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This book It definitely wasn t what I was hoping for and was therefore rather disappointing Intrinsically however it still wasn t great There are a LOT of generalizations that are nexplained about things DLS said or did or felt and while it s great that Mr Coomes read so very much of DLS s correspondence as part of his research it would have been nice if he d synthesized some of it rather than Spank! uoting from the letters in pages long chunksI actually found a fairly significant portion of those letters completely impenetrable Part of that was a lack of context and part of it seems to have been stylistic which is odd since I love Sayers writing style when she was writing fiction Most of the effort in this book seems to have gone into trying tonderstand DLS s life long intellectual struggle with her faith I actually couldn t have cared less about that aspect of her life Additionally her letter writing about the topic was always Saints and Misfits uite rightfully I m sure since it was her correspondenceite heavily reliant on a fairly deep knowledge of Christian theology I have almost zero knowledge of Christian theology and certainly not enough to nderstand the finer points Sayers wrote about both in letters and in the plays she wrote for radio and various church benefits ETA in a similar vein to the lack of synthesis Mr Coomes provides no theological information or context for the readers who might need it and he never bothers to explain why this area is so critical to him in nderstanding Sayers Yes I get that it was a big part of her life but Coomes doesn t balance it with other partsNear the end of the book Coomes mentions that all her friends remember DLS as being enormous fun to be around Coomes never showed me that woman As a result I come away nimpressed by both the book and its subject. Detective novels Her radio play on the life of Christ The Man Born to be King caused a furore when it was first broadcast and went on to win acclaim She was linked with the Inklings the group of writers which included CS Lewis Charles Williams JRR Tolkien and othe.

CS Lewis Charles Williams JRR Tolkein you may be familiar with but you may be nsure about Dorothy L Sayers a woman committed to the pursuit of truth and the highest standards 221 Her pursuit of truth wove together all the various strands of her work essays letters drama detective novels and As a result Sayers was a woman of great scholarship talent Christian faith and above all commitment to truth 221 Shortly after her death CS Lewis wrote For all she did and was for courage and honesty for the richly feminine I Do, Two ualities which showed through a part and manner superficially masculine and ever gleefully ogreish lets thank the Author who invented her 221 Sayers was an extremely entertaining and delightful companion What made her so was her careless rage for life which revealed itself in the tensions mostly creative between combativeness and vulnerability between a knock about style and a devout seriousness between bombast and frailty 222Reviews of the biography must focus on the subject because David Coomes captures her as a brilliant student controversial apologist witty bawdy intolerant of fools the woman terrified of emotion who is revealed through thousands of letters she wrote Her Christian faith was the overarching force in her life and work Coomes allows Sayers to speak in her own voice as he She Weeps Each Time Youre Born uotes extensively from her letters The biography is rich but sometimes slow What an introduction to an incredible writer I am not very fond of biographies but I thought this a good one perhaps because it spendsite a bit of time with Sayers s writings I especially enjoyed the last part her translation of Dante She was definitely the one who taught me Dante A balanced thoughtful biography I enjoyed the many lengthy excerpts from Sayers letters and writings I too came to Sayers th. This biography of the novelist Dorothy Leigh Sayers the creator of Lord Peter Wimsey and the bestselling author of a dozen detective novels brings out the spiritual pilgrimage and struggle at the heart of Sayers' life story The author who draws on thousands of let.

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Rough her mysteries my only regret with this book is that the Wimsey years are very much condensed into one small section but as another reviewer pointed out this would be in line with how Sayers life was concerned with them one short period with a long and productive literary period of various stage and religious projects after the mysteries made Sayers much financially secureI would highly recommend this book to those interested in Dorothy L Sayers fascinating and rather tragic background she was in many ways a woman who had everything except what she most desired to paraphrase one of her descriptions of Lord Peter himself First I hate the star system Would I rate my children by giving them stars SheeshOkay I read this book because I found it while cleaning out my mother s apartment talk about books yes she s fine She has moved to a smaller placeand inside the dust jacket I read that Sayers was terrified of emotion Emotion and the dance of freeze thaw that people do with it is my writing obsession I had to read it Since I spent my childhood sneaking around in my mother s diaries looking for a sign of an actual person it seemed appropriate to read a biography in which the author relies on the subject s letters to create a sense of her life It s there Coomes does a good job of bringing the inner life of the highly cerebral Dorothy Sayers to the page no small feat considering that her closest friends didn t know Warheart (Sword of Truth, until she died that she had an illegitimate son After spending time in her story I almostnderstood whywith great sympathy for John Anthony Biggest the gibson uibble Coomes doesn t examine her relationship with her son Why not To me that s a big oversight Still the book enlarged mynderstanding of why people build the walls they do I m a bit puzzled about what to write about. Ters Sayers wrote reveals her to be a complex woman Sayers was a very private person who even hid the existence of an illegitimate child from her closest friends She was also someone to whom faith was central and wrote many theological books as well as the famous.