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Nett writes a wonderful story about long lost but lasting love Even years later you can find your way back Jules brings us a wonderfully written feel good romance She introduces us to Raine Monroe and Max Ford who actually live the first lovetrue love situation Raine and Max meet at the community theater during their teen years Their friendship deepens into something than ither On Such a Full Sea expected As all young people in love do they begin to plot their forever after Max has aspirations of going to LA and becoming a well known actor The plan was for Max to go first get a place then for Raine to join him but plans don t always work out Raine is a beautiful young woman who has been heartbroken in ways than one but is still hanging on She is finally about to get the one this her heart wants most a child The adoption has been filled and processed so she is only waiting for the judge to sign off on it Her finances her stretched but that s nothing unusual When her car hits black ice and lands in a ditch it s the last thing she needs When another driver stops to assist her she soon realizes that things can go from bad to worse in the blink of anye Her heart almost stops when Max steps out of his vehicle suddenly those feelings she had buried years ago bubbled to the surface This is not what she needs happening right now Max one of the hottest successful bachelors in LA was the one she never forgot not the love or the hurt He was suppose to send for her when he got settled but she hadn t heard from him since he left over 10 years ago Deciding she wouldn t discuss the past was how she would handle dealing with Max but he had other plans When he showed up at her farmhouse under the pretense of making sure she was alright and not in need of anything The last thing Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! eitherxpected was with all the snow coming down and the roads being shut down that he would get snowbound at her house Raine tried to keep her Cannibal emotions from showing Max suddenly see the beautiful woman he fell in love with years ago but also the wonderful woman and mother she has become Suddenly the years melted away and it was like they had never been apart Raine still refuses to discuss the past because she knows some secrets can never be revealed The problem with secrets is if others know then they have a way of coming to the surface Is this another storm to weather together or will Raine find herself alone yet again I m a HUGE fan of Jules Bennett and haven t found one I haven t lovedthis one was noxception The storyline of big time actor returning to his hometown and coming face to face with the love he thought forgot all about himwhen that said love thought the same Well let s just say it left me thumping my forehead in frustration at times As always the visuals the author creates in your mind with her writing is awesomefrom the characters to the setting And who doesn t like the thought of being stranded with a hunky guy And then throw a baby in the mix and watch the hunky guy s sensitive side SIGH I have to admit towards the Mastered (The Enforcers, end I was running out of pages and worrying about my happynding but Jules delivered that too Highly recommend. Stop to it before a fling with Hollywood's hottest bachelor jeopardizes her chances of officially adopting her daughter before saying goodbye again becomes impossible before dark secrets from their past finally come to light.

45 StarsThis is a great book that I reread today but I didn t realize I omitted reviewing it the first time throughWe have Max the Hollywood heartthrob movie star and Raine who was the love of his life When Max left for LA when he graduated high school at Man, Son of Man eighteen he was going to set up house and send for Raine and they were to marry They had such a deep love and connection and what happens to them is truly heartbreaking Fifteen years they have been apart She thinks he never called for her to come to him and he believes she had changed her mind and didn t want him any This was kinda a tear jerker with a lot ofmotion not the type of book I could read Alter Ego everyday because I get toomotionalIt s an xcellent story fraught with heartache and grief and a set of parents intent on making their daughter live the life they want her to have for their own gain and at any cost It is truly horrific The parents are the worse book parents I have ver run across and it hurt my heart for what they did to this couple I actually felt a deep grief for what they went through for how devastating it would have been in a real life scenarioAnother great book Ms Bennett I highly recommend this I can always count on Jules for a beautiful story with its heart on its sleeve Snowbound with a Billionaire is no different Jules Bennett delivers another great book one that will not disappoint you This a re union story between Max a hot Hollywood actor and Raine who through no fault of their own have been Uncommon Wisdom estranged for ten years due to misunderstandings and interference from outside forces Max comes back into town to help take care of his mother who had a cancer scare Max goes over to Raine s home and gets stranded during a bizzard Have I peaked your curiosity to what happens during this blizzard between Max and Raine Well you really need to read this book to see what happens next Snowbound with the Billionaire has romance misunderstandings betrayalby Raine s parents heartwarming love for a baby and a wonderfulnding Jules Bennett is one talented author and has not disappointed me with any of her books Check her out I received an ARC for an honest review Being trapped with a sexy billionaire is not something that happens to a lot of woman but yes it is indeed something a lot of woman dream aboutBut when that billionaire is your Unseen City ex things can get super uncomfortable and is rather something you would want to avoidspecially if the attraction to him is harder to ignore than grabbing that slice of pie you know you shouldn t In the new Jules Bennet book this not only Art exactly what happens to Raine but she has a whole lot at stake that she is willing to reveal Only Max is out for revenge and that revenge includes getting the answers he needs in order to move on But when secrets are revealed this reunion becomes complicated then trying to get out after being buried under snowI adore the books this author writes her characters are alwaysxtremely life like and so vividly described it truly feels as if they are in front of me and I can reach out grab them and slap some sense into their complicated livesThis book was no God Is in the Crowd except. One blizzard plus twox lovers uals one passionate reunion in this Billionaires and Babies novel For years billionaire producer Max Ford believed Raine Monroe had betrayed him Now that he's back in his hometown he wants an.

Ion Jules Bennet took me on a journey of secrets passion and love being found at the right moment in time all captured with stunning detailIf you are looking for romance with a capital R blazing red hot passion secrets that can destroy lives or ven change them for the better this read is as good as it getsDefinitely the book to keep an out for best sellers list watch out Jules Bennet is on your tail55 star review Only secrets will reveal their true feelings Copy provided by the author in The Matriarchs (The Family exchange for a honest review Who doesn t love a good snowbound reunion story Bennett s latest has likable characters that you ll root for so grab a mug of hot chocolate pull up a chair andnjoy RT Book Reviews rated 4 starsMiniseries Billionaires and Babies My Review45 Star Review Snowbound with a BillionaireI recommend this bookI Notes for the Everlost enjoyed this book by Jules This book includes passion laughs heartache pain and betrayalMax is back in town to help take care of his mother but who does he come across first thing but his first love Raine Raine is working hard trying to keep afloat with bills and her baby after her parents or less cut her off She does not need Max to start stirring up old feelings After he left her behind what does he really Wonderfulmotional reunion story Max has returned to his hometown to care for his mother after her breast cancer surgery He knows he ll When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) eventually run into Raine thex girlfriend he believed had betrayed him He didn t No Biggy! expect that to be on the first day in the middle of a snowstorm Now that he has seen her again he wants answers about what had happened all those years ago Meanwhile Raine is stunned to discover that the feelings she once had for Max are just as strong now She doesn t know why he never sent for her the way he promised all those years ago but she can t risk getting invo This is a really heart wrenching reunion story When Max and Raine were young and in love with big dreams that included them being together people conspired to keep them apart It worked Now years later Max is back in town to take care of his sick mother Only the first thing he finds is Raine with a baby in the ditch He rescues her only to find out she s on her way to visit his mother Since neither one of their parents approved of them as a couple when they were younger he s surprised by this Max and Raine start finding out there are secrets and lies in their past and misunderstandings and when a sudden snowstorm strands them together it gives them the opportunity to figure them all out I loved Max he s not your typical hollywood actor type Down toarth and normal as any regular guy and giving Raine is a sweet tough girl whose spent the years since Max taking care of herself and building a wall around her heart Then add in the cute baby moments and the story packs a punch As they start figuring out what went wrong all those years ago Max really stands up for Raine and she starts to trust him slowly What i like about the this story is they have to fight to figure out how to make it work between the two of them It s not a Crush It! easy cut a dry we re together again andverything is great Jules Ben. Swers But his x plans to keep her mouth shut and her heart far away from temptation until a snowstorm strands them with her baby in her cozy farmhouse Soon Raine is falling faster than the snow outside But she has to put

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