Leslie Thomas: Onward Virgin Soldiers Virgin Soldiers Trilogy 2

Of new characters in this book too of which my favourite was probably Charlie Brigg s son Thomas pokes fun at the British Army in the 70s a place of pointless regulation full of men who ave never seen war Their Cooking Light Lazy Gourmet haphazard unnecessary guarding of Hong Kong is contrasted with the American soldiers on leave from Vietnam He is never anything buy affectionate about all but a few of the people though Very funny except when it s touching this is a very British story told very well Twenty years after the 1st book in this trilogy and set in Hong Kong rather than Singapore A good book with Thomas s characteristic blend ofumour pathos and action Not as good as The Virgin Soldiers I thought But a very entertaining read all the same. Ir of delicious Chinese twins and a tender erotic affair with the lonely wife of an American servicema.


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Covid 19 lockdown closed our library and I was not able to access the books that I Arise had orderedHome bookshelves produced this book which I mustave purchased in my earlier years However I do not remember reading it previously as it as written some 40 plus years ago That said it may not appeal to many as it is a fairly bawdy tale of a British contingent of soldiers who are on a tour of duty at one of the last outposts of the British Empire Hong KongNumerous characters who would be readily identifiable in behaviour and outlook to anyone who Archies Americana, Vol. 1 has been involved in military circles Officers NCOs and soldiers their wives their paramours are all includedSomeumour some romance some implausability and a story that is easily read Bursting with life and bawdy umour National Serviceman Brigg is now a Regular Army sergeant defending.

Ood but not as good as the earlier The Virgin Soldiers I love Leslie Thomas prose I think e is an under rated British writer He writes uniuely apt descriptions of landscape three dimensional sympathetic but Talk to Me humorous characters snappy dialogue andis apparently anecdotal episodic plots all tie up together at the end I read The Virgin Soldiers a couple of years ago and was very impressed by it as well as enjoying it a lot Three uarters of the way through this book I was thinking that it was good but not as good as that book However the ending was excellent Brigg the Silver Mortal (The Gracen Chronicles, hero of both booksas aged and Educating for the New World Order his characteras developed realistically He is still flawed but very likeable and ultimately Living in Little Rock with Miss Little Rock humane anderoic There are plenty. The Empire in the beds and bars of Hong KongPeace time diversions include sensual fireworks with a pa.

Born in Newport Monmouthshire 1931 Leslie Thomas is the son of a sailor who was lost at sea in 1943 His boyhood in an orphanage is evoked in This Time Next Week published in 1964 At sixteen he became a reporter before going on to do his national service He won worldwide acclaim with his bestselling novel The Virgin Soldiers which has achieved international sales of over four million copi