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First James Patterson novel I have read I m fact than fiction however because I received the first 16 chapters free I found myself so intrigued I bought the book It was amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed it I read it in two days as I found myself in the middle of the night sorting out in my mind what I read earlier then had to pick it up and start reading on my kindle fire again Wonderful read If I hadn t started this book at 5 pm on Sunday I would have finished it in a day It was hard to put down The tempo was fast and it kept me guessing who the killer was There was even an oh no moment This series is refreshing As much as I love the Alex Cross character I m getting a little tired of reading about him The storylines seem to be almost the same This series is about an elite division of the NYPD that caters to the rich and famous There were also some side stories woven in really nicely I felt like I got to know the characters without it being too obvious Very enjoyable read I can t wait for book three Wow What a ride I think doing a reread of these series finally and doing the audiobooks on the Libby App these have been like reading them again for the first time and I realized how much I didn t remember this one if I m being honest here But goodness I seriously loved this one like crazy The story was good I loved Zach Jordan and Kylie MacDonald but mainly Zach even and was reminded why I loved these characters way too much and wish they were on screen So I m doing a whole new review since I could actually appreciate this one so much the second time through So the only thing I can only say again and will probably say again haha is that one day I m still going to hope in my own little fantasy world that these books are turned into a crime show series and I just want to see both Detectives Zach Jordan and Kylie MacDonald of the NYPD Red task force come to life Now I seriously can t WAIT to keep doing my reread for th The NYPD Red unit is back for another high thrills adventure filled with both action and personal character growth The Red unit is pulled into capturing a serial murderer labelled the HAZMAT KILLER when a high profile political operative is found slain early one morning With only a week left before a contentious mayoral election all eyes are on the candidates and how the incumbent has handled the three previous murders attributed to Hazmat After taping a confession for a past crime victims are murdered and left in a suit to be found by authorities With four seemingly unconnected victims Detectives Zack Jordan and Kylie MacDonald are left to draw parallels if they hope to capture this killer before another body emerges When a high profile legal case turns out a verdict no one saw coming Jordan and MacDonald soon learn of a potential fifth victim whose been kidnapped hours after her release While the killer is on the loose their motives become clear in a parallel motive all stemming from a childhood experience While Jordan and MacDonald fight to bring justice to the streets of NYC they each battle their own personal demons Jordan a former girlfriend who creeps into his mind and MacDonald who wrestles with a drug addict husband Can it all come together in time to save the next victim or will this all end in disaster for the team as well as their two brightest stars Another thoroughly detailed Patterson novel sure to hook fans and garner new support for this sometimes wayward authorThis novel defies the Patter. When NYPD Red arrives at a crime scene everyone takes notice Known as the protectors of the rich famous and connected NYPD Red is the elite task force called in only for New York City's most high profile crimes And Detective Zach Jordan is the best of the best a brilliant and relentless pursuer of justice He puts professionalism above all ignoring his feelings for his partner Detective Kylie MacDonald the woman who broke his heart when they first met in the academy But even with their top notch

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Son cookie cutter process with longer chapters and therefore attention to detail The story flows well and the mystery is eually as enticing as many of Patterson s former series Karp injects an interesting spin keeping the parallel authorities criminal narrative but delves even deeper into the back stories of both sets of characters This helps raise the uality of Patterson s novels which have suffered a bland sense over the past number of earsKudos Messrs Patterson and Karp for Arkadaşım Muzo (Genconun Yalan Dünyası your exciting novel It will keep me curious for the third instalment of the series on its way soon NYPD Red the first was one of my favorite books by James Patterson In general I am a HUGE Patterson fan but had kind of hit a snag with the Private series NYPD Red 2 was just as good as NYPD Red fast moving twisty interesting and above all a page turner I love the characters Zach and Kylie are at the top of my Patterson list with Alex Cross Michael Bennett and Lindsay Boxer You do not need to read NYPD Red to read the seuel as they are essentially stand alone Overall I would highly recommend this aset another James Patterson thriller I was really surprised by how much I liked this book than the first one in this series especially after reading a lot of the other comments on it James Patterson has been one of my favorite writers since I was a teenager and I have to admit that his recent novels that he has co authored with other writers have not been as good as his older novels that he wrote on his own That s all I can really say is that I hope he continues with the NYPD Red series I m beginning to like it almost as much as I like the Women s Murder Club series and that s saying a whole lot I feel like I should apologise when I give such a high rating to a book like this This is a book with absolutely no nutritional value It is the Olympus Has Fallen of booksBut the thing is sometimes I want to watch Olympus Has Fallen And sometimes I want to read the cheesiest James Patterson novel I can findThis one fit the bill uite nicely and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of itWhat made it even better is that there is a British computer geek character named wait for it Matt Smith Now I know that s a really common name but the fact that he always seemed to be blundering in at all the wrong moments made it uite easy for me to picture the Doctor showing up in modern day New York stranded without his TARDIS it obviously got lost in the space time continuum somewhere and deciding to help out the New York police department catch a serial killer before he went off to save the world Headcanon 1000% acceptedIt s uite possible the serial killers were aliens too which is why the Doctor showed up in the first place he just wanted to get a jump on TorchwoodHave I mentioned how much fun it is being a WhovianAhem So in closing I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a big helping of brain candy NYPD Red Detective Zach Jordan and partner Detective Kylie MacDonald were hunting for a missing person when they were called to a carousel in the centre of New York City Their missing person had been found her brutally murdered body was riding the carousel in the early hours of the morning With her being a very high profile woman with political connections Red was swiftly put onto the case Immediately Zach and Kylie tied the latest murder to three others it seemed the city had a vigilante serial killer who was getting the criminals of the city off the streets The Haz. Raining Zach and Kylie aren't prepared for what they see when they're called to a crime scene in the heart of Central Park They arrive to find a carousel spinning round and round its painted horses grinning eerily in the early morning dark There is only one rider a brutally slaughtered woman her body tied up and dressed in a Hazmat suit on display for the world to see The victim a woman of vast wealth and even greater connections is the fourth in a string of shocking murders that have hit the cit.

Mat killer had struck againThe investigation went into panic mode as the mayor was up for re election in a week the killer had to be found or the mayor s job was on the line Zach and Kylie couldn t stand the politics of the job find the killer before he struck again was their job and they were determined to get it done But it seemed there was a whole lot to it than originally thought And with Kylie having problems of a personal nature problems she would not divulge it felt to Zach that the smooth running of their team was missing Would NYPD Red be able to find the Hazmat killer before he struck againI thoroughly enjoyed NYPD Red 2 by James Patterson As usual with Patterson s thrillers they were fast paced and filled with tension I had my mouth dropping open with shock at one stage of the book so not expected A great action packed novel that I have no hesitation in recommending The crime plot in the second book of the NYPD Red series is even better than the first I thought I had it predicted and then boom I was wrong on the two killers The beginning starts with a retribution killing in the two killers teen ears to them becoming vigilante serial killers as adults It is an interesting story with amusing characters Love love the characters of Zach and Kylie I ll read the next two book in the series to date this week very enjoyable series My uick and simple overall the prologue was great for readers to see how the killers evolved which leads to a very complete crime plot for readers to read about 35 stars In this 2nd book in the NYPD Red series the elite police unit is chasing the Hazmat Killer The book can be read as a standaloneIn New York City a vigilante serial killer is murdering people who have apparently evaded justice The killer dresses the victims in Hazmat suits and leavies them in public places seemingly as a warning to other criminals The Hazmat Killer s first few victims are known lowlifes who don t attract much attention But when wealthy political aide Evelyn Parker Steele is tortured and killed and a video is posted of her confessing to the murder of her lesbian lover the authorities the public and the media take notice NYPD RED a police unit dedicated to investigating crimes that involve high profile people celebrities political operatives wealthy people etc is called in to apprehend the Hazmat Killer Detectives Zach Gordon and Kylie MacDonald are given the case after the previously assigned detectives make almost no progress solving the crimes The case is particularly important politically because a mayoral election is scheduled for the next week The current mayor will lose the election if the case isn t solved before then on the other hand his opponent will benefit by delaying the capture of the killer The various shenanigans that follow put the detectives in a difficult situation To add to the pressure another potential victim is kidnapped and will undoubtedly be killed if the Hazmat Killer isn t apprehended very soonThe book is well written with an entertaining police procedural plot and a variety of characters who add interest to the story including a mafia family detectives politicians a priest a drug addict and so on There s also a bit of romance Zach is conflicted because though he has a girlfirend he s still not completely over his love affair with Kylie his partner a decade beforeThis is an engaging book and a fast read that I d recommend to fans of detective fictionYou can follow my reviews Y As the public pressure mounts and political and personal secrets of the highest order hang in the balance Zach and Kylie must find out what's really behind the murderer's rampage But Kylie has been acting strange recently and Zach knows whatever she's hiding could threaten the biggest case of their careersNYPD Red 2 is the next outstanding novel in James Patterson's newest series a thriller that careens through New York City and deep into the psyche of a depraved killer ou've never seen before.

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