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Do not start reading The ueen s Exiles before bedtime if you want your 8 hours of sleep The storytelling makes the book impossible to put down with a strong plot and interesting history At the same time the reader never eels short changed on character development or emotional conflict This is Barbara Kyle s best Thornleigh novel yet 35 stars The ueen s Exiles is the sixth book in Kyle s Thornleigh series The books take place during Elizabethan times Each book can be read as a standalone story The ueen s Exiles has a really The Crime Trade (Tina Boyd fascinating setting and takes place in Spanish occupied Netherlands I actually did not realize how thoroughly entrenched Spain was in that area and those details made this book really interesting to me The book centers on Fenella Doorn Born in Scotland originally she has made a good lifeor herself salvaging ships on Sark one of the Channel Islands I really enjoyed reading about her Kyle does note that Fenella is a wholly The Adventures of Rusty fictional character but you really do get a good sense of how people were living as exiles during that time period We get to see just how chaotic things were during that time period I ve said it before and I will say it again but one of the things that I most love about historicaliction is how you can learn something new rom it This book was very much in that vein or me I really did not know much of anything about what was happening in the Netherlands during this time period Kyle included a lot of good detail I wish that we would have gotten to see a lot of the action Mamá first hand as it was usually told through recounts and remembrances Overall I enjoyed this story The detail makes it a treator my When Mutants Attack! (Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fellow historicaliction Fearless (Nashville Nights, fans Giveaway Let Them Read Boo. 1572 Europe is in turmoil In the Netherlands the streets are red with the blood of those who dare to oppose the brutal Spanish occupation A vengefulaction of exiled English Catholics is plotting to overthrow ueen Elizabeth and install her cousin Mary ueen of Scots on the throne But amid the unrest one resourceful young woman has made a lu.

Ly great plot twists And I thought things shook out a little too easily at the end moral dilemmas and pesky legal ties that had been plaguing the characters throughout the story were suddenly and conveniently no longer problems Like the previous book in this series The ueen s Exiles can stand alone just The Bomber Dog fine though at times Ielt that if I had read the earlier books I would have better appreciated some of the supporting characters particularly Carlos and Isabel and their history with each other and the main characters in this bookStill The ueen s Exiles was an entertaining read Never a dull moment exciting action dramatic twists and turns and a little bit of romance Brash and colorful characters And it transported me to a Novelas de Isabel Allende few interesting and vividly depicted historical settings that were new to me A good pickor historical Dreams Made Flesh (The Black Jewels, fictionans in the mood The Fearless Critic Portland Restaurant Guide for something bold and adventuresome This was theirst novel I have read by Kyle but it certainly WILL NOT be my last I loved this I was a little nervous going into it because I knew it was part of a series but it read very well as a stand alone novel Action adventure and the perfect amount of romance Now I have to read the others in this series I HIGHLY recommend Sometimes I pick up a book and wonder how on earth I haven t read anything by the author before How did I manage to miss books by someone who writes exactly what I want to read How is that physically possibleWell that is precisely what I m asking myself after having read this one provided by the publisher through netgalley I love history love romance love historical Top Secret Executive Resumes, Second Edition fiction but also love detail accuracy and good writing as well as a plot which moves And after having picked this one up set Join him in war torn Brussels to helpind his traitorous wife Frances and the children she’s taken Anne, Ben Barbar Mıyım? from him But Fenella’s own bold actions have put a price on her head Now Adam and Fenella’s lives are in peril as they race across Europe in an attempt to rescue his young ones defend the crown and restore the peace thatew can rememb.

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Ks 35 Stars The author includes a very helpful historical note at the beginning of this novel that orients the reader in time and place and sets the scene Becoming Violet for a dramatic story unfolding against a backdrop that I don t think I ve ever encountered before in historicaliction that of wealthy English Catholic exiles living in the Spanish occupied Netherlands We usually get this time period Serial Killer Quarterly Vol.2 No.7 Psychotic Killers from the other side of the Channel in Elizabeth s court as she attempts to keep Protestantism on top andend off a multitude of High Angle Rescue Techniques foreign threats but here we get to see what the rest of the world was thinking and doing during her spat with Spain I really loved the setting of this and the intrigue of a group of nobles in exile cozying up to the Spanish to bring down Elizabeth But before we get there we begin on Sark a uirky little Channel Island that really illustrates what life must have been likeor the people who lived so ar rom the mainland and so close to the shores of the enemy during this tumultuous time in history It is there that we meet our hero and heroine Adam and FenellaWhat The Glass Palace follows is an epic tale of patriotism and treason political upheaval and oppressionamilial love and the ties that bind The book description does a good job of setting up the story and I don t want to spoil anything so I ll Something Like Fate forego a plot recap This is aun swashbuckling read but there are two things that keep me A Gun for Sale from rating it higher I wasn t a bigan of the tendency throughout the story to lead the reader up to a pivotal moment and then skip over it bringing the reader up to speed after the Archetype (Archetype, fact presenting scenes in retrospect andlashback rather than letting them unfold as they happened It sort of muted the impact of some real. Crative enterprise Scottish born Fenella Doorn rules like a ueen over a privateer's haven on the Isle of Sark Her success at salvaging crippled vessels affords her gold and security and it is on one of these ships that she meets wealthy Baron and privateer Adam Thornleigh Secretly drawn to him Fenella can’t refuse when Adam enlists her to.

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