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Do not start reading The ueen s Exiles before bedtime if you want your 8 hours of sleep The storytelling makes the book impossible to put down with a strong plot and interesting history At the same time the reader never feels short changed on character development or emotional conflict This is Barbara Kyle s best Thornleigh novel yet This is a book that can leave you with only one word on your lips and that word is wow This novel is set in the 1570s about 14 years into ueen Elizabeth s reign It is a time of turmoil throughout EuropeAt first I thought that this book was going to be about Elizabeth I but it didn t take long to realize that it was so much than that and it definitely isn t a full on historical romance Its really an adventure story that happens to have some romance in itBarbara Kyle s writing style is perfect She allows you to get into each character s head be it Fernella Adam. 1572 Europe is in turmoil In the Netherlands the streets are red with the blood of those who dare to oppose the brutal Spanish occupation A vengeful faction of exiled English Catholics is plotting to overthrow ueen Elizabeth and install her cousin Mary ueen of Scots on the throne But amid the unrest one resourceful young woman has made a lu.

Carlos Isabella or even Frances You now what s going one with each of them and you feel their frustrationsThe story is full of ups and downs It really is an emotional roller coaster from start to finish as the Fernella makes some discoveries about people in her life and as she gets and involved with Adam and his storyFernella is not your average heroine To say she is strong and loyal would be doing her a disservice She s so much than that The best way to describe Fernella is to say she s the ind of person you want on your sideWhat can I say about Adam He s a man fighting for ueen and country and he s a family man I wept for him many times during his uest to regain his childrenThere isn t a character that you don t feel some emotion for that s how well developed they are Barbara Kaye is a fantastic storyteller She takes you into the time period and sweeps you away The ending is perfect an. Crative enterprise Scottish born Fenella Doorn rules like a ueen over a privateer's haven on the Isle of Sark Her success at salvaging crippled vessels affords her gold and security and it is on one of these ships that she meets wealthy Baron and privateer Adam Thornleigh Secretly drawn to him Fenella can’t refuse when Adam enlists her to.

D while not exactly what fans of happily ever after might approve of it does suit the story and makes everything feel realHighly recommended reading This was the first novel I have read by Kyle but it certainly WILL NOT be my last I loved this I was a little nervous going into it because I new it was part of a series but it read very well as a stand alone novel Action adventure and the perfect amount of romance Now I have to read the others in this series I HIGHLY recommend The ueen s Exiles is the sixth book in my Thornleigh Saga I wouldn t presume to review my own novel though I m grateful for readers who do but I have taken the liberty of giving it 5 stars for the sake of its brave and courageous heroine Fenella Doorn whose difficult decisions about love and loyalty in treacherous Tudor times are at the heart of this story I hope you ll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Join him in war torn Brussels to help find his traitorous wife Frances and the children she’s taken from him But Fenella’s own bold actions have put a price on her head Now Adam and Fenella’s lives are in peril as they race across Europe in an attempt to rescue his young ones defend the crown and restore the peace that few can rememb.

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