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A tug and yank her down so she s sprawled across me nothing but hot smooth skin and silk and lace abric And wait until you see what I m wearing Your unconditional love baby You never backed down You never gave up on me Ever And I needed that I was so screwed up but you never let that stop you thank God 45 Stars In this sweet sexy novella Drew And Fable continue to be one of my Trail of Evidence (Capitol K-9 Unit favorite couples They are engaged and Drew is training and preparing to startootball season He has been picked up to play Architecture by Birds and Insects for the SF 49ers as their uarterback Before all the craziness of the season begins they decide to go ahead and get married and go on their honeymoon Soon after their weddingootball season starts and they Beyond Carnival find themselves having to adjust to a lot of changes With Drew sootball schedule he is mostly in San Francisco or on the road with his team Fable has to be at home with her younger brother Owen who is still in high school Drew Fable and Owen have become a Microsociology family Fable is home to Drew so he s having a hard time being awayrom her As newlyweds starting a new life together they are Lefty finding life to be a little chaotic Drew being a professionalootball player has suddenly thrust the couple into the public eye They have to get used to their new celebrity type status They continue to be as in love as ever and never orget or take or granted how lucky they are to have Shadow of the Vampire found each other Drew and Fable have been through so much in their past and have overcome it all together They are in such a good place and stronger together They are essential to each others happiness Drew is such a great guy and gorgeous as ever I love the way he adores and loves Fable They have such a beautiful relationship I am excited to get of them in Owen s book and can t waitor Owen s story This woman is just Statistical Computing in C++ and R fucking itor me Those pretty green eyes are wide and Human Aspects of Software Engineering fathomless seeing everything all of me and not shying away It s so easy with Fable So easy it used to scare me She s so accepting so loving so sweet and protective andierce and blunt and beautiful and all mine I m a lucky son of a bitch to have How to Make a Plant Love You found her Fable is the woman who will always stand by my side Forever Whenever wherever you ve got me baby I m all yours Never lose sight of theact that I love you Cities and Dialogue for you Fable That I also happen to think you re gorgeous is just a bonus He s so handsome with all that dark hair tumbling across hiso. Patience and concern even taking responsibility Christmas Doll for my messed up kid brother Now once again he’sound a way to blow my mind an exotic wedding and honeymoon miles and miles away Dark Tide Rising (William Monk from home What else could a girl ever askor Reality Now the honeymoon’s over Drew’s The Internet Book football schedule takes him on the road constantly while I need to stay put and look after my brother until heinishes

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This novella The Queen from Provence (Plantagenet Saga, follows Drew and Fable as their life continues years into theuture Drew has everything he s eve I love looove Monica Murphy And this book was like a big Fearless Jack fat present with myavorite wrapper all tied together Aghh I m not making sensebut it was just wonderful and made me all gooey inside First impressionThis was a must read The Film Club for me Drew and Fable are one of my absoluteavorite couplesThe storyIn this story we get to see where Drew and Fable s life is going Drew has been drafted into the NFL and with that comes new stresses in their relationship The Tarascon Pediatric Emergency Pocketbook fame the travel and the unexpected interest in their personal life can be taxing at times Plus they are taking care of Fable s brother Owen That s a lotor a young couple starting their life together Let alone two people who started off in difficult circumstancesSo throughout the course of the novella we see how they deal with their new life One thing is certain though they love each other and Drew always puts Fable irstThe charactersI literally could go on and on about how perfect this couple is They are seriously one of my all time avorite couples Ever I love Drew I love Fable I love them together What I love the most about their relationship is the The Success Secrets Of Brian Tracy - How To Achieve Your Goals And Be Succesful fact that they put itirst They know without a doubt that they are meant to be together They work through their issues as a couple They truly have a partnership and the kind of love that lastsI loved seeing their wedding It made me cry I loved seeing how Drew took Owen on as his Ninth Grade Slays family and became a good role modelor Owen Thenthere is a very special part in this novella that made my heart soar even higher Dramatic much Yes but seriously it was absolutely perfect I think when you read it you ll know what I m talking about Overall This novella was everything I had hoped it would be Drew and Fable are the kind of couple that just make you happy It was bittersweet to know that this was the last story Murder of Crows for them but I m comforted in knowing that we ll see them again in Owen s bookSpeaking of OwenI am DYINGor his book I ve always liked Owen The end of February can t come soon enough If you haven t started this series yet you must It s one of my Work Your Wardrobe favorites and is always among my top recommendations Favorite uote Are you checking me out she murmurs against my lips just before she pulls away Wearing something like that you knew this was going to happen I give her hand. Monica Murphy returns with her most beloved characters Drew and Fable in this eBook original 40000 word novella that brings her bestselling New Adult seriesull circle Fantasy How I ended up with NFL player Drew Callahan the guy every woman wants is beyond my wildest dreams All I know is that once he chose me as his one and only I sure wasn’t looking back I had past wounds and he showed.

Rehead his blue eyes Silence in Hanover Close (Charlotte Thomas Pitt, flashing at me The angular cheekbones the lush mouth theirm line of his jawI m weak kneed just looking at him Still My skin warms at his blatant perusal the way his eyes seem to touch upon me as they rake over my body I can The Complete Idiots Guide to Starting a Web-Based Business feel him as if he just physically touched me He s bigger than he was when Iirst met him and I thought him huge then He s wider solid every muscle defined That sprinkling of dark hair at the center of his chest gets me as does the trail of hair that leads Tiểu phẩm báo chí from his navel downward There is nothing I love than admiring my husband s body Touching it Knowing it s all mine I smell him before I see him his deliciously spicy masculine scent preceding him as he walks back into our bedroom He s smiling that wicked arousing smile helashes me right before he pounces Wearing only his boxer briefs he s beautiful And he s looking at me at this very moment as if he s about to devour me Cautious but bold Gentle but strong That s my Drew He s staring down at me still the beautiful boy I Icon firstell in love with but now he s so much 35 Sweet Stars I ll be uick on this one since this only a novella This book tells us the life of Drew and Pillow Talk fable after the end of the second book Now after learning how to deal with their ghosts and twisted pasts they are stronger than ever It begins with their ending and show us their married life now that he is aamous Rikers High football star and how it isn t alwayslowers and hearts But they are in this Buried forever right This was sweet and I enjoyed reading a lot Itelt like a giant epilogue and I just love epilogues The problem SO CHEESYBelieve me I like romantic scenes and I love some cheesiness in the right moment but when it s too much it too much We get it they love each other They don t have to reassure us and themselves of how beautiful perfect indispensable they are to the other and how big is their love every FREAKING FIVE MINUTES So yeah that was basically my only problem Rating 35 Stars Storyline Hmm cheesy I can t seem to be able to stop saying this word Cheesy Cheeeesy Writing Style First person Dual POV s And pretty good exactly how Monica got us used to Character Development Some small annoyances and yes you got it cheesiness but other than that the same Drew and Fable we elt in love with Only less broken Steam Slightly hot but way less than in the previous books HEA view spoilerYes Well obviously hide spoiler. Igh school because God knows our sorry excuse or a mother won’t I know Drew loves me with all his heart and I’ll always be over the moon about him This just isn’t how I imagined our life as newlyweds dealing with the distance missing him all the time But we’ve gone through hard times before We can get through this too right We’re Drew and Fable together orever At least I hope

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