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Ecipes with post its and I think I ll have enough new meals to last me until the summer Delicious easy and healthy can t beat it When you eat gluten free and vegan like I do well you just know that most mainstream cookbooks will be at best hit or miss for you And they are And this cookbook was too But I will say that I was impressed with the hits in this collection I didn t know anything about the author before I picked this book up from the library but now I know that I like Krieger s approach to food and diet and health even if I disagree with the health benefits of the consumption of animal products So while I wouldn t buy this book because proportionally there were a lot of ecipes I can t won t use there are still uite a few that I thought worth copying out and hope to try in the near future These include Black Bean Dip Sweet and Spicy Peanut Soup Plum Tart with Almond Pastry Crust Grilled Bananas with Chai Syrup Roasted Nutmeg Cauliflower Peaches with Balsamic Cherries Green Beans with Mushrooms and Shallots Sugar Snap Peas with Miso Sauce Ranch Beans Chocolate Covered Banana Pops Green Pea Soup Aromatic Noodles with Lime Peanut Sauce Pear Ginger Crumble and Soba Noodle Vegetable Salad among others I would definitely Essays One recommend this cookbook to my omnivore friends Theecipes are pretty healthy yet not exotic and are made with mostly accessible and not too expensive ingredients she does seem to be Etables grains fruits meats and fish and provides a nutritional breakdown for each dishTitle The Food You CraveAuthor Krieger

Fairly standard ecipes adjusted for healthy esults Interesting sauces and marinades for some Recommended I found to learn love prepare and enjoy in this cookbook from Ellie Krieger Though I did tweak some of the The Kaya-Girl recipes for my own taste I found combinations that were new to me Mostecipes have few ingredients that are easily available in most kitchen pantries The Roasted Tomato and Black Bean Soup was delicious and eady in less than I hour Accompanied by the Avocado and Mango Salad it was a treat Made the broccoli frittata this evening with plenty leftover for tomorrow Have tagged 20 ecipes for preparation this week And copied a few summer desserts that will be served in 2018 when I want to eat something icy and not shovel it from the walk I ve watched Healthy Appetite Ellie s show before and that was enough to inspire me to go to Ellie s page on the Food Network site whenever I wanted to find a healthy Omnibus Films recipe So I melieved the book is out so I can stop using computer print outs There are a few Graeco-Egyptian Magick repeats from the Web site but mot of theecipes are new to me at least The turkey meatball subs are beyond delicious and not terribly hard to cook I ve discovered that if I make the meatballs and sauce on a Sunday my husband and I can have subs for two nights and then spaghetti and meatballs for two nights That s a week s worth of food practically from just one dish I have gone through the book marking Presents a selection of two hundred ecipes for every type of meal that emphasizes such healthy ingredients as herbs spices veg.

Ixated on shallots though The instructions are generally not too complicated either at least on the ecipes I liked Side note I noticed that different ecipes were formatted differently which felt strangeone might list ingredients separately for the crust vs the filling of a crumble while a ecipe for a tart would list everything together It was a small difference but still made me wonder about the process of creating a cookbook and the true authorship of individual ecipes Or maybe it s just a matter of editing I m glad I picked this book up and am looking forward to trying several of the ecipes very soon With a good turnout of participants and some who brought than one dish we were able to taste a large number of ecipes from this cookbookThey included Sloppy Joes Sweet and Spicy Grilled Cheese Tomato and Onion Salad Salmon Patties with Ginger Sauce Grilled Zucchini Goat Cheese and Spinach Cornmeal Ratatouille Tart All Day Breakfast Salad Spiced Nuts Energy Bars Whole Wheat Pasta Salad Rhode Island Clam Chowder Rice Pudding Triple Chocolate Cookies Tomato Stuffed Peppers Ricotta Cheesecake with Raspberries Asian French Spring RollsOverall we enjoyed most of these ecipes The exception being the Sloppy Joes which we all thought lacked enough spice and was too much like chili One participant suggested that the beans be made into a paste to help hold it together Four other ecipes had very mixed eviewsE. LliePublisher Ingram Pub ServicesPublication Date 20080122Number of Pages 316Binding Type HARDCOVERLibrary of Congress 20070375.

New York Times best selling author and registered dietitian ELLIE KRIEGER was the host of Food Network’s Healthy Appetite which also aired on the Cooking Channel She regularly contributes to CNN and USA Today and appears often on national morning shows