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It takes a certain type of man to love a strong woman and that s what I liked most about John His unwillingness to let go of her and the future he saw between them They had their bumps in the road but I always new where he stood and the end game he wanted The sparks that flew between them made their connection electric but there were a few times they got burned from the intensity In my mind that s what made it realhttpthetbrpileweeblycomreviews REVIEW Back at Templeton CoveJohn Jordan son of Kyle Jordan and Sasha Todd both feel that Funland which was once owned by Sasha s family is their answer Now John has inherited it from Sasha s grandfather almost seven years ago Funland is important to both Sasha and John only for different reasons As a reader I could almost cut the air with a nife You could sense the discord between them Sasha was her own person Originally reviewed at My Devastating ReadsI really enjoyed this novel Actually that s a bit of an understatement I loved it From the opening pages right till the end I was drawn in by the setting and the irresistible pull between the hero and heroine Both of them delighted me and the story unravels not only their emotions for one another but each of their pasts the hurt they carry inside of them and the crimes of John s father Kyle But best of all the novel did a wonderful job in bringing both. She's ready to take back what's hers Since the moment a local crime boss claimed ownership of her family's fairground Sasha Todd has dreamed of righting the wrong Now it's time to act and backing down from the man's estra.

John and Sasha closure to old hurts I was a bit surprised to find this novel was something of a romantic suspense Throughout the book we find out the secrets that surround the fairground and Sasha and also the parts that both Sasha s mother and John s father played in stealing Sasha s inheritance from her Sasha s determination to get the fairground back into the hands of her family and John s determination to ensure that no money made from illegal businesses run at the fairground remain in undeserving hands unravel both the secrets in this novel and propel the sizzling attraction between John and Sasha forward And oh my but do these two sizzle From the opening the pages the attraction is clear So is the fact that these two are somewhat at odds but both want nothing to do with Kyle and his illegal operations Both John and Sasha recognize that they can trust each other with whatever is going on and as they learn to let down their guard the sparks set these two aflame with desire and love for one another I loved how connected they were how they helped one another heal old wounds and how sweetly and perfectly they fit together It left me all le sigh and that s what I love to have in romance Rachel Brimble is definitely an author I ll be reading of The wonderful writing vivid characters and beautifully drawn emotions glittered and shone throughout the. Nged son is definitely not an option After all giving up her legacy to hot blooded John Jordon means losing the chance to finally heal the wounds in her past Stopping John in his tracks and resisting the sizzle between th.

Book making it a truly wonderful readI would like to thank the author for providing me with a copy of the novel in exchange for an honest review Once again Rachel Brimble shows us that there s to romantic suspense than a tough guy protecting the heroine In What Belongs To Her Rachel takes us back to Templeton Cove with Sasha and John If you ve read Finding Justice you ll remember the setting and some of the characters as wellWhat really makes Ms Brimble s novels different from most Super Romance authors are her characters They are all a bit damaged There s something in their past that makes them weary of relationships and the opposite sex That s definitely the case here and there are secrets surrounding the fair that once belonged to Sasha s familySomething about this novel reminded me of Blackpool Maybe it was the fair and the corruption that surrounded the man who bought it from her grandfather Whatever I expected to see David Tennant show up well at least in my mind to help get things cleaned upBut back to the characters Sasha is not the typical Harleuin Heroine She s gritty and tough as nails and prepared to fight for what she wants I think that s what I loved the most about her She doesn t want to like John but you now that the two have chemistry If you like romantic suspense you can t go wrong with Rachel Brimble She s on my auto buy pile. Em is Sasha's best defense But there's to him than she thought which changes everything With what matters most at stake she'll have to risk a brand new future with John or walk away from the man whose heart belongs to her.

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