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A Place to Call Home by Merrillee WhrenMy rating is 45 StarsKurt had been falsely accused of murdering his wife He was convicted and sentenced for it I really appreciated that despite the fact he had given his life to Christ while in jail he still struggled with anger and unforgiveness Wait Not the way it sounds I m glad the author didn t just make him erfectly able to forgive and not fight anger He was real His struggles were realMolly had some struggles of her own Although she was also a Christian and even involved in ministry to ex convicts she was afraid to trust Kurt and to work with him I did find it humorous that she tested him by giving him money to go to the store for her He was a convicted murderer not a thief What exactly would that have Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl proven I enjoyed reading about the struggles and growth of both Kurt and Molly The way they learned to trust God to seek His help and direction The way they learned to trust each other And ultimately to forgiveWhile the subject matter and tone of the book is serious it was hopeful and not sad Though the book isartly about a murder investigation it is not gruesome nor is that the Film on the Left primary theme of the bookThis review was originallyosted on Among the ReadsGet a Public Policy Making preview of A Place to Call Home at amongTheReadsnet Kurt was wrongly accused of a crime that he did not commit Anyone thinking he could kill his wife was absurd but he d gone to jail for 6 years because the evidenceointed to him He lost everything his wife his career his life but most of all their two The Artists Way Morning Pages Journal precious children that he hadn t seen since they were infants Kurt met Steve who believed him supported him and helped him find his way back to God Now Kurt was out and trying to rebuild his life after the stigma that followed him He wasn t sure where to start but it seemed completing renovations for Molly was as good alace as anyMolly needed to get this The Mob project done. STARTING OVER After serving six years inrison for the false charge of manslaughter in the death of his wife Kurt Jansen must overcome a world of bitterness if he wants to start a new life But his first riority is

She needed a new focus in life after losing her abusive husband She wanted to give other women like her hope She wanted a safe lace where women could restart their lives This renovation Who Killed Blanche DuBois? project meant everything to her She only needed the right man for the job only she wasn t sure with Kurt sast that he was it His work speaks volumes but what about his temper I mean he killed his wife Or did he Molly wasn t sure what the answer to this was but she was sure to find out in timeHonestly Kurt s story made me think of my husband Like Kurt his Utopia past follows him and he has to deal with that every day He has had to start over and rebuild from who he was to who he is today The characters in this story truly hit home Molly the kindhearted but scared to love widow Kurt misunderstood hurting blamed for things he had no control over just wanting to find love and his family and rebuild his life Their love creates a beautiful story that Marrillee Whren goes far beyond normal expectations to share A love story as beautiful and timeless as ever A Place to Call Home is an engaging easy to read contemporary romance that held my interest until the end I read fiction for relaxation and enjoyment and do not tend to analyze or critiue the novels I read so this book met my reuirementsI enjoyed the development of the romance between Kurt and Molly despite her misgivings about him at first His very demeanor and caring nature made it obvious that he was aerson who could be trusted Although there was a bit of drama and mystery overall A Place to Call Home was O Jogo do Acaso primarily just an enjoyable well written tale with a sweet romance some cute kids and lots of forgiveness and reconciliation What could a gal reuire for a lazy summer evening other than a comfy chair and a tall cold drinkI voluntarily reviewed a copy of this bookrovided by Celebrate Lit A favorable review was not reuired All views expressed. Ecuring a restoration job to The Wedding Day pay arivate investigator to find the real killer and a lawyer to get his kids back Hiring a convicted wife killer isn't what kind hearted Molly Finnerty bargains for as Firefight (The Reckoners, part of theriso.

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Are my own A Place to Call Home by Merrillee Whren is much than your average romance story As an avid reader of the genre I would know I ve read hundreds upon hundreds of books in this category On the surface it fulfills the necessary reuirements but looking at it on a deeper level reveals a story with a much deeper meaning After the first few ages I knew that A Place to Call Home would reuired a different set of eyes Given what I knew about the author I decided to set aside my usual thoughts of romance Gone was what I typically expected and in its lace was a story of inspiration hope forgiveness and dare I say itintrigue I am not much for intriguing or mysterious story lines However I found that reading the same format within a style gets old and boring So I decided to settle in and begin my journeyThe main characters Molly and Kurt work on a renovation Catwoman: Soulstealer (DC Icons Series) project and along the way they have tout their history behind them so that they not only finish the Stumble Into Love project but also h What a gem of a book This story grabbed me right from the start and did not let go In A Place to Call Home we meet Kurt Jansen who is newly released fromrison for time served for a crime he didn t commit Understandably he has a lot to be upset about but in this story we watch as he learns to give it all over to God and trust that He will answer Kurt s Gun Meister Online prayersThe other main character Molly Finnerty struggles with her own issues from theast These two characters are well written likeable and feel very real I really enjoyed watching their relationship develop throughout the bookI was very impressed with the multitude of deep issues that this book covers and the message of the importance of forgiveness and letting go of anger This book has so many things to recommend it a great romance a mystery drama Dictionary of Literary Biography, Volume 285 pasts that must be overcome learning to give it all to Godand so much I highly recommend this book to. N ministry she supports However she begins to believe Kurt's claim of innocence and gradually finds a great deal to like about himerhaps to like than she should Can they overcome the ast and find forgiveness and lo.