Martin Kihn: Asshole How I Got Rich Happy by Not Giving a Damn About Anyone How You Can Too

EBOOK Asshole How I Got Rich Happy by Not Giving a Damn About Anyone How You Can Too by Martin Kihn –

Eh 35 Pretty funny Although I am already an asshole I got tips on how to become a better one Audiobook 2nd listen 2020 Original listen was back in 2016 in the middle of flight school I found this book incredibly enlightening in many of the ways people were getting ahead or taking advantage of normal mellow individuals myself included It was crazy to see all the strings behind the scenes that people were using to manipulate others but even crazier to see how it was all the same games that bullies played as kids While I certainly won t advocate for adding assholes to this world it s important for people to understand the games they play to prevent victimization You ll never convince someone to stop being an asshole but you can make definitely make yourself a harder target Well worth the 55 stars as I still think this is a book all people should ead This strange semi parodic business self help memoir from author and journalist. Nice guys pushovers soft touches and suckersTired of being walked all over When the waiter brings you something you didn’t.

Kihn formerly of Spy magazine details the writer s attempt to throw off at age 40 the nice guy habits that were killing him defects like consideration politeness giving a fuck what you think and discover the winning Asshole within After setting some ground A Mother and Daughter Diary of Raw Food Recipes for Beginners rules Things I Would Not Do including substance abuse adultery and smiling Kihn finds himself aole model the Nemesis a classic jerk at the office a life coach typical advice Walk bigger and starts putting his philosophy into action Laying out his narrative in ten steps Kihn s experiments take him into the boxing ing through dog training into public confrontation and naturally toward wisdom success and happiness Kihn is generally funny especially in goofy asides like Meditation for Assholes affirmations include I constantly feel a nameless dread which inspires me but in keeping with the theme he s often crude Whether it works ultimately will depend on one s eaction to the. Order do you assume he knows bestAre you Au bagne ready to demand theespect you deserve Martin Kihn doesn’t care what your answers.


Ending in which Kihn Learns a Valuable Lesson Like an above average Adam Sandler movie this mix of Indistractable racy humor and overt sentiment will probably get both a bigger audience and less credit than it deserves I liked it it was a bit slow but I guess the book meant to me cause of the stage of my life that I m currently at Thought it takes an asshole to move forward only toealize that it adds no Jacques Prevert real value in the end which is kinda the point the author is trying to illustrate This was actually uite an enjoyable book toead and once I ealized that it s very unlikely that the author is attempting to be prescriptive to his eaders one can enjoy the stories much I think if the subtitle got id of the and how you can too it would be at least a 4 star book A nice endition of a guy s life who was a pushover and started taking ownership of his life If I gave the book a higher ating I probably wouldn t be asshole enough for him anyway. Are because of course you need this book Watch and learn as this one time softy transforms himself into a lean mean a hole machin.

Martin Kihn is a writer digital marketer dog lover balletomane and spiritual athlete He was born in Zambia grew up in suburban Michigan has a BA in Theater Studies from Yale and an MBA from Columbia Business School His articles have appeared in New York the New York Times G Us Details Cosmopolitan and Forbes among many others and he was on the staff of Spy Forbes New York and Vibe