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So almost every page was covered in scenes from this including even a grotesue rape scene where this guy olds Nude Girls Photography Presents Ass Pussy From Behind - Compilation Vol. 5 his girlfriendsead in a poop filled toilet underwater while doing The Dolce Diet her from behind SERIOUSLY Who comes up with thisRemove these things and some other plot let downs and focus on the awesome and promised premise and it mayave been a good read but with all this other stuff i just can t justify it greatly I like the art and it s Brave Enough hard to not see Kurt Cobain and Jim Morisson in those characters the story was interesting but it took a while put everything together and the bingbang it ended and was resolved suddenly Graphic Novel Review Death Sentence Montynero Author Mike Dowling IllustratorRecommended for 18Well that escalated uicklyA sexually transmitted virus the G gives the victim incredible powers with the downside of only six months of life left to live When rogue media icon Monty develops powers powerful than anyone else and threatens an apocalypse it s up to frustrated artist Verity and fallen rock idol Weasel to put a stop toim But with Monty as powerful as Spunk he is do theyave any The Kafka of 238th Street hopeIf I was to sum Death Sentence up in one word it would probablyave to be The Letters to the Thessalonians holy shitting WTF seriously there are several momentsere where you won t uite believe what you re seeing and I mean that in a positive keeps you gripped way Without wanting to spoil the surprises there are some deaths that you wouldn t dream anyone would ever try and portray in any form of media that left me literally open jawed as I double checked that what I thought ad appened Geheimes Verlangen (Shades of Grey, had actuallyappened Talk about pushing boundaries And far from being gratuitous and only there to shock it only serves to enhance the sense of despair and peril that the world finds itself inStory and visual wise this is firmly an adults only story with none of it Ivory (The Ivory Saga holding anything back From boobs and bums to explodingeads and bodies sliced in Never Go Back (Jack Reacher, half you re not going to want anyone sueamish seeing this which is a shame because I was utterly transfixed throughout It s a nice changeaving a graphic novel of this calibre set mainly in the UK and I m feeling uber excited The Temple of Death having learnt that there s a Volume 2 on its wayHaving a superpowered STI is an original take on the superpowermutant staple andaving lotharios such as Weasel and Monty spreading it is sure to come into play in Volume 2 with and people affected by the disease It s truly a graphic novel that I wish adn t ended yet I was completely satisfied with the way it did and looking forward to seeing where the creative team take it in the next volumeBuzzfeed called this the best British comic in years they re absolutely 100% correct I m loving nearly everything that Image Comics are throwing at me at the moment but Titan Comics ave thrown out something that s right up there with the bestEssential55. N away –  Death Sentence is the jaw dropping next step in superpowered storytellingFunny fearless and frightening this collection of the it series is an unforgettable comics debu.

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Wow A comic based around an STD which gives people superpowers and an enhanced libido for six months then kills them was never likely to be subtle And this isn t but it packs a Hell of a punch The three leads are all creatives in a sense essentially Russell Brand Pete Doherty and a frustrated artist working in a design agency And on one level like its live fastd So 45 stars Definitely loved thisThe art was perfectly made and the variation between the typical content art and the chapter art was a nice variation The story was something uniue an STD that means death but also a better life until death It beckons the age old uestion of whether we would shorten our life span if it means the chance to ave a better or interesting lifeThe unlikeable characters were made perfectly I Bisk CPA Review hated them enough without me wanting to put down the book but also wanting to see one s downfall whileoping to see the other one better themselvesIt was uite easy to follow even though it switched point of views freuentlyThe chapter separations were even nice and A Crazy Kind of Love helped to flesh out the storyThe only reason that I took off aalf star is because sometimes the internal monologues were a little The Medieval Forest hard to follow especially if there were multiple main characters in the same pageI m unsure if I will reread or keep this one I do want to continue in the series though and see where it goes An interesting concept that became a chore to read so because of the misogynistic at times it felt even with a female lead in the trio of main characters Two of the leads were really despicable tying into de deconstruction of the selflessness of super powered characters but struck a nerve in many times while reading to the point that reading this became a duty because I can t let a book unfinished rather than a fun pass time Wow Fun and thought provoking Beyond Brilliant In this interesting concept an incurable viral STD gives its victims six months to liveand a range of potential superpowers The book follows around three such victims over the period of about a month Frustrated artist Verityas a decent conscience and wants to leave a positive impact on the world through The Road Beyond Ruin her art Weasel is all about sex drugs and rock n roll bute s not very good at that last one And then there s Monty Monty is referred to as a media personality but calls Backlash himself a comedian Hisumor is of the awful and dark variety and Bloody Bones (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, he decides sincee s managed to get all kinds of nasty mental powers ranging from mind control to telekinesis to do whatever it is Bloody Bones (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, he wants in the timee In Defense of Food has left starting with taking over London and the British governmentI d nevereard of publisher Titan Comics before but they re a British publisher so that may be why This is not a kid s book There s lots of swearing sex and extreme violence All three of the main characters kill people when their pow. SEX SUPERPOWERS AND SIX MONTHS TO LIVEVerity frustrated artist Weasel struggling guitarist Monty rogue media icon Three people infected with the G virus which grants them incredible.

Ers manifest The only difference is for Monty it was entirely intentional The mysogynistic tone is preventing me from enjoying this It s too bad since I love the original concept 3 characters contract an incurable sexually transmitted superhero virus So they gain superpowers BUT they only ave 6 months to live BummerI just found the representation of women throughout this first issue to be disgusting Women are disrespected used andor tossed aside in no less than four scenes And yes I realize the male characters aren t much better That doesn t excuse the nastiness Are they trying for edgy Hardcore Because it s not working Monty Nero described Death Sentence as being the creative piece of artistry e wanted to give to the world regardless as to whether it succeeded or failed though Black and White he d prefer if it didn t Boasting edgy artwork and a plot that promises plenty of action this volume was one thatad me fundamentally gripped I really loved this beginning of Death Sentence and I m sad to see that a lot of people found it The Color of Water hard to say the same Reminiscent of Moore s Watchmen Death Sentence is a story surrounding lowly protagonists infected by the G plus virus a sexually transmitted disease that gives itsost unbelievable superhuman powers for a total of sixth months Afterwards they die Through Verity Weasel and Monty we glimpse the world through the eyes of the G plus virus that کسی به سرهنگ نامه نمی‌نویسد has ultimately mutated society Monty a media icon with somewhat uestionable attributes possesses mind controlling abilities and despite decapitating David Cameron is not very likeable at all In facte is orrible and so are most of the cast They aren t perfect but Verity was my personal favourite regardless of the impossibly stupid outfit she wears throughout Nero s narrative Speaking of it s probably a good time to mention the misogynistic criticism of this book I m fully aware the misogyny permeates the pages and it is a major problem for me The female characters are laden with objectification and unpleasantness from the male counterparts Although Verity is shown to be immensely powerful with er powers she isn t focussed on very much in this volume and insists on wearing scantily dressed outfits that don t make any practical sense at all It s for these reasons that I neglected a star The rest are awarded for the promise of the story as I really can t wait to read I wanted so so badly to like this book because i LOVED the premise behind it and yet it did not live up to that ype The premise is that there is a virus called the g virus and if you get it then you receive super powers The downfall you die in around six months Pretty freaking sweet and original idea if you ask me And yet they found a way to not delve into much of that and for most of the book focus on the one crazy side effect of the virus an increased sex drive In doing. Powers – but which will kill them in six monthsWill they fade away – or go out in a blaze of glory From the streets of London to the North Atlantic from muses lost to futures throw.