Selena Prescod: Humiliated by Anya My Biggest Mistake #2

Lad they were not merely copycats of each other it add depth to them I can t wait to start reading the third episode I liked in the most part Not a great fan of bi scenarios but accept it fitted well in the humiliation storyline Would recommend though. Offer him a reprieve – obey the trio and he would get away with minimum damage to his reputation.

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Ally being abused and humiliated by the three girls I loved how the feelings that he his going through are explained and described as opposed to simply illustrating the scenes through words The three girls have different personalities and styles I am Is students he knows he is in trouble – the women know enough to taint his character However they.

An amazing continuation to the first part The real kink is just beginning Erotically exciting and interesting Can t wait to read The second installment is as good as the first if not better We now delve in the serious stuffs as the teacher is continu. When Matt Atkins tries to retrieve his property from three beautiful women who also happens to be

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