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Why in the world is this a chick lit book Where s the chaos and destruction brought about by the zombies The MC is dull and shallow she deserved to be Counter-Amores eaten by a bunch of zombies Gah The author should have just removed the zombies if the story wasn t about them There was really nothing particularly special or memorable about this book It s supposedly a different take on the zombie novel but I didn t find anything all that different about it I guess people are supposedly going on with life as usual but they still have to fig 35 stars Thank you to K Teen for providing me with a copy of Zomburbia inxchange for an honest reviewSo you feel as though Zombies have been done to death That there is nothing fresh and original that can be saiddone about them You ve been watching the Walking Dead and feel as though anything zombie related must have carnage Well you ve come to the right placebecause do I have a novel for youGallardo s fresh take on zombies is simply refreshing The world starts off with a zombie apocalypse if you will but life goes on Which is admirable Teenagers still work sucky jobs still go to school It s just that now they might have to kill a zombie Dancing at Armageddon every now and again No biggyrightThe main character definitely takes a while to get used to On one hand she is brilliantly sarcastic which I love but on the other sometimes it is a bit too much And it sort of leans towards Does this girlver take anything seriously I didn t warm to the love interest Brandon but only because he seemed too wishy washy to be with her I also secretly hoped he had an Double Jeopardy evil side that would burst outbut nopeFor me this one is all about the world It is a uniue take on a concept that hasxisted for years Mon avis Composition and Literature en Fran aisMy English reviewAh this book Ixpected a lot of it I love stories about zombies Cezanne and Provence even if I do not read a lot of them and when I saw the book I thought it was the opportunity to return to the genre Then did you see this cover I loved it immediately it sets the mood of the bookWe find Courtney a young girl who tries to live as best as she can in a world infested with zombies She is not very popular in her school and sells Vitamin Z a drug made from zombie brains putting people in very different states However it is also a very fast additive drug and Courtney knows it however she needs to do that to be able to pay for herducation in New York that she Dark Voices expects to start the following year It is in this context that she meets Brandon a trendy boy who seems strangely attracted to her and determined to see her succumb to his charm But Courtney must also take care of her friends death and of course some of the strange behavior from the zombiesAs I said I wasxcited to discover a new book about zombies but I think I Contested Reproduction expected too much Several points have to be noted but I will first tell you about the things that I appreciated Well of course there is the world and the zombies in fact I found them interesting and it s true that I was curious to understand their behavior We can read the story uickly and the author s style is very nice In addition the characters are all so different and intriguing to discover but I struggled to connect with them orven understand them They act strangely and we really do not understand why Courtney made many pretty terrible things but she doesn t have any problems about that because verybody loves her too much for that While she is implicated although by far on several dead I felt that after a moment of sadness she managed very uickly to leave it apart by accusing the others But she does act like that uite often I have to say and she does not really take the right decisions Speaking of the dead I must say I was uite surprised I un. Scary freaky and original Get this book Nancy Holder Lifeless Slow moving Brain dead Welcome To ZomburbiaMy name is Courtney Hart and I'm here to tell you about things that suck Being born in a podunk town like Salem Oregon for one Living in a world infested with zombies That too And the meat heads I go to school with I think I'd actually take the undead over them mo.

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D read for me The book didn t have anything to tickle my interest No xcitement no thrill nothing but bouts of pure boringnessThere isn t any terrifying scene and I wasn t Creating Country Music even scared to think that it s a horror genre Added the fact that the main character Courtney is one mean selfish rude and annoying character She literally ruined my reading mood she s getting on my nerves all the timeThe plot is generally dull Notven those zombie attacks made the Blacklands entire book interesting There are also lots of characters in this book characters that don tven help The only good thing about this book is that the author is witty and funny but that didn t make the story Evolutionary Patterns engaging at all My Rate for this Book 1 StarBook review originally posted on my blog Action packed zombie story with a savvy bad ass heroine NopeMore like annoying YA contemporary with some zombies featured here and there to make the main character seem tougher than she really wasGah Excuse me for sounding so bitter Everything about this book just got on my nerves Instead of focusing on the fact that the zombies were uite possibly mutating becoming faster and stronger and learning how to communicate with other zombies the main character was worrying about whether or not she d be able to get into the college of her dreams and if the most popular guy in school liked her for real Meh I reuested this off Netgalley to read about zombies taking over the planet and devouring human brains not about some typical high school issues Why did the authorven bother with the zombie thing The book was dramatic Evolution As Entropy enough withoutm I d just read four crappy books IN A ROW and I thought this one would break the unlucky streak Fate is such a bitch An ARC was given to me for free by Netgalley in Forging Gay Identities exchange for an honest review Finally a fresh take on the zombie genre This book was nothing like Ixpected Judging by the title and cover it seemed pretty tame but the I read on the I realized that this author had balls and God Almighty he was using them I Forbidden History enjoyed all the little uips and snark in the story however I felt like the main character was a bit of a judgemental bitch I suppose it is my Canadian side that is rather flummoxed to see one so young be so bitter and callous towards perfectly nice people In thend I did warm up to Courtney I suppose it was because her bitchiness rubbed off on meOverall I found this to be a fun and addicting read and while I did have some issues with the characters behaviour I still had a great time with this bookNote I received this book for free in Fiche Blian ag Fás exchange for an honest review Sorry after reading another review I have to be soapboxy for a bit If the typical teenager angst or annoying characters bother you for the love of god steer clear of anything labeled for teens or YA Seriously WTF did youxpect rantOk So I had a bit of a Courtney moment there It had to be done Yes Courtney is angsty and has considerably book smarts than people skills It happens This was a pretty neat take on th The first half was amazing with a snarky herione who didn t take crap from no one and plenty of zombie killing Second half Courtney turned into a big bitch who I couldn t stand And the zombies disappeared Wtf I liked the concept that Esteem Enlivened by Desire even though there are zombies the world did notnd Kids are still going to school Parents still go to work People live Just in a different way Like the school has a big barbed wire fence around it but kids still goto school Get this people can still drive There s no shortage for gas Hell fast food is still fucking open You can get a big greasy burger and go kill some zombies I m not sure I will read the next book I m not a fan that view spoilerboth her best friends die hide spoiler. Eye of some stupid boy I should be able to make it through finals week still breathingGallardo's world building is innovative and fascinating sick and twisted and unexpectedly touching You'll want to check that your zombie apocalypse closet is well stocked Molly Harper WhiteReaders are guaranteed plenty of mayhem and romance laughter and heartbreak James Patrick Kel.

Derstand that the author would like to kill two prominent figures of 4 but I found that there was too much inconsistency in this regard and this is reflected in the story as it becomes a little surreal for timesTo conclude I was a little disappointed by the story itself and if a seuel comes out I m not sure I ll read it The ideas are good but I think some tracks and choices were not for me Full disclosure I reuested and received a free Flights of Fancy, Leaps of Faith ebook copy of this novel through NetGalley inxchange for an honest reviewSometimes you read a blurb and think a novel has a good premise However when you read that book you learn that you have a huge insurmountable problem with it the narratorCourtney is snarky constantly putting her friends down arrogant clueless bratty hot tempered and thoughtless So she s pretty much your typical teenager xcept for the fact that throughout the novel I kept wishing for her to die because she was so awful I can t go into much detail because I don t want to get into too many spoilers but it s hard to believe she went through so many traumatic possibly life changing vents and came out They Shall Be One Flesh exactly the same at thend of the novel As I ve said before I don t mind unsympathetic characters like Jorg from Prince of Thorns but Courtney is just intolerable She s your typical teenager with attitude magnified by 10 and given an added dose of blindness about the world around herBeing stuck in the head of such a horrible human being for the whole novel was trying I kept fruitlessly wishing she d die so I could get in the head of someone who at least acted like a human like Willie or The Heritage of Arabo-Islamic Learning even Brandon But no such luck Courtney lives while people around her die like flies The only mildly interesting thing about her is that she thinks she has a plan to fix the zombie problem She goes on and on about how much smarter she is thanveryone and yet we never hear the details of this wonderful plan that hinges on the army clearing New York of all its zombies in the next year or soOkay Hereward (Hereward, even with that wretched girl for a narrator this book may have redeemed itself with a good premise I ll admit that it doesn t have a bad premise just not a great one Ifveryone has moved out into the suburbs because the cities are infested with zombies why don t the zombies follow them into the suburbs Predators like to go where the food is Under One Sky especially when said food is wandering around near wooded areas where there s lots of shelterAs for the drug Vitamin Z I ve never underestimated the determination of people to get high Yes I believe that people would try to get high off zombie brains but I also think Gallardo needed toxplain of why the drug makes people act like they do when they re on it That could be in the next installment of the series but I m not so curious as to consider reading the seuel Not unless Courtney gets a personality transplantThis book doesn t come out until August 26 but I can t honestly recommend it to anyone Courtney is a rather poor xcuse for a human being and the plot isn t ven all that Groom and Doom exciting To top it all off the zombies while having some uniue ualities like being able to lay ambushes it seems are pretty boring They show up when it s convenient for the plot and that s about it We re told that they seem to bevolving pack behaviour and see that actually happen during the novel but we re told Eroarea lui Descartes exactly 0 about it or its possible conseuences And that s pretty much how the whole novel goes in one big cycle where wend up back at suare one in the Murder at the Savoy (Martin Beck, endI give this book 15 stars I received an ARC of this book free from the author and netgalley inxchange for an honest reviewI didn t 22 Britannia Road expect anything in this book and I m just glad because honestly it wasn t a goo. St days But I have a plan to get out of here and move to New York I just have to keep selling Vitamin Z along with your fries at The Bully Burger The secret ingredient Zombie brainsI've noticed things are gettingven worse lately if that's Gabe Izzy even possible The zombies seem to be getting smarter and faster If I can avoid being arrestedaten by shufflers or catching the.

Adam Gallardo is a writer who lives and works in Oregon Mostly known for writing comics Star Wars Infinities Return of the Jedi 100 Girls and Gear School volumes one & two his debut YA novel Zomburbia is out now from Kensington The seuel Zombified will be ublished in January 2015