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Ngth The photos eally brought the characters to life. Oetry and short stories in fourth grade She continued writing through high school as a hobby which took a serious turn while living on Nantucket from 1972 to l978 She has attended several writers' workshops in Bernardsville NJ; New York City 1985 1990 Rosemarie etired to Camden Maine in 2000 and was a member of Camden Round Table a writers'group 2002 2006 Publications THE WITCH OF BEAVER CREEK MINE a young adult novel published by Down East Books in 2007 a Newberry Award nominee FOG a poem published in the Goose River Press Anthology 2004; a short story MCPHEE ISLAND 2008; a short story SAYING GOODBYE 2009; a short story FROM THE INSIDE 2010; a short story ETHEL AND BERTIE 2011; MAGNOLIA STREET 2012 Several articles and essays published in the Camden Herald from 2006 to 2009 Pseudonym Maggie O'Brien keywords Memoir Interracial Child Abuse Nova Scotia Harlem Rosemarie Nevelle Maggie O'Brien Disturbing Violent Sad Nostalgic Honest Powerful Sensitive Stunning Staggering Wrenching.

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Ave to share her heartbreaking story I admire her stre. For the criticism ostracism and banishment that she endured from her family living in a small town while my father enjoyed his freedom his fine Liar, Liar reputation and his continued good life The destructiveelationship between my mother and me the abuse she so cunningly devised to wreak the most physical and psychological damage was the manifestation of her plan to destroy me How I survived her abuse is what this story is about Author Bio Rosemarie Nervelle was born in Digby Nova Scotia 1933 and aised in Yarmouth and Halifax Rosemarie graduated Yarmouth County Academy in 1951 and attended Sudbury University Ontario 1952 1953 She migrated to the United States in 1955 graduated Katherine Gibbs School Montclair New Jersey 1957 and graduated University of Massachusetts Amherst with a BFA in Architectural Design 1982 Rosemarie was self employed in design business Nervelle Associates 1982 2000 Rosemarie is married with two children and five grandchildren Rosemarie Nervelle began writing

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I liked the book I thought the author must be very br. Swamp Robin is a stunning and disturbing true story narrated by the daughter of a wealthy Canadian businessman and his beautiful mixed ace housekeeper Lizzie Cromwell From Halifax to Harlem and places in between the unchaste Lizzie led her vulnerable daughter through a peripatetic almost Dickensian existence for the better part of eighteen years This is a story of a colored woman who had a child by a definitely white man Had this man been an ordinary white man I might have been brought up in an interracial home without incident like so many others in Nova Scotia But my biological father was no ordinary man He was a pillar of the community an extremely successful business man an entrepreneur of extraordinary talents and a powerful influence among his peers who admired him for his business acumen as well as his way with women He was also married I was hated from the moment of my conception I would be punished for my mother's transgressions her guilt and shame; punished and hated.