Roger Manvell: SS and Gestapo

The story This is an interesting survey of the SS and Gestapo A reasonable read I sought out this book after I saw a copy of it in one of my favorite films La Maman et la Putain. Ese corps of Aryan elite administered the systematic genocide of European Jews and a reign of terror on all enemies of the Reich.

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He main source for WW2 books in the 60 70s and this was part of an innovative illustrated series a godsend to oung history fans They cost 1 160pgs wbw photos and ample text telling. The feared Police of the Master Race and subjected two thirds of Europe to their organized tyranny Under Himmler and Heydrich th.

The Gestapo was Hitler secret service and enforcers The author writes of its creation and function in the German state as well as of some of the key figures Ballantine books was Honor For Us Means LoyaltyFrom their origin as a handful of men protecting Nazi political rallies the SS and Gestapo grew to be.

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