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Ng bonus content they were a nice addition However having one reasonably long story that seemed like than a novella would have also been nice If you re interested in POV it s very reasonably priced so go a head and give it a try I really like this book because there are lots of plot twists and scenes I would say it is sort of thriller and sci fi and it is probably for teenagers I like the tension and it is a really good short story for something that was written in 30 hours or less Read all my reviews on POV was written uring a 30 hour writing challenge over a single weekend and it was published because it won that competition It is remarkable that anyone can write a comprehensive 80 page story in this short time frame However you can feel a bit that the author was trying to tell a much bigger story but The Flame Of Adventure due to time limitations he probably cropped it into this format This makes the story feel crowded and the revelations come so uick after each other that they loose some of the power It was a uick and easy read and at the end there are a couple of really short stories which are actually really good better even than the main stories Especially The Happy Pills Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Chris Brosnahan wrote POV in 30 hours In fact it was the winner of a 30 hours competition for the best novel written in that frame of time For that alone POV is impressive I can barely write a short story in 30 hours I guess you could be a nitpicker and say that at 87 pages it barely ualifies as a novellabut I m still impressedBut is it good Yeah It is really good It s a nice mix of science fiction and thriller centering around a future technology in which a person can receive aevice inside their eyes that can change their view of the world change the color of your car make your partner into a movie star make yourself thinner etc The resulst are only viewable to you or least that is what we are told from the beginning but I think you can see the advantages Our optometrist hero iscovers that someone is killing the people that are receiving this new tech from himThat s enough to know except to expect a few sharp turns It s a good story especially considering how much the author placed in it with a 30 hour time limit and 80 odd pages But that s the problem with it too There s so much this could have easily been a longer novel I wanted it to be a longer novel Some things happen too fast and could easily have survived build up and emotional embellishment Not that it idn t have that mind you I just wanted More MoreI guess that s a compliment too I m not sure it is a fair criticism since the author set out to Divine Magnetic Lands do what he needed too and Frog and the Treasure did it well I gotta stick with my gut feeling But here s a bit of unsolicited advice There is a tradition in the science fiction genre for authors to take very popular short stories and rewrite them into novels If any work is screaming for a longer rewrite this is itThere are also 4 other brief pieces included in this ebook All of the tales are uite good with The Warning and The Happy Pills being fairly awesomeThe whole kit and caboodle Three and a half star. Ng their eyes out and slipping away Who is the killer And can he stop them before theyestroy everything he has worked so hard to buil.

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Receiver a free copy from NetGalleyBook wasn t too bad Surprisingly short so not a lot of time for character growth Also not a lot of time to really care about the characters Very uick and easy read Wouldn t call this a must read for anyone This fits to read when you have nothing else to read My Rating 35 starsI am completely blown away by the fact that this story was written in 30 hours It s very well written and it keeps you at the edge of your seat To be such a short story it The Butterfly Club definitely has its fair share of plot twists At times I found myself cringing in my seat Random Sidenote Eyes are a very touchy subject for me Example 1 I couldn t even watch the end of Jeepers Creepers because the monster had took the guy s eyes out Example 2 Ion t remember which Hannibal movie I think it might of been Red Dragon but I couldn t watch it because the people had mirrors for eyes So with that being said it s surprising that I even read a book where a character is injecting this substance into a person s eye But nonetheless I thoroughly enjoyed this book and read it in one sitting The ending was very satisfying and I have no complaints POV was Brosnahan s winning entry in The Kernel s 2012 30 Hour novel competition and I think is very well constructed for something written in that time frame What I struggled with the most was the link between the IDRoPS with the clone revelation I felt like it wound up being some explanation of the technological ability in the future rather than a a link between pretending and the world In his musing on what he learnt he mentioned that he wasn t so confident about the clone aspect of the novel but he Lilith Enraptured (Divinity Warriors didn t have the luxury of coming up with a new idea and I think that shows a little in the rushed action fromiscovery to conclusion I think there could ve have been had there been time to explore the implications of being a clone the ethics of what was one to John and his counterpart and to expound on ability to see clearly not through some altered reality So in that sense it felt uite unfinished to me but in reading POV I could tell that Brosnahan had so many ideas to express so I m looking forward to further works 25 stars I received this galley thanks to Netgalley and HarperCollins All opinions are my own POV is a psychological thriller with futuristic themes view spoilerMelodramas with a secret twin are common hide spoiler POVWhat I expectedA ystopian crime thriller People being targeted for something that changes in their brain as a result of iDropsWhat it wasWell not what I expected Regular family guy Tu Alma ¿La Conoces? doing a regular job Suddenly the rug is pulled from under his feet when his patients start being murdered Avoiding spoilers here The world is normal but with enhancements and there are still policeoing their job and lawyers tooThe twist happens about half way into the tale And I J.M. Coetzee didn t read this particular book in one sitting so I had plenty of time to ponder the finer points of the story and how I thought it would progress and how I considered things wouldshould beealt with if this were a real scenario It Feminization and Chastity Training for the Sissy Husband (The League of Dominant Women did keep me pondering in the nightAll very fast paced to the end where the authorid go into a spot of He id this He John Macfarlane is a highly skilled optometrist He works with IDRoPs a solution that allows people to see augmented reality He lives

Id that and I got a bit confuse Apparently this novel was written in 30 hours and it shows The characters are eveloped to a certain extent but there was so much that could be made of themCertain things happened too fast without any further explanation or build up for effect or emotional embellishment In short the book was good as far as it went but this reader felt that the author only touched the surface of what could have been a really gripping in Blue Skies and Gunfire depth psychological thriller It isifficult to say too much without giving the plot away but is efinitely better in this case More character evelopment back story and suspenseThat said the pace of the novel is good and even and to a 새로 만든 먼나라 이웃나라 12 - 미국 3 degree the reader felt outside the novel as though they were viewing the action on the television or in a movie The middle of the novel could have been fleshed out and the interesting reveal could have been suspenseful This reader feels that the brevity of the novelid not Ossos Perdidos (Temperance Brennan, do any favours to the plot line and in fact harms it to a greategree This is a good example of a book that offers so much potential than the author afforded it This reader felt that the ending was inevitableThis reader hopes that as this author s craft Born Fighting develops that he will revisit this novel and rework what is a short novel into a full length psychological thriller with of everything which is what this storyeservesI could not see the point of the four other brief pieces added at the end of the book and this reader Dr. Simon Forman did not bother reading them all as they had absolutely nothing too with the main storyIt will be interesting to see how this new author Serving Up Secrecy (Ladies of Westside develops in the futureFull Disclosure ARC received from Netgalley for an honest review Writing this review of POV has been reallyifficult I found myself belaboring the fact that the book was very short but also inexpensive The book was a product of National Novel Writing MonthNanorimo in which participants are set to write 50000 words in a month Most professional published writers use this as a kind of exercise never publishing what comes out of it Or they use it as a way to generate some cool ideas that they MAY use But this book wasn t self published it was published by HarperCollins UK so who am I to judge it based on that So I A Wartime Nurse decided to judge it for what it was only and not take any of those of considerations into account That s all I cano as a reviewer So here we go the main story POV is very short but well paced The characters are somewhat well fleshed out except that the two or three changes in perspective can be a little jarring in a story that short But again the story is paced very well giving the reader the feel of watching a movie or a television episode rather than reading a book I would have liked to see the middle of the sotyr Split developed as it stands it seems like the story he wrote for the contest with no additions Peopleon t When Stories Clash do that with their stuff for Nanrimo and I hope this authoridn t either But the brevity of the entire work certainly hurts it The other three stories Warning Happy Pills and The Knight in the Library were good short stories But a strange inclusion here as they had nothing to Sword of Honour Second To None do with the main story whatsoever So bei. Uiet life with his wife andaughter but one The Extra Cadaver Murder day everything changesJohniscovers that someone is brutally murdering his patients rippi.