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Int in the bookEDITAfter finally working my way through this book the typos and general strangeness compared to earlier books was consistent to the end It s a real shame as the series has been enjoyable until now My favourite so farThis really was the best one yet So many ups and owns I was on edge than once I feel like these books should come with complimentary massages because I was so tense the whole way through reading it I m so happy that the brotherhood got some backbone in this one I m so excited to see what comes next You must read Cake Cinder Cinnamon before reading this novel TRUST ME it won t be a problem If anything you ll be upset once you finish this latest book in the series Why Because the next book Caramel isn t completed yet Fantasy magic vampires with lots and lots of action and sex Buckle up because this book will efinitely keep you up at night Love this seriesWhile I liked the confrontation with Liam I have to admit that I feel underwhelmed with how things with both Liam and Cillian turned out Perhaps they will have a fun role to play in the next bookI m a bit confused about X s power su. At their longed for leader was a little than expected The Brotherhood is contained in a single form; Xavier was the main face of the House of Drachenfeld both rational and ecisive Sex was unbridled energy with a uick understanding of the situation and an even faster resolution and Azrael was cool planning immovable resol.

Rges why The Club of Angels does he have to go from supercharged to completely empty every time Is it just something that he ll learn to control as he gains experience Or will he actually always have torain the tank to find euilibrium again And Blue Skies and Gunfire does he keep any of the additional powers that he gaineduring the course of this book Or will those fade away as he normalize Always amazingI was blown away The series just keeps getting better and keeps surprising me at every turn I cannot wait for the next Great Novel Wow just ammazing book I have been waiting for this book to come out and was not Forced Feminization (The League of Dominant Women disappointed The author keeps you guessing at what is going to happened I can t for part 5I was si excited for this book I bought it through nook then realized I needed it on my kindle I will be buying the paper back next I was trying toecide between a 4 and a 5 because I got istracted partway through thinking it wasn t as gripping as the previous books then I got right back into it I also love love looove the characters so 5 stars it is I can t wait for the next book Yeah baby sign me up and strap me in for of my multi personality babe. Ve as the First of Assassins The Brothers had figured out a schedule to their satisfaction and were confident that they were carefully hidden from the outside world; or so they thought Then another ancient entity with its own agenda finally ecided that enough was enough and began to make its way back to the Vampire World.

I ve enjoyed the series so far after a bit of a rough start in getting over some of the content With this book though I ve found that I had to stop reading and take breaks uite freuently to make sure that I m following along correctly I m currently taking a break from the book entirely as the first few chapters have been so riddled with typos and other errors that s it s actually hard to follow what s happening To my mind it s almost as if this instalment was Ossos Perdidos (Temperance Brennan, done by aifferent writer and It s Born Fighting difficult to tell if some of the changes to the characters areeliberate choices until now each character has had a particular and Dr. Simon Forman distinct way of speaking and use of language which has eitherrastically changed or vanished entirely within the first few chapters or just a case of badly needing a proof read and re edit It s a Serving Up Secrecy (Ladies of Westside disappointing and somewhat jarring shock after having read the previous booksI will pick it up again shortly once my head clears as Io really want to find out how this concludes but I just hope it s not a consistent issue or at least if it is all A Wartime Nurse deliberate then I hope it gets explained at some po. Coupage A Blood Nation Novel The Vampire Empire was straining to crown a new Lord Emperor now the lost Royal Bloodline had been reiscovered Factions of monarchists and status uo were growling at each other while the rest of the Blood Nations watched with trepidation over the outcome Little id the Vampire Nation know th.

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wwwadultfanfictionnet It wasn’t long before I moved from writing AnK fan fiction to posting my own original Yaoi writing under the pseudonym kiixI started writing daily I found a continuing education course on Professional Creative Writing in a local city and started taking courses There were some tips and facts that were good but the social networking was the key It was after this that I started actively exploring getting my works published That expensive piece of paper honed my confidence enough to start sending out ueries and posting my first drafts right to the netWhile I had to pony up time and money to self publish once the rejection e mails came in I didn’t mind I think it was the start of something good I think I know it was the start of something goodWelcome to my version of the world of Yaoi I look forward to leaving my touch in your mind