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I think this one might just be my absolute favorite one so far So much motion and the Connection between Xander and Ivy is Incredible MUSIC HAS THE POWER TO HEAL ALLBUT NOT ALL BROKEN HEARTS CAN BE MENDEDWe First met Ivy and Xander who is River s brother in Connected and Torn Now it is time for their story Although I thought Xander was a total ass in the previous books I knew Kim would redeem him in this one and by God she did for sure I absolutely LOVED Mended I can honestly say this is my favorite one thus far in the series Ivy and Xander first met and dated in High School when a tragedy strikes and they were left heartbroken and confused They both went their separate ways She s not just a girl I used to dateshe s the only girl I No Beast So Fierce ever really loved She s also the girl whose heart I broke Now 12 years later a chancencounter has given Xander another chance to redeem himself with Ivy Secrets come to the surface and Ivy must work through what she thought she knew and what she is learning now to be truth One thing though she is ngaged and her future hubby is not the nicest person in the world When truths are finally revealed will Ivy and Xander be able to move forward and live happily ver after I love how Much LOVE shined through between Ivy and Xander I saw that connection from 12 years ago the second they saw Last Chance Bride each other and felt it right down to my bones Kim truly did an amazing job with these two characters Xander showed truemotion and I loved Whos Cheatin Who? (Thoroughbred Legacy every single minute of this story We get a lot of twists and turns with this story There were times my anxiety was out of control because I was dying to know what was going to happen next and I just could not read fastnough Also when all of a sudden I got another curve ball thrown at me and I was like OMGIvy had struggles to after all Xander had broken her heart once before and she was very guarded now Xander had to work hard to break down that barrier to her heart These two working together try to let the past stay in the past but it is not an Lawman Lover (Outlaws, easy thing to do Sometimes you just have to work through the past to get to the future I lovedvery single minute of this book Kim has written one hell of a story that will stay with you for a very long time I cannot wait to get of this series If you love someone set them free If they come back they re yoursARC Provided by PENGUIN GROUP Berkley NAL Signet Romance DAWCOVER REVEAL and EXCERPT Excerpt from MendedConnections 3 by Kim Karr 2013 by Kim KarrPublished by the Penguin GroupRelease date June 3 2014Xander Wilde The magic of rock and roll it casts a spell on you I m no City Girl in Training exception I m a bandmanager and I m living the dream touring with The Wilde Ones helping them securetheir well deserved place Music has the power to heal but not all broken hearts can be mended Always in control Xander Wilde considered life on the road a perfect fit for him But when disaster strikes on The Wilde Ones’ latest tour fate intervenes…and a newly single Ivy Taylor the only girl hever loved steps back into his life After moving past her pa.

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As the first 2 ARC provided by author in Mystery at Kittiwake Bay exchange of honest review Reviewed on Behalf of Give Me Books 45 Mended Stars Roses are so clich I couldn t agree Xander Wilde Mended by Kim Karr is by far my favorite of The Connections Series As a big fan of second chance romance I loved that Mended revolved on mending the past and welcoming the future Mended had a perfect balance of love angst drama suspense and sexiness Second chances and forgiveness was the biggestlement of the storyline as it chronicles Xander Wilde and his first and only love Ivy Taylor Mended was a perfect reminder second chances are given so we can get it right this time around and true love Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files exists Xander and Ivy s story was a testament that true love always finds a way to come back For twelve years Ivy was led to believe that Xander cheated on her but that was not the case A young Xander was dealing with his father s death and he didn t want to stop Ivy from going to college and fulfilling her dreams His love for Ivy was so real and heartfelt that he set his love free so she can find her happiness For 12 years the only person who remained in his heart was Ivy As if they were destined to meet fate intervened and Ivy and Xander were reunited but the only problem is that old wounds and unresolved misunderstanding still remained Xander and Ivy s romance was a slow burnthe sexual tension and chemistry was felt throughout the book Talk about sexual tension for 40% into the book I was screaming at my kindle begging Xander to say something I just wanted him so badly to tell Ivy the truth on why hended things the way he did And when he finally told the truth I was like Hallelujah The sexual chemistry and love Xander and Ivy was a blazing inferno It seemed that 12 years didn t The Husband (Smytheshire, Massachusetts, extinguish any love but only proved that their love was REAL When things seem to be finally mended between them Ms Karr had to turn up the heat and add so much twist and turns in their relationship Family secrets andx lovers seem to come at full force testing the bonds of Xander and Ivy Will Xander have to set his love for Ivy free once againMended was an absolute joy to read I love the slow burn flashbacks and the second chance theme that was prominent throughout the book Second Chances not only in love but at life The transformation and growth of Xander s character was an amazing thing to witness from his first love the death of his father and getting that second chance at love All I got to say is move over River Xander Wilde is now my favorite Wilde brother I adore Xander s strength to forgive his father and himself I absolutely adore the connections of Ivy and Xander and I must applaud Kim Karr for another great installment to the series Kim Karr. Ce Yet a jealous Damon can't let her go and he’s keeping dangerous secrets that could destroy them all   When the three of them come together verything falls apart But if Xander and Ivy can hold tight to the bond that connects them they just might have a chance at reclaiming the powerful love they thought they had lost forever.

N the music industry I love being a part of it all speciallywatching the band perform live the crowds the cheers the music It s a high and a lowall at once and I wouldn t trade it for anything Every step of the way with this band hasbeen fun An Italian Education exciting stressfulvery possible Protecting the Colton Bride Coltons Cowboy Code emotion Obviously we ve had some breaksbut mostly we all put in a lot of hard work myself Garrett Flynn Phoenix HarperRiver Wilde and now Zane Perry Can you hear me now he bellowsI nod my head as my heart pounds in my chest My hands feel cold and clammy anda nervousness that makes me weak and shaky takes over Doubts race through my headand I m uestioning if he s going to make it through this A vague awareness thatsomething bad could happen kicks around in my mind and I can t shake it The WildeOnes are doing a sound check on stage and Zane s not on his gameIt s July and the weather has been brutally hot But today it seems cooler Maybe it sthe California weather maybe it s thexcitement of being home The Beautiful Lies Tourbus finally rolled back into our home state of California after six months away When wepulled into the amphitheater we could see tanned kids in board shorts and bikini topsalready lined up at the will call window Security guards in polo shirts directed us to theartist parking lot and we were officially home Tonight we ll be headlining our biggestshow to date We re on tour without my brother River and still than half of theshows are sold out including tonight s River uit the band touring just wasn t for himbut Look-Alike Lawman (Texas Twins, even so the album is on its way up the charts Who knows it mayven hit gold status 35 STARS REVIEW TO COME One of the things I loved about the first 2 books was the originality This book lacked that majorly It follows the same NA checklist that I ve read over and over High School sweethearts Big misunderstanding that leads to break up because he thinks she deserves better Meet years later and still always loved Daddy Wanted each other Get back together for like 2 daysBigx shows up and one of them leave for the other one s sakeBlah blah blah You see where this is going I didn t like Lily at all I found her to be a doormat Coupled with the fact that her Forbidden Stranger ex was a guy 30 years older than her she came off as a gold digger to pay for her family s needs Did she really love the guy Either way it was gross I wish I could have said it was good to see River and Dahlia but it wasn t Their story line in this one sucked and really went a way where it came off as just being thrown in thereI deducted5 stars in the first few chapters for the him using the R word as an insult to someone I find it to be highly offensive and didn t reflect well on his character Over all it was decent but in no where near the same caliber. Inful breakup with Xander years ago Ivy was poised to become the next big name in pop music…when suddenly she withdrew from the limelight the day she announced herngagement to her controlling agent Damon Wolf Xander knows he should keep his distance But once they’re on the road he can’t resist pursuing her for a second chan.

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