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Out so I can find out what happens with these three Hunting for Curves By Julianna Reyer 5 StarsI received this in as an ARC in the box set called Shades of Surrender Fifty by Fifty 4 for an honest review I will try not to post spoilers but something may slipThis story is told in a multi person story line Which gives ou both the female side and the male side it also makes it that much richer and interesting The main Crochet young lady is written as if she is a scared mouse As the story moves forwardou can watch her grow into a beautiful confident woman who knows just what power she holds as such You also get to see the struggle and the work it takes to make a threesome work That it is not always roses I loved the fact the author made this story believe able That Playhouse you could be picked up by 2 males in a bar and made VERY VERY HappyNow this story does have lots of hot sexy scenes so be ready to explore a world of not just MM sexual choice but also MF MFM and MMF this is one super nova hot story that is well written and desirable I found it very hard to put this book down to even sleep it was just that well written No grammar or spelling mistakes Which is huge for me Thankou for a great story to read. Ne can't resist the invitation to let the two sexy men share her However both men find themselves falling for her ample beauty Will a steamy threesome be the end of Luke and Evan or will Jasmine prove to them that one night is never enou.

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At she may not have been so happy with him after all They never went out he came over at night and that was it Making her way to a bar in a hotel she sits in the back hoping to hide from everyone Evan and Luke have been dating for awhile What happens when things are not where ou thought they should be and the relationship is no longer that great Luke comes up with the plan to add a woman to their mix for playtime Evan agrees and hence they are in the bar and spot Jasmine The three share fun times hot sexy scenes break ups being fired and finding that rightful place A seriously good read 2 Hunting for Curves by Julianne Reyer 4 starsThis story included a couple of MMF scenes I don t usually read those especially when it s the main plot of the story but since I got it as part of a boxed set I decided to give it a chance I enjoyed all of the characters Jasmine the curvy heroine was a bit insecure in the beginning but blossomed and actually became comfortable as the story went along The Heroes were uniue and both good and troubled in their own way loved both Evan and Luke The story was very well written easy to read and kept my interest There is a seuel Secrets and Curves I may have to check it. In his long time love affair with the intense but busy billionaire CEO Evan West Luke Rosso suggests bringing a woman into their bed for one night only Neither man expects to be captivated by Jasmine's lush curves and genuine smileJasmi.

Good story just didn t have enough chemistry between the three but in couples es Liked it uick read but still decent review to come going to read all 10 books then post one big review I enjoyed the book than I thought I would I think the MMF was handled well and loved the characters all the because if it Certainly a book to get Desire and Deceive you hot under the collar Can wait to see what happens next A uick HOT read Great chemistry between all threepart of the Shades of Surrender Fifty by Fifty 4 A Billionaire Romance Boxed Set anthology Luke and Evan are having a bit a trouble in their relationship Luke feels like Evan doesn t make time for him and their relationship Luke brings up the possibility of finding a woman to add to their mix Evan agrees for Luke They head to a bar and Evan is the first one to notice Jasmine but when he brings her to the attention of Luke her fate is sealedWill this move help or hinder their relationship I got this book free as part of the Shades of Submission Fifty by Fifty 1 Billionaire Romance Boxed Set ARC I agreed to give an What doou do when the guy ou thought were dating turns out to be lying cheating jerk Jasmine catches him in a lie and is forced to realize th. Cute and curvy Jasmine Taylor has a dead end job and a cheating boyfriend She's at her breaking point but she's certain this is the best that life has to offer After all who would want a shy plus size girl like her Looking to fill a void.

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