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Sarah along with their respective partners During that party some dickwad offered her mushroom tea which got her so high that she can t act speak or think right While she was high her Oh my what a storyteller I could not put this down even when I could feel that hollow feeling in my chest knowing that everything was going south in a massive way Aoife is pretty straight aced doesn t think she s much than ordinary when she Surviving the Silence looks in the mirror and has a nice jobooking after the elderly in a care home She meets a gorgeous guy and agrees to take him to a party at Sarah s her flatmate boyfriend s place She s not sure she Kursk likes Marc because he seems fairly fond of drugs but Sarah is really happy After way too much to drink followed by a cup of herbal tea everything seems to go awry for AoifePeach has a gift for fantastic stories There are way too many exclamation marks grammar errors and spelling mistakes and I couldn t have caredess because I was riveted engaged and actually hoping for the best possible turn out My God this book was fucking creepy Romance book Because It Feels Good lovers onlybeware This book is mostikely not for you And it really was not for me either But National Populism: The Revolt Against Liberal Democracy (Pelican Books) lov2laf made me read it so it s her faultThere were several times where I almost punted it to DNF it was just so dark and disturbing But it coiled around my brainike a black snake and I could not The Christmas Scorpion (Jack Reacher, look away Numerous scenes had me wanting to curl up in a fetal position and hyperventilate andor cry andor shit my pantsThe MC AoifeI don t know wtf to make of her If she was possessed or just fucking bat shit crazy I meaning towards the And the Crooked Places Made Straight latter I ve been trying to think of someone I can compare her to and the only one I can think of is Lizzie Borden but I actually think Aoife makes Lizzie Bordenook The Obliterated Man like Polly fucking annaI highly recommend the book even though it made my stomach and heart clench for the several hours it took to read it I will not favorite the book nor will I re read it But it is one that will stick with me aong time and if a book can do that to you you know it was most Figlio dellolocausto likely well written I did feelike the author took the easy way out at the end of the book but really my god damn heart needed a break anyway And the cheesy Nancy Drew cover art has to be a complete joke just Mr Majeika and the School Book Week likeov2 mentioned in her review It s almost Outliving laughable for me toook at the book cover now after reading the book PS vacatedboat Christmas came early this year for you because Landscapes of Communism like her Blurring Lines book there are copious amounts of exclamation points on EVERY page45 hateful could not sleepast night stars So in my previous review I wrote that reading about sociopaths and psychopaths in detail is fun while it scares me shitlessLo and behold This one actually makes me scared of my own till now ignored subconscious I mean wtaf The twist after twist New Years Rockin Evil (Futurama Comics literally didn tet me sleep a wink since I oh so cleverly took to reading the book at 2 in the morning I wanted to see through to the end badly but at the same time very much dreaded the possible and impossible variety of conclusionsFor all of the book s truly disturbing storyline I have to give it to Ms Peach for going completely out there and delivering a headache inducing worthy psycho thriller I don t think many would dare to attempt what she did For that she actually deserves praiseI just feel bad for my poor psyche Sweet sweet uncomplicated esfic here I come. Ne she cares about Only her best friend Sarah seems to sense something is wrong but when Aoife sets about seducing her it's clear she has other plans for her Darker plansWill Aoife figure out how to swap back before there is nothing eft in her ife or will she be trapped inside her own head forev.

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Ronounced EEE FUH our ead is a sympathetic character while her alter ego is something out of a horror movie A feel good read No Heart pumping and makes you want to scream NOOOO the whole time YesWorth reading If you re up for a completely spellbinding brilliant wild and horrific ride absolutely Ugh I hate to ove this book It s your fault Peach45 stars There s disturbing and then there s this bookThere is something truly twisted about this particular story The uniue thing about this book is that it felt ike there were always two characters constantly vying for your attention as its reader As I was reading and being absolutely horrified at what this evil Aoife was doing normal Aoife was right there in my head screaming and being just as horrified The funny thing is this book actually made me Perfect Phrases for Lead Generation laugh several times during the first couple of chapters I started wondering why everyone who reviewed this said it was so disturbing So Aoife has an evil version of herself stuck in her head so what By the end of chapter four I was noonger Conversationally Speaking laughing I couldn t even crack a smile for the remainder of the book There was an unease that settled into the back of my mind that didn teave until I finished reading The amount of evilness this darker Aoife possesses is astonishing This book actually reminds me of the movie Fallen with Denzel Washington Click here for the trailer If you ve seen it that s how creepy this book was That seemingly innocent cover freaks me out now Definitely take a Hoot look at what other reviewers had to say and then ask yourself whether this is the book for you to start reading today Friday the 13thOverall rating is a 4 The ending was aittle weak and the horrendous use of all CAPS and TXT Red November language was an abomination to have to suffer throughTrigger warnings explicit mf ff scenes drugs alcohol abuse and rape I started to keep aaundry Beowulf is my name (Rinehart editions, 146) list of the evil things that happen in this book but found that I was taking too many notesbecause the main character in this book just does way too many twisted things At first I was amused by In Reflection The main character has a back and forth internal dialogue with herself as if she s two people the proverbial devil and angel on one s shoulder that I couldn t help butaugh Then all of a sudden the devil pushed full steam ahead and the book wasn t so amusing any It was fucking twisted I don t even know how one s head comes up with half the things evil Aoife did I m giving this 4 because this book is uniue if nothing else and I was entertained by it and got to a point where I had to know what crazy thing would happen next I think I need a shelf for my brain was just broken by the number of fucked up things I just read Michele and ov2 both wrote very good reviews on this so I m not really going to bother trying to get into this any I only have three uestions 1 Why so many exclamation points2 Y R DA TXTS WRTN IN ALL CAPS N W ANNOYING F ING ABBRs LOL VB XXX That was hard just to f ing fake type 3 What the hell ever happened to Etienne I m going to eave this A Gentleman for Dry Creek (Dry Creek, little side note My review probably seems aittleangrybut I m not angry and I did enjoy this and recommend it to people who enjoy psychological thrillers My brain is just a ittle fucked up right now What the hell did I just read Holy cow When I read reviews saying it s gonna be dark I didn t expect it to be DARKAoife went to a party with her best friend. Nly finds she didn't know herself as well as she thought After her 'reflection' convinces her to swap places Aoife realises she is trapped inside her own body and unable to control anything she says or does All she can do is watch as her darker self seems intent on destroying everything and everyo.

Nietzsche wrote Whoever fights monsters should see to it that he does not become a monster in the processReading this book in the car heading to the East part of the country just about turned me into a nutcase I kid you not I was either muttering to myself or screaming obscenities at Vader Jr demanding answers Throughout the book I was just gobsmacked by all the unimaginableunthinkable twists the author threw in I m talking jaw on the ground stunned speechless repeatedly uttering WWF over and over again kind of twist and the finale think the ending of the movie InceptionPlot wise I really can t say much or I d be venturing into spoiler territory What I can say is that what you read won t be what it seems The entire book was one gigantic Donald Trump MsPeach s uniue and originality behind her stories are the main driving force of why her books are a must read for psychological thriller enthusiastsAs readers we are all going to have a different take on our reads and it will never be truer with this author s work Stories where multiple theories are plausible Multiple what ifsFor her ballsy moves not afraid to screw with her readers minds helping my bladder to behave in this 12 hours road trip and remembering her 2 other books that I ve read MsPeach deserves all her stars colored If you survived this 21 Weeks Series by RA LaShea will be a walk in TescoEntertainingSlightly Disturbing for only a DollarMany thanks Alexis Fallen was the winning keyword I really wasn t too sure about this the first 21% of the book had me thinking this would be a bit of a meh read at times the dialogue and thoughts of the main character felt somewhat adolescent and not in a way that had me keenly eaning in devouring what was written I found myself waiting to be drawn in and Architecture by Birds and Insects luckily about the 21%22% mark things started to pick up as things took a rather trippykooky turn in a good wayI don t know if it s all theecturestalks through the years received from my mum about view spoiler Beyond Carnival leaving any drinks unintended and taking drinks from strangers but when Aoife took that drug infused herbal tea all I could think is oh crap dumb move hide spoiler Disturbing as fk manipulation at its best My worst fear being trap in any way shape or form Let me tell you i was way out of my comfort zone here Went trough all kind of emotions from happy uncomfortable frustration to angst Well done Farah myittle dark side thanks you Peach you freak This was so damn disturbing See that cover How innocent and innocuous it Microsociology looks Ha It s a ruse I can only imagine the glee you had coming up with this torturous plot And youady are on my most twisted Lefty list Did I enjoy it No Well yes But no I don t care that it was brilliant and so well done You gave me the heebie jeebies and made my gut twist inside I had to put the book down in the middle of the read and just walk away for a day The ONLY saving grace is that I know you have twists and I was waiting for itand madam I mooking at you Bad bad bad bad bad bad bad Which means I m reluctantly ok with where you went and I say that through gritted teeth For anyone brave enough to pick up this bookor if you enjoy the sinister of sinisterone this is not esfic Bi fic yes There s explicit mf in addition to ff There are also rape triggers ahead and the whole damn book is disturbing It s intense a page turner wicked and the characters and plotting are great Aoife My name is Aoife and I want to tell you my story It's not a ove story although there is Shadow of the Vampire love in it This is the story of how I found my inner selfand how she then took over myife Think you know your self Think again When Aoife Carmichael is spiked with an hallucinogenic drug at a party she sudde.