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As well There was a lot of information on the bykes that everyone rode though and that was incredibly interesting There was even a lot of information in the back of the book which was a super cool element I d definitely recommend giving it a read The first thing that caught my eye was the cover for Stone Rider I loved the cracked look of the cover that depicts the hardened landscape of the books setting The title stands out beautifully in stark contrast of color and texture This is such a great cover and so uniue compared to the many YA books out there Now on to the storyWell let s just say that I read this book in one night in one sitting It grabbed my attention immediately and didn t let go until the last page was turned The world that David Hofmeyr has created in Stone Rider is extremely uniue and well wrought This setting of the old west meets a futuristic burned out world where the people try to win a pass by winning the Vodden Circuit or earn enough points by winning other smaller races to earn a ticket to Sky Base This is supposedly a man made paradise above earth where the air is clean and the people live MUCH longer It is where everyone left on earth wants to go though no one who has ever earned a ticket has ever come back so the people on earth don t REALLY know what it s like up thereHofmeyr has even included parts of The Rider s Code at the back of the book which I loved as I could refer to that anytime I needed a bit of explanation as to the working of the bykes these incredible biomechanical entities that are passed down from parent to child The way the swing is preformed a kind of deadly sling shot and weapon of choice in this world and during the circuitsor races I found it to all be so fascinating and uniue and et completely believable This leads to the writing Hofmeyr has a way of writinghis world building characterization and those edge of our seat moments that I really feel made this book work so well I don t think another author could have taken this same conceptworld and made it seem like it actually exists somewhere which is how I felt while reading I loved the characters Adam Sadie and especially KaneAs I knew so little about him and he was such a mystery They each have their own struggles and secrets which made the book that much suspenseful All in all this is one of my favorite books ever and though I don t know et whether a seuel is comingI honestly feel that it works so perfectly as a stand alone Though as I am a greedy reader of this amazing world that Hofmeyr has built I would most definitely pick up a seuel companion novel or ANYTHING that he writes next I truly believe that everyone should give this book a chance It is so surprising in its depth of emotion and suspenseI just can t recommend Stone Rider enough I received a copy via the publisherShort review I couldn t put this down It wasn t exceptional but it was a lot of fun It wasn t perfect but it made for a great summer readThere is an issue however that I ve noticed regarding this book Stone Rider may be look at as a boy book but honestly there s not a lot of those in Young Adult fiction As a bookseller it s a tough time finding male narrated novels for teenage boys to read because while a lot of them don t mind reading from a female perspective they also have the right to read from a male s perspective As a result whenever a male narrated novel comes along I m pretty content I find that it s a huge double standard when people complain about a book being a boy book then turn around and complain about boys not wanting to read girl books Why is it okay to accept the thousands of female narrated books that are admittedly looked on as girl books and expect both genders to read it et when a male narrated book comes out it feels too much like a boy book If it were up to me every gender would read both gender narrated novels but that can only work if we stop judging books based on the gender of the narrator Okay rant over The portrayal of the girl in this story was awesome She was badass and knew her stuff However she then kind of changed suddenly and inexplicably It was a little hard to believe the love story but I wasn t really reading this for the romance The storyline was occasionally predictable but it was still such a uniue idea that I didn t really mind I didn t think I would enjoy this as much as I did but I was completely into it There were moments where the writing was lyrical and times when I could completely see what the author was trying to say I will probably read whatever David Hofmeyr writes next simply because his writing was so engaging I would recommend this novel to anyone looking for a light adventure filled read happy reading 35 starsI find the distinction between boy books and girl books to be discriminatory and a tiny bit offensive and et Stone Rider undeniably aims towards Declaration of Purposes of the Patrons of Husbandry young adult boys as its intended audience Heavy on the action violence and technical description and very light on any kind of emotional development it often reads as a videogame on paper But by no means is it a bad thing whatever it tries to do this book does exceptionally well and the end result is an unusually written story that has a lot to offer to its readers Stone Rider paints us a horrible picture of Earth a barren bleak environment with very little mercy for its inhabitants The smallest possibility of survival comes from two sources mining or byke racing and our hero Adam chooses the latter The races themselves are extremely dangerous with very low survival rates but the battles begin even earlier The rivalries are often deadly and the bykes themselves are no joke but for most people in Blackwater they re the only hope for a better life Hofmeyr s writing stands out with its sharpness and simplicity The short clipped sentences truly emphasize the sense of imminent danger and the pacing seems even faster thanks to the author s style The no nonsense tone took some getting used to but it suited the story perfectly The fortunately secondary romance leaves a lot to be desired Mostly it s aoung boy s admiration for a cool untouchable girl a dystopian version of manic pixie dream girl with a pixie haircut and heaps of attitude There is some development between them but always at the worst possible moment and the relationship was of a burden to this story than anything elseOddly my favorite part were the bykes although I truly resent the spelling and their connection to the riders The technical parts were very well done and it was obvious to me that a lot of thought was put into them While the romance and the worldbuilding left some room for improvement in future installments the bykes and the races are pretty much perfect as they are I have high hopes for the second book A solid worldbuilding and stronger character development will make a world of difference for this series. D the dangerous outsider Kane Adam will ride the Blackwater Trail in a brutal race that will test them all body and soul Only the strongest will surviveThe prize A one way ticket to Sky Base and unimaginable luxuryAnd for a chance at this new life Adam will risk everythin.

The beginning of this book was so intriguing that i couldn t help but be pulled into its pages I kept having flash backs of Mad Max which made me appreciate Adam s journey even He s one fierce character and it was always an adventure filled with action and danger where he was concerned I fell completely in love with the world that David created I couldn t imagine being in Adam s shoes and it s no wonder he did everything in his power to escape Blackwater Seeing life through his eyes was downright fascinating and I felt like I was on a never ending roller coaster with non stop action I can t forget to mention Sadie and Kane and how I enjoyed delving and into their characterizations as the story progressedI was completely caught off guard at how much I enjoyed this book The time and pages just flew by as I gobbled up this story I would without a doubt pick up the next book that this author publishes David Hofmeyr s Stone Rider is the type of book that keeps coming at Die Reisenden you and doesn t let up even asou hit the end The story is pretty basic To get out of no kind of life on the planet Earth sometime in the future where the air is toxic one needs to win a potentially deadly byke race through a harsh desert landscape Adam the main character has lost plenty and finds he has nothing to lose by entering the race Along the way he must do battle with both inner and outer forces but gets some help along the wayThe action takes short breaks now and then to allow for world building and character development but the latter two items are really just stop gaps for action There are few moments to catch one s breath in Stone Rider but the action heavy text does not suffer overly much as this keeps the book streamlined Those looking for a solid world build or character development will be disappointed as there s just enough to keep interest but plenty that goes unanswered The author himself states in a short interview section at the rear of the book that he was going for something that s a bit Westerns of his Undercover Pregnancy youth meets the futuristic of Blade Runner and Mad Max Hofmeyr delivers on that promise in Stone Rider Onceou start it s hard to put down and once ยอดบุรุษพลิกคดี เล่ม 1 you hit the end wellou ll certainly be hoping for Note ARC received via Vine in exchange for review 35 starsI don t usually pay too much attention to the comparisons that publishers make when describing books but in the case of Stone Rider Mad Max meets The Road is a very accurate description With a bare bones narrative style Stone Rider tells the story of three riders who take on a no holds barred race across a dessert wasteland for a chance at a better life This is the premise that Hummer you understand going in but what I found as I read the book was that the motivations of each rider really went beyond being able to leave the dusty barren wasteland where they live Adam Sadie and Kane are all a little broken and they have found each other in a place where avoiding people is probably smarter They form a bond that gave Stone Rider that emotional spark that is sometimes missing form post apocalyptic stories but was certainly present in this bookThe world of Stone Rider is extremely brutal Environmental ruin societal breakdown and no real safety from anything gives the reader an idea of why someone might put themselves through such an ordeal when the chances of winning are so slim There is definitely a western feel to this story Bykes replace horses and Adams relationship with his byke certainly echos that whichou might find between a cowboy and his horse While we are primarily following Adam s story I also loved Sadie and Kane They make an unlikely triumvirate but as a very nice twist at the end reveals it seems that they share of a connection that With Baited Breath (Warhammer 40,000) you might think Stone Rider combined thrill a minute action good world building and a compelling story into a debut that fans of grittier post apocalyptic books will definitely enjoy I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This was an excellent read Touted as a Wild West meets Mad Max Bildungsroman Stone Rider lived up to my expectations Adam lives in a brutal and violent future whereou mine the precious commodity at the Earth s core or ou race Adam comes from a line of racers men who risk their lives in a dangerous trek across a wasteland reminiscent of the Wild West Expect a vicious and brutal adventure where a boy who thinks his best chance is found in trusting no one learns the importance of friendship and support I liked Adam His biggest weakness is his empathy for fellow man and like any good person he pays for that soft spot again and again I loved the way he was able to grow as a character but retain the best parts of himself in the process I also liked the cast of secondary characters Adam s love interest is one tough chick and while she had her own limitations I found her a lady warrior that I could admire Kane Adam s enigmatic ally however is the stuff my sometimes still girlish dreams are made of While I am fangirling please don t make the mistake of thinking this is a girl book This is definitely one the guys will appreciate It is fast paced taking readers through the highs and lows of the hero s journey and the ending was a coin toss right up until the end There were a lot of corpses littering the desert road of this race and those who didn t die might sometimes wish they had I have already started talking it up to my students giving them the heads up about its summer publication I can t wait until I can get a copy in my classroom library because I know it is going to be a big hit with high school readers of both genders I know my high school librarian is going to want a copy as well Language and situations are probably grade 9 but I think that blood thirsty middle schoolers will devour it and learn some important lessons about what it means to be tough in the process As an adult reader I found I couldn t put it down Stone Rider is an excellent book that can fit into many genres at one time It s like a western met a dystopian and then decided to create a West Side Storyesue production I ve never read anything like itThe characters are all interesting and surprising At the beginning they may appear to be stereotypical but as the story goes on their depth is revealed However that is not to say that they are extremely well developed The book is written like the old westerns You learn what ou need to when The Alcohol Experiment you need to and the rest of the book is devoted to the action This could be seen as a flaw but I appreciate that the book is designed to be as sleek as the bykes used in the race around which the plot centersThe flow of the book is amazing The beginning is a little slow but only by comparison to the rest of it That is because Part I takes the time to set up pretty much allou will learn about the world Once ou begin Part In the vein of The Outsiders and the early Western novels of El Leonard this inventive debut novel a cross between the cult classic Mad Max movie series and Cormac McCarthy’s The Road blends adrenaline fueled action with an improbable et tender romance to offer a rich.

I it becomes something of a marathon read There is never time to take Spiritual Warfare for Every Christian your breath Do not begin it ifou have something else to do in the next few hours There is uite a bit of violence but that is to be expected in a mostly lawless societyIn short Stone Rider is a fun and exciting read In spite of the streamlined storytelling there are many challenging words to help expand vocabulary for ounger readers Since this a book well suited for reluctant readers that is a huge plus Highly recommended for any upper middle grade reader through to adultsThis review is based upon a complimentary copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review Thanks to Storia Books for sending me this review copy this hadn t in any way influenced my rating or my review You can check out my Romanian review on my blog will start off by saying that this book is probably of a 35 stars for me When I first started this book I had doubts about whether I d like it because of the subject it seemed like it would be too focused on motorcycles and technical stuff which aren t my cup of tea usually But my expectations were uite exceeded this book turning out to be uite entertainingThis book presents us a very desolate version of our world most people moved to a Sky Base that is described as a paradise while the others are down on earth with few resources and their only way of survival is by working in the mine or joining in a very dangerous ride where the winner could obtain a ticket to the Sky Base and therefore to a better lifeI would describe it as The Hunger Games meets Mad Max Fury RoadTHE PLOTI think the biggest plot line was the race and that was also what kept things thrilling I kept on reading to see whether they will pass the obstacles or not who they will meet in the adventure and who will die next It was uite fast paced and I enjoyed it very much it made up for uite a lot of other things that weren t as developedI also really liked the world building I thought it was an interesting idea to make this dystopian world and mix it up with motorcycles competitions I don t think I ve ever seen it done before in YA so props for thatThere were many plot twists along the way and some big reveals There was this funny instance when a guy said he doesn t like a girl in a romantic way and Adam the protagonist was a bit shocked and the other guy Kane is like ou really don t know I thought this was a love confession and Kane admitting he was gay Apparently it wasn t It was something dramatic than that I was a bit shocked here I thought I m getting a fmm love triangle only to have a rather weird explanation thrown in my faceBesides that I really loved how there was this freaking amazing tribe they had such cool healing abilities and I was so sad that the heroes didn t spend time there I would have loved to see of them as there were some future telling involved there which I usually hate because wow the hero is getting a prophecy so original But this time it actually worked because I couldn t guess what would happen based on that prophecyTHE CHARACTERSI feel like the characters were uite one dimensional at times There are so many things that I still don t know about those characters and I m sure if the author wrote Stone Rider with a seuel in mind but their development was mehSadie is probably the best example she s the only woman in a cast full of men and at times she seems to be just hot and brave She has the not like other girls syndrome written all over her and that s because of how she s portrayed not because of anything she saysAdam was also kind of the special snow flake but he was also the underdog type and I don t know about Demonica you but I usually root for the underdogs misfits I would have loved to see explanations concerning his fainting there was absolutely none But that s probably understandable since they don t have many resources including medical ones but he was in a dispensary at some point I was really expecting then to find out what s causing them since it would have been a pretty good representationKane was probably my favourite because besides the fact that he was very mysterious he was really resourceful always helping Adam and Sadie always having a plan B I really liked him and found his backstory very interesting I can t talk much about it because there are spoilers but it was amazing He surely made this book a lot better for meI think the characters weren t as developed as I would have liked because the author kind of focused a lot on the plot It s a plot focused book and that s not bad since the plot is actually great and visibly well thoughtOVERALLAll in all this book exceeded my expectations I know that I might have sounded a bit critical but bear in mind that this book is waaaay out of my comfort zone and if I gave it 35 stars someone who thinks motorcycles and rides are badass will probably rate it so much higher Thankou to Delacorte Press for allowing me to read this book in exchange for an honest reviewStone Rider was my first dystopian read in a while and I have to say the read was completely worth it It follows Adam Stone who I immediately loved as a character since the first page He s been through a lot in his life and he s currently living with his brother Frank Basically in this future world there s a place called Sky Base that is like a haven and everyone wants to go there In order to go there Buckley and Wilberta you have to win enough points from winning races which is why so many people compete in these deadly racesAdam s older brother used to compete in the races until he injured himself badly so Adam takes over the racing since he was given his brother s byke He signs up to participate in the Blackwater Trail race which is the hardest race there is The winner will automatically get to go to Sky Base because of how many points the winner gets Sadly so many people don t even make it to the finish line in this race because of how deadly and scary it isI loved this book Adam was the best main character because he kept persevering even when things got hard for him Sadie Blood was a cool character too Her father owned the local byke shop and also ran the races for Sky Base so she decided to participate in the race and so did her brother Levi who was a fan favorite However Levi isn t the nicest person Adam also makes two other friends Kane who nobody knows much about because he just claims he s from the other side and then there s also Nate who is aoung boy who I instantly loved He was incredibly innocent and just kept talking about his father and how he was hoping to win the race as well so that he could go to Sky BaseEven though I absolutely loved this book I wish that there was information about how the world got to be the way that it was I didn t exactly know much about Sky Base except for the rumors that the characters had all heard about so I wish there was about that. And vivid portrayal of misfits and loners forced together in their struggle for a better lifeAdam Stone wants freedom and peace He wants a chance to escape Blackwater the dust bowl desert town he grew up in Most of all he wants the beautiful Sadie Blood Alongside Sadie an.

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David Hofmeyr is the award winning author of The Between and Stone Rider which has been sold in 17 territories He was born in South Africa in 1972 and lives in LondonIn 2013 David graduated from Bath Spa University with an MA in Writing for Young People His first book Stone Rider was published in 2015His books are published by Penguin in the UK Australia and the Commonwealth Random House