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As he s getting his way she and her daughter are seemingly okThere s a bit of a twist in the story in that someone does witness Kreuger in Lisa s home fairly early on Senta gets lost on her way home and decides to stop and ask for directions at Lisa s house Her story is a secondary one that really ratchets up the intensity of the taleAs a whole I found the book to be rather short It s good for a one sitting read but I kind of wanted to sink my teeth into The translation works really well and the plot while not terribly uniue works for the story In 2 words loved it The first thriller I enjoyed from beginning till the end The story had my heart racing as soon as I started reading The pace of the book is extremely uick I couldnt put it down Every chapter left me in suspense Finished it in 12 daysThere were some scenes that were really hard to read tho because I felt like I was in that house experiencing what Lisa had to experience some of the most brutal things a woman can go through a true nightmare 25 starsA dramatic than thrilling thriller Writing style didn t grip me Characters didn t interest me much Abrupt ending Just not my thing trigger warning explicit sexual content rape Translated from the Dutch by Michele Hutchison This is a well written and beautifully translated thriller into the English languageSimone van der Vlugt books are slowly coming to the attention of a wider audience as her novels become available in the UKThis a familiar psychological suspense story based around an escaped prisoner and a hostage situation where our home and MTIV your loved one s security is violated and threatened to the point whereou think International Organizations you are going to dieWhat marks this account out is the ease of the writing and the clear identification with the female characters As a result the fear and suspense is caught up in what a woman can think and do where a male character might just win the day by some heroic actionThat is not to say that the two main female leads are not strong people but in their creation the author has presented believable women and provided excellent insight into their thinking Two individual women s lives are brought together by the events of one foggy day each has to be brave and smart to resolve their situation and their stories are a joy to read in the face of horrific situationsOther books are available to me in English and I will seek these out based on this first encounter will this writer For those who haven t read Simone van der Vlugt I warmly recommend this book toou. Hours and days Lisa desperately tries to stay one step ahead doing the unimaginable to protect her child and wondering why the only witness to the attack has not raised the ala.

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Senta runs back to her car and drives away only to crash her car into the nearby canalThe setup is fantastic it s an intriguing premise with sympathetic characters and a lot of suspense Unfortunately the book didn t live up to its potential Rather than feeling closer and connected to the characters as the story progressed I felt and distant The book is written in the present tense which can bring a sense of immediacy but for me it just didn t work in this particular instance While I knew exactly what was happening to each of the characters particularly Senta a good part of her story takes place inside her own thoughts I didn t feel like I really got to know the characters or get a sense of what they were thinking and feeling because of the focus on the events rather than on their impact It s a psychological thriller that doesn t uite get far enough into the psychologyThis book was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review While I ve been doing fairly well on my challenges this Laurus year readers I have to admit that I wish I was getting in the translation vein fitted into my reading week I have some stacked up right now waiting patiently including the one I won from Ellie as part of the challenge Andrea H Japp s The Season of the Beast This month my pick for the challenge is Simone van der Vlugt s Safe As Houses due out from Canongate Books on July 4 This is the third of van der Vlugt s books to be translated into English and the first from Canongate It was originally released in 2012 as Blauw WaterLisa s day started out just like any other She made breakfast for her daughter Anouk who is home sick with bronchitis and was out hanging the laundry when a stranger appeared in herard With no where else to turn Lisa ran for home intending to bar the door Unfortunately she didn t uite make it and the man barged in behind her Lisa would soon learn that the man is escaped convict and murderer Mick Kreuger Now she and Anouk are being held hostage in their own home as Kreuger plans his getaway A passerby is Lisa s only hope but even that hope dwindles as time passes by Now all she can do is try to keep herself and her daughter safe as long as possible Safe As Houses is a tense read Lisa lies to Kreuger all the while trying to plan the perfect escape knowing that she s potentially making things worse Kreuger is unstable but even Lisa doesn t know uite how bad he is at first She manages to catch snippets of news reports about his crimes but uickly realizes that as long. To be But when a man forces his way into Lisa's house taking her and her oung daughter hostage there is nowhere to hide Who is he And what does he want from her In the coming.

This was an amazingly gripping read but make sure ou are somewhere secure first An escaped prisoner takes Lisa and her daughter prisoner in her isolated home A possible saviour has a freak accident which may prevent her from alerting the authorities This is nail biting stuff with an unexpected but satisfying ending I really really wanted to like this The author is Dutch and I was born in Holland Could not find the Dutch version in the Kindle store It starts off well enough Escaped prisoner takes mother and child hostage in their own home Get spotted by lady who s lost who then crashes her car and loses her memory At this point it all gets a bit too drawn out for my liking The two women s relationship issues are explorednot 100% sure why and the hostage versus accident time line is played out Very slowly The whole thing speeds up again in the end though I ve read some of this author other books which I preferred to this one Lisa is innocently putting out her washing when a man appears between the sheets hanging outside She runs to her house but it is the last thing she should do the man grabbing her before she can close the door She and her five Het Reservaat Van Ward Ruyslinck year old daughter Anouk then become trapped in their own house at the mercy of this man There is one witness and Lisa hop Truly suspenseful a mixture of crimesuspensethrillerhorror genres Very pacy it keepsou on the edge of Rumunia. Koniec złotej epoki your seat Set in Gelderland in the Netherlands this is an excellent translation in English from Dutch Amazing bookNice big font Very uick read Kept me on the edge of my seat Everyone woman s worst nightmare is to have an intruder holdou hostage in Simply Irresistible (Girl Friends your own home So it s very relatable Beautifully written Loved the book Hated the ending Such an amazing book I felt it should have had a better ending Too blunt for meI like to know what happens It was left in a way that it could have a seuel if she wanted It was translated to English So some of the words and sentences don t make sense But iEasily filled in the blanksLoved it Only complaint is the end Definably recommend it Lots of suspense Lisa is home alone with heroung daughter who is ill when there s a knock on the door A man forces his way inside and decides to stay awhile with his new family Senta is lost and when she comes across a house she stops to ask for directions Nobody answers her knock and when she walks around the house and looks in the window she sees a woman a child and hiding in the corner a man with a knife Knowing she has to notify the authorities. Her instinct is to run for home but it's the last thing she shoud do A page turning thriller from one of Holland's bestselling crime writers   Home should be the safest place.

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Simone van der Vlugt is an acclaimed Dutch author well known for her young adult novels The reunion was her debut novel for adults it sold over 200000 copies and was translated into German French and English