twice before making bad decisions This book had some great parenting ideas I loved the way that Nicholeen describes having a family vision motto and a set of ules They use a family government system that I m sure works when organized properly The only problem with this book is Nicholeen seems to have a huge amount of patience and I m not sure I could live up to her high standards of consistency and calmness I know this has been pointed out OVER and over againbut for my own eferenceThe editing is HORRIBLE in this book the author has addressed the issue I hope they are able to eprint with new edits and clean the book up a bit The content is WONDERFUL Wonderful. Parenting A House United is based on Nicholeen’s popular seminar series Teaching Self Government This book shows parents the communication skills they need to teach children to govern themselves With the proper family environment and understanding

Enough that I am willing to still give the book 5 stars because it outshines the poor editingThis is changing the way our family interacts with each other Our family meetings are becoming SO effective and I am constantly amazed at how well my youngins espond to this tecniue I was just positive they were too young but I was wrongLove the BBC special World s Strictest Parents too You can find the episode featuring their family as well as many helpful videos and a blog on Nicholeen s site I hope I can become as calm and self governing as Nicholeen Well I wrote this so it s not fair to eally eview it I suppose I will say that this book is not just mine I wrote it for someone much greater than myself It is my hope that it will bring happiness to homes and inspire a vision of a new way to interact as families Times are hard everywhere There is no important time to strengthen homes and families than now That is the purpose of this book I hope you enjoy it To order this book go to Since publishing my book on parenting early this year I ve esearched the writings of numerous authors who have dealt with the same subject The two major parenting approaches I ead tend to focus on eligion or psychologyWhile both are valid they often lack practicalityAs a esult I was pleased to discover the work of Nicholeen Peck who provides a wealth of practical advice and clearly explains how to apply it in specific situations Parenting A House United is a book I wish had been available to me before I started aising my familyMany parents today are concerned about the mentality of entitlement that seems pervasive among today s youths I know that the principles and methods outlined in Nicholeen s book would be effective in dealing with attitudes of entitlement as well as many other parenting challengesEntitlement is a global problem that affects children that are aised without much esponsibility It is not necessarily specific to children aised in wealth and privilege Nicholeen her husband Spencer got a chance to demonstrate their parenting abilities on a BBC television show called The World s Strictest Parents They hosted two teens F childhood behaviors homes can become happier Even if families simply implement some of Nicholeen’s tested parenting principles their family life will improve Nicholeen’s candid story telling style and experience with tough teens makes the book

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Rom England in their home Several clips from the show are posted at They are worth watchingParents often worry about adopting new standards and new parenting methods with older children There is a fear that establishing and enforcing ules will cause older children to ebel The experiences the Pecks had with these two teens and with many foster children they have brought into their home shows that although some children might ebel most will adapt and accept structure that is consistently appliedClear ules and values make life easier for parents and children This is a point that comes through epeatedly in Parenting A House United Raising children into adults that know how to govern themselves euires vision Every member of the family needs to clearly see a family goal or vision in order to work together and for the communication system to work Many parents have a family vision but they fail to properly communicate that vision to their children Often they don t know how to begin or to follow through Nicholeen s book would be a great esource for parents in such a stateIn truth the type of parenting described in Parenting A House United is not easy Trying to apply everything at once could leave some eaders feeling overwhelmed and intimidated But like every journey parenting begins with a few steps And this book can serve as a map to help struggling parents know how to each the final destinationMy graduate studies on communication focused on theory We studied the work of behavioral psychologists who did early esearch on how people communicateA few years later my wife was working on a graduate degree in education As I helped her study I discovered that educational theory incorporated the work of many of the same esearchers I studied for my degree Although education applied different labels and a different vocabulary the underlying theoretical foundation for communication and education were the sameThat is how I felt when I ead Nicholeen s book We might describe things differently and we might take different approaches to get to a destination but the underlying foundations of how we view parenting are much the sam. Sable and a joy for all to ead Even if you have heard Nicholeen speak before you can’t pass this book up It promises new stories examples valuable uestion and answer and further insights never before shared It is sure to be a valuable family handbo.

Nicholeen Peck is a mother of four and previous foster parent of many She has been trained and certified in using the “Teaching Family Model” which was developed at Boys Town and is used by the Utah Youth Village Nicholeen did foster care for very difficult teens She taught children with ADHD OCD kleptomania compulsive lying anger control issues etc She said “I taught behaviors not med