Teresa Howard: Desire's Bride Heartfire Romance

Y The female villain s motivation was clearer I was never tempted to give up reading it altogether though. Ed beauty who had been eft alone and defenseless by the war Yet how could he protect her if she refused to trust him With the urgency of Sanibel Virgin long simmering passion Brad swore no one would harm hisovely Southern belle He had to keep her safe at Way of the Shaman least until he could tempt her into offering him the fiery kisses and caresses he well remembered and surrendering with him to the ecstasy of desires tooong denie.

It The motivation for the male baddy wasn t really addressed I felt apart from a general sort of jealous. Yal could extinguish Kathlyn's memory of the sweet rapture she'd known with Brad And she couldn't ignore her own treacherous yearning for the warmth of his strong embrace and the tender magic of his kissHE VOWED TO CLAIM HER LOVEWhen Brad saw Kathlyn again he found that the years had erased neither his pain at her faithlessness nor his need to make her his own Honor reuired that he now help the violet ey.

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34 overall I enjoyed this story At times I felt Gallowglass like I was wading through treacle to get to the heart of. SHE VOWED TO RESIST HIS CHARMWhen Kathlyn McKinney saw Brad Hampton her heart immediately began to race Eleven years after that fateful summer he was as dashingly handsome as ever but this time she wouldn't be taken in by him Desire had made her reckless onceong ago but she was no onger an innocent girl who could be fooled by a Southern gentleman's easy charm Still not even the bitterness of his betra.

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