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O FAR series to understand Twisted Perfection but the whole world is the same so I recommend it if you can I loved both Fallen Too Far and Never Too Far so I The Fast Metabolism Diet Cookbook: Eat Even More Food and Lose Even More Weight d say it would be good to read them but not necessaryOkay hopefully that helps clear everything up BLURB Life outside of her house was a new experience for Della Sloane Theark secrets of her past weren t something she ever intended to share with anyone They would never understand No one would ever get close enough to find out Besides there was always a chance she The Sisters d go crazy sooner than they expectedWoods Kerrington had never been one to be attracted to fragile females They seemed like too much work He wasn t in it for the work just the pleasure A night full of naughty fun had been exactly what was on his mind when he laid eyes on the hot little number that To Heaven and Back didn t know how to pump gas and needed some helpWhat heidn t know was she was as fragile as they cameThe carefree girl who spoke her mind and Before Your Very Eyes didn t care what the world thought of her was breakable than he could ever imagine For of my reviews visit Aestas Book BlogAnd come join the Aestas Book Blog Facebook Page I will admit it I am an Abbi Glines fan girl She is one of my favorite YANA authors Everything of hers is amazing so I wasn t surprised with how much I loved this It was by far her hottest book toate And Woods is just too hot to handle We all know and love Woods from the Too Far series now lets meet Della Della had a very strange and When We Were Animals difficult childhood Her mother had a lot of mental issues and she was kept indoors a lot She lived a very sheltered life and still has flashbacks and nightmares from her childhood Della is 19 now She has her freedom She recently got her license and is on the road to find her self travel live life Sheoesn t get very far before she has a problem She Jumpstart the World doesn t know how to pump gas and her car is out Thankfully she meets Woods at the gas station He is than happy to help her out Della and Woods go out toinner that night After Kiss the Girls dinner Dellaecides to take a chance Woods is hot he seems nice and he wants her She is not very experienced but thats what this trip is about New experiences No time is wasted within the first 8% of this book you will get some smoking hot sex in Woods truck I wanted to know what good sex was Now I knew what earth shattering sex was Mission accomplished After one earth shattering night Della is on her way She lands in Dallas There she meets a bartender named Tripp that she becomes friends with After some problems with her boss Della leaves Dallas Tripp offers her to stay at his condo for a while He knows a guy that can give her a job Mr Kerrington Della accepts and to her surprise Mr Kerrington is WoodsWoods is than a little shocked to see Della several months after their encounter She has been on his mind He wants her but he knows he should stay away He is getting ready to become an engaged man He oesn t want to be but his father is forcing him if he wants his part of the family business Woods is pretty torn up about it but he s Visiting Mrs Nabokov and Other Excursions doing what he has too I wasn t sure if I A Day Away d ever be able to forgive him for this Or maybe it was me I would never be able to forgive What man let another man control his life His future Della isn t happy about the situation but she tries to just work for Woods and be his friend Then Tripp comes home for a bit He has feelings for Della and Woods kind of loses it He wants her no matter what the conseuences are He wants to be there for her protect her take care of her Della is freaked by this She isn t the most stable person she has terrible nightmares sheoesn t feel good enough for Woods Woods Memoir of a Misfit doesn t care about any of that He knows the real Della He has never felt this way about anyone before She is it for him You are mine Do you hear me You are mine Della Sloane I will take care of you Nothing is taking you away from me Nothing LOVED this book Della is a strong female lead Even though she has some issues she isoing the best she can She is very likable And oh Looking for the Toffees dear god Woods In the too far books I had a Rush Crush This book had me saying Rush who Woods loved his kind sweet protective and understanding nature Staying the night for Della s nightmares had me seriously swooning And Woods was so freaking hot Poison s Talk Dirty to Me was going through my head for a lot of this book I loved Wood s and hisirty mouth I want to be inside you again Della I want to pull this sexy ass excuse for a skirt up and bury myself in the tightest pussy I ve ever been in Della and Woods were great together Loved them as a couple I ve heard a lot of people say that this book ended in a cliffhanger I really Raising Gods Girl didn t think so Yes something big happened at the end and its something that will effect the next book but its nothing compared to the BlaireRush cliffhanger soon t let it stop you from readingI really loved this book I was happy to see a lot of the old crew and I really liked Tripp wouldn t mind if he got a book of his own Strongly The Gulag Handbook disliked Woods parents no surprise there It was nice to get a Blaire cameo as well If you liked the Too Far series or if you are an Abbi fan like me you will LOVE THIS And if you haven t read anything by her what the hell are you waiting for Her books are awesome The fall can t come soon enough I NEED MORE WOODS If I had a life with Woods to look forward to I knew I could fight whateverarkeness that tried to take me Before Woods I The Beckoning Lady (Albert Campion didn t know what I was living for In my search to find myself I found so much I knew now why I wanted to live I understood love I had found it She was trapped by her pastHe was uarantined by his future And this is what happened when the two crossed paths With memories that aren t aloud to play outside Della only has one goal to finally live her life and see the world So she uickly puts her past in her rear view mirror and hits the road on her way to nowhere and everywhereAnd it s at a gas station where she meets him Della I like that name It fits you It s sexy and mysterious Thank you but now you re one up on me I Will in the World don t know your name He smirked Woods The attraction was ignitable She looked like a great one night standHe looked like an amazing few hours of freedomTomorrow he leave an Update 25042013 Is she forever for you then She s worth throwing it all away She s it No one else She s all I m ever going to want Woods and GrantFirstly Secondly For those of you that know me will know that I m probably Abbi s number one fanamongst all her other number one fans so when Donna said we June Fourth Elegies d be taking part in this blog tour and that I get to read Twisted Perfection 2 weeks before release I Baby and Child Vegetarian Recipes did a happyance I ve loved all of Abbi s books and all my expectations were once again fulfilled with Twisted Perfection It s such a wonderful story I was so excited to read about Woods and Della two very The Confabulist different people fromifferent worlds who meet fall in love and change each other for the better As always with Abbi I simply get sucked in from page one this wasn t any Der Illusionist different I couldn t put this bookown and I just kept needing and The story was perfectly paced for what needed to be told The chemistry between Woods and Della is palpable and you just feel it This is the thing that I ve found with Abbi s books Twisted Perfection included you FEEL everything You Enticing (PI Men to the Rescue do you just feel it Abbi has a way of telling her stories and it comes out in her writing and it s just wonderful This is a gushing review I m sorryThere were just so many great moments to be had and I m so in love with Woods that I honestlyidn t know I could love him than I thought I already Spring Comes to Sanctuary (Welcome to Sanctuary, did He s pretty much an Alpha male like of Abbi s boys are and he s so fiercely protective of Della but not in the sadistic way His and Della s relationship was pretty well thought out starting from a one night stand to eventually a chance meeting 4 months on and then eventually fallingeeper and Ask the Past deeper in love It wasn t a slow progression but it wasn t instant either which is great because it totally workedJust going to touch on the ending a little It was actually pretty perfect it wasn t an ending I was expecting so it came as a little bit of whoa moment for me but it was a good ending most may think it s a cliffhanger I thought it was to begin with but on a re think and having met Abbi personally it s not a cliffhanger it s a nice pause to introduce the 2nd part of their story coming in late Autumn It ll take you back but it s worth itI can t really fault anything in Twisted Perfection I honestly can t and Ion t know if that s because I m biased because I m in love with Abbi such a girl crush or because there just because I get so enthralled in the story that I completely miss anything off key I Riding Class (Saddle Club, don t know What Io know is that Twisted Perfection was a fabulous read one that I will re read over and again I can never get enough of Abbi and her books filled with bad boys and intense passion with hot monkey sex that I plan to read everything she writes So if you basically haven t read her Too Far series yet you should I think pick that up and it s seuel and then read Twisted Perfection I promise you won t regret it I anxiously impatiently await Woods and Della s seuel Simple Perfection I Can t Wait I loved her I loved her with a something so fierce I couldn t even name it Woods You are mine Do you hear me You are mine Della Sloane I will take care of you Nothing is taking you away from me Nothing Woods If I had a life with Woods to look forward to I knew I could fight whatever Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, darkness that tried to take me Before Woods Iidn t know what I was living for In my search to find myself Id found so much I knew now why I wanted to live I understood love I had found it Della5 mindblowing stars. Yes on the hot little number that Different Class didn’t know how to pump gas and needed some helpWhat heidn’t know was she was as fragile as they cameThe carefree girl who spoke her mind and idn’t care what the world thought of her was breakable than he could ever imagin.

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Not everyone sees you the way you Goldilocks the Three Bears do Sometimes our imperfections are what makes us special Tripp I love you I ll never leave you and I swear to you sweetheart that you will never be alone WoodsOh Woods sigh Reading his book I fell helplessly in love with himWoods is the rich guy with the arranged futureHe cant bare making his ownecisions because of his father who controls his life in all omainsWoods must marry Angelica if he wants to run his family bussiness How would you feel if you had to marry the most annoying creature in the world Loosing you would be the only thing that could estroy me DellaDella wants to run away from her past and start a new life The idea of starting a journey with no Socialist Realism destination sounds appealing to her and there she meets Woods for the first timeAfter a hot night they part their ways but four months later she ends up working for himWoods cant forget what happened between them so seeing her everyday will only fck his headHowever this atraction between them cant be ignored but hot sex is not the answer to Della s problemsWhen she is with him she forgets life and she feels like an other person but she cant come between him and his fianceeYou re engaged and Della is your employee Draw a line and stay behind it It hurts him that he cant have her Being with his fiancee isifficult and their marriage is only going to make him miserableAll I can think is being with you again Woods I Look Up To... Michelle Obama doesnt allow his father enforce him marry that shallow girl and he makes the rightecisionHe Doctor Extraño doesnt care any about the money or the bussinessHe wants to be happy and the only person that makes him happy is Della Della and Woods make the perfect coupleSadly no relationship is easy They have toeal with many thingsAll in all I loved this book Woods is a man whore and I really like the fact that he changed for a girl Actually I never thought that he would have a sweet side but he oesDella is an amazing personShe is strong and confident She is still ealing with her traumas but Woods is there to make her happy and help her move onWoods father is so nonchalant and really cold when it comes to his son s happinessWhat he Never Tell did made me wanna punch him view spoilerShould I be happy that heied hide spoiler In my search to find myself I Feminism is for Everybody d found so much I knew now why I wanted to live I understood love I had found it WOODS WOODS WOODS WOODS WOODS WOODS WOODS WOODSI have been crushing on Woods since Fallen Too Far series began I was one of a handful of readers that was cheering for Blaire to go for Mr Country Club Thank you Abbi Glines for granting my wish and giving Woods Kerrington his own bookWoods Kerringtonid not Deterring Democracy disappoint he was 5 Plus stars sexy with his southernrawl alpha and protective mannerDella Sloane has lived and still is haunted by her horrific childhood Her best friend has given her a car to set out on a journey to experience life and find her place in this world Go explore Find your life Della Della meets Woods at a gas station when she can t figure out how to fill up her car Sparks fly Comet in Moominland (The Moomins, dinner follows and then they get busy between the sheets Della is just passing through and Woods is gearing up to propose to a woman heoesn t love to merge the family s businesses Woods was hot Hunters Heart dripping with charisma andid I mention hot And I Menneskefluene (K2 didn t even know his last name The road leads Della to Dallas working at a restaurant with a bartender named Tripp When things fall apart for her there Tripp offers Della a place to stay and a job in his hometownRosemary Florida Woods tries and tries too what his father expects by proposing but being close to Della and watching his friends flock around her Nazi Gold drives him crazy He wants her for however long it lasts Breaking off his engagement things get hot and heavy and feelings escalate this couple falls in love I loved her sleeping in his hoodie and him comforting her I loved the way he loved her He was comforting caring sexy and protective Road blocks fall in their path but Woods is a man whooesn t mess around You are mine Do you hear me You are mine Della Sloane I will take care of you Nothing is taking you away from me Nothing The book is not a standalone but I have no Mr Majeika and the School Inspector doubt that Woods and Della can handle anything together Once again I had a great time in Rosemary Florida Well at the beginning I was super excited But then Della opened her mouth and I thought Then Woods started annoying me too and I thought And I thought could it be Am I about to beisappointed by an Abbi Glines book I m sorry I Selected Poems doubted you AbbiAt the half way point boyid this book make a come back But the ending Will I be back for book 2 Absofuckenlutely Why Woods Btw if I had to chose between Woods and Rush Woods hands own I ll be whatever she needs me to be I can t walk away from her I tried I m hooked WoodsTwisted Perfection was again an Abbi Glines story that I was unable to put own It was a fun sexy and light story that I VERY much enjoyed reading I Doctor Strange, Vol. 2 d even go so far as to say that I loved it than Rush and Blaire s story mainly because I loved the main characters much much Woods Della Della Sloane hasn t always had an easy life Growing up with a mother who barely led her leave the house and have a social life has made her into a girl who s never had a lot of experience with real life Now at the age of nineteen she s finallyecided to let go of her fears and start exploring the world She ecides to take a road trip and iscover new things she s never tried out beforeThe only thing we have to fear is fear itselfDella tries to be independent but when she has to make a stop to pump gas she already SPOILER FREE REVIEW mature content reader The Train Robbers discretion is advised4 STARS out of 5GenreNew Adult RomanceI am hopelessly in love with Woods I LOVE LOVE LUST HIMDear Woods I here by give you permission to have your way with me WHOA I must admit this book surprised me Iid not repeat I No Reason To Die did not expect to get the story I read Norid I expect the characters to win me over the way they Naked Risk (Shatterproof did just for that I added an extra star to the rating I was Della Sloane and I was on a road trip to find myself Della has spent her whole lifeealing with her mothers mental instability Now she spends her nights fighting Raking The Ashes demonsin her nightmares While passing through a small coastal town on her road trip she goes to fill up her gas tank when she suddenly realizes that she has neverone so before She s only had her license for a few months and in those few months she has never had a car to gas up While standing at the pump trying to beat back fear of the unkonwn she meets Woods You okay Need some help A Ellie (Ellie, deep smoothrawl startled me and I jerked my head around to see a guy smiling at me from the other side of the gas pump His Dear Office-Politics dark brown eyes appeared to twinkle with laughter as he stared back at me After meeting smoking hot Della Sloane at a gas station Woodsecides to ask her out to Thomas Harriott dinner Smirks Dinner leads to mind blowing sex and a one night stand neither of them will ever forgetFast forward four months Della is back in the small coastal town she once had a night of pleasure in she is currently looking for a Mr Kerrington Her soon to be new bossGreed is twisted conniving arrogant and possessive Greed is a temptress a temptress with an ugly face Her face is not what will make you pledge allegiance No it is your ownesires in your own heart that will trap you But only if you allow itWith this ring I thee wedWoods Kerrington finds himself battling for his rightful place in the family business His father is offering the coveted position of Vice President up on a platter BUT it comes with a hefty price tag marriage His greedy father longs to aline the Kerrington s with the Greystone s If Woods marries the only Greystone heir Angelina the union will ensure the two powerhouse families join togetherWoods struggles on whether or not to bend to his fathers will and finally agrees Not knowing that Della is about to come back in to his life and put his world on tiltAfter another mind blowing sexcapade Woods and Della attempt to be friends Unfortunately they can t escape the feelings that they have both suppressed for one anotherMy ThoughtsEXPLOSIVE That is the best word to A Mistletoe Kiss describe it Woods and Della are EXPLOSIVE when they are together Itid not seem to take long for Woods to figure out that Della was the one for him Della s fear to let another man in after what she had been through was understandable Both of theses aspects appealed to me as a reader There was no I want you only to turn around and say I can t be with you and back and forth and so on Nope Woods knew he wanted Della he just needed to realize that he was in love and would move MOUNTAINS for her And thank goodness it Intimate Strangers did not take the whole book for this realization to take placewipes sweat from forehead in relief I felt and knew exactly why Woods wanted the VP job not only was it his birth right but he bust his butt to get it And his father had the audacity to basically blackmail him WTF I wanted to BITCH SLAP hisad He was a callous prick And his mother was no better sighs sadly Poor Woods Della Della Della Della this girl has experienced a lot of pain We get small Mr Majeika and the Lost Spell Book doses of her sorrow in flashback memories and it is a scary picture that was revealed I have no idea how one copes with such tragedy or how oneeals with a mother so unstable Thank goodness she had her best friend Braden by her side Brade is the kind of friend all girls need to have in their cornerMy RatingsCharacters Loved most hated someWriting Style Good it The Hidden Jewels definitely kept me engrossed in the storyPlotStoryline Savory and Emotional with some intense flashbacksSteam Factor HighVery very steamyOverall I very much enjoyed this storyNow go forth and read Then come te. Life outside of her house was a new experience for Della Sloane Theark secrets of her past weren’t something she ever intended to share with anyone They would never understand No one would ever get close enough to find out There was always a chance she’d go

Ll us about it on GoodreadsFor reviews got to Twisted Perfection By Abbi Glines Genres Contemporary RomanceYoung Adult 3 STARS I wanted to love this i really Chaplin did BUT i was reallyisappointed i looked forward to read this i always thought woods is a sexy motherfucker and i thought his story would be GREATBut it was mehkind of okayI read every book that Abbi Glines had ever wrote i know her style i know how she operates Boygirl point of view Unbelievably hot sexy steamy scenes obstacles and unproved parents and others Fair Game drama boy gets the girl FUCKING AWESOME COVER And that s okay i like her style But Glines books are Appetizers which mean you read her books on the side while reading something heavyThis story has potentials and the idea behind the whole book was indescribable i loved the idea But the execution was meeh She had A great idea she alwaysoes but she waste them away on young adult lame sexy read for the night If she played her cards right she would create UNFORGETTABLE stories I read this in a matter of hours last night and i m writing this review today cause i The Creatures didn t have the time and i m barely remembering tiny bits and pieces here and there Ion t know what others think but Abbi Glines from my opinion is a money writer well of course they are all like this BUT when you write JUST to get best seller booksthen move to the next one and the next one to make money ummm yeah sorry i So Sweet (Sugar Baby, don t respect you as an artiest Alot of writers have just one book but i can t get the story out of my mind Abbi Glines goes by the idea sex sells ohhharling it Life Before Death does I m being cruel here i know most of my ratings for this writer are 4 s and 5 s some 3 s but only because of some factors covers included i know sheidn t create it but what the hell i always include them in my ratings I like her i really Good Luck, Louisa! (Red Fox Ballet Book, do and i ll probably keep reading all of her books just because3 STARS i never felt why i should justify my stars for any ratings but i m thinking that this one i should 1 star for the AWESOME cover again i know sheidn t personally create this but like i said i couldn t not include it in my rating1 star for the sexy steamy scenes Abbi Glines know how to write them and i LOVE reading them1 star for the over all ideaThe Characters i LOVED them all woods is Mr. Bridge different in this one i always thought he s the laid back spoiled kind of guy but really i m sad to know that he suffering everyday by his cruel bitch of a mother and an asshole for a father speaking of the father view spoilerheies so YAAAAY Am i happy that he Akenfield died ummm yes i am D hide spoiler I ll be whatever she needs me to be I can t walk away from her I tried I m hooked Each book from Abbi Glines is addictive than the last I read Twisted Perfection in one sitting and was glued to the page unable to put itown It was hot steamy and sometimes a little The Case of the Philosophers Ring by Dr. John H. Watson dirty winks with a fast paced plot and lovable characters It s a littlearker than the Too Far books but I Connecting with Horses d still actually consider it a relatively light readHaving lived her whole life with a mentally ill mother who out of her personal fears kept her inside all the time Della finds her life unexpectedly changed when her motheries Three years later she is still struggling to find herself and Several Strangers decides a road trip is the best answer So she throws all caution and inhibitions to the wind and heads out At her first rest stop she meets Woods And ohhhh myo they have chemistry She isn t looking to stick around but she can t help but take up his offer of Lillian Toos Little Book Of Feng Shui dinner and Woods has enough going on in his life Too much He s being pressured from his family to marry a woman heislikes for the good of the family business It s either that or he loses his part of the business and everything he s worked towards his whole life The thought makes him miserable but he wants the job The Winter Warrior desperately and so is just trying toelay the inevitable marriageSo when he sees Della at the gas station he sees perfection She is exactly what he needs right now A fun time that would rive away afterwards no stringsWhat neither of them counted on was their hearts getting attached and espite the fact that they both Toffees night noises drive off after their night together fate soon crosses their paths again and this time they re not leaving each other My future was about to be thrown off track because Della Sloane was under my skin and I had to have her Woods Was Delicious Purelyelicious And yummy Very yummy Ohhh and a bit of a Flawed (The Butcher, dirty talker but he still called her sweetheart right from the start which was super sweet He was protective and I loved that being around Della brought out his hothead caveman side It was seriously swoonyI really liked Della She was broken in many ways but at the same time was really uite free She may not have been experienced at relationships but she certainly wasn t shy at going after what she wanted with Woods and I have to say it was refreshing to read her kind of character who on the one hand was like that while at the same time really messed up inside It was a cool mix She had issues but theyidn t take over every part of her lifeI The Covent Garden Ladies: The inspiration behind ITV show HARLOTS don t know a better way toescribe Abbi s books than by saying that reading them feels like watching a very well written addictive TV show The scenes they way their cut together everything about them just makes me feel like I m watching it happen right in front of meThis book certainly brings on the angst in certain scenes Serious serious angst BUT And here s what I loved about it the main angst at least to me is resolved in the first half of the book leaving the second half to be focused uite a bit on Woods and Della sorting their relationship out which I really enjoyed That isn t to say there isn t angst in the second half cuz there is but it s a Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins different kind less nerve wracking focused on sorting issues out and I appreciated the switch up You are mine Do you hear me You are mine Della Sloane I will take care of you Nothing is taking you away from me Nothing There is a bit of a love suare going on for part of the book but it was clear that Woods was never in love with the girl he was supposed to marry it was a uestion of him falling in love for the first time in his life and being put in position of having to choose head or heart And while Della also connected with another guy she met on her road trip her heart really always belonged to WoodsThat being said their road to getting together was a fair bit bumpy but honestly it wouldn t have been nearly as much fun if the ride had been smooth lolDella goes through some pretty hard issues in the book and I loved how supportive Woods was of everything They were just a wonderful couple togetherAnd speaking them as a couple this book was full of panty ripping hotness For real As I mentioned Woods has a bit of airty mouth and Della just loses it around so they re a pretty explosive together Hot hot HOT Lol sometimes I ll admit it was borderline awkward in places to me but most just plain freaking hotAnd I really have to give a bit of a shout out to some of the awesome supporting men in this book First to Tripp who had better be getting his own Flaunting, Extravagant Queen (French Revolution, damn book cuz that man has SWOON I want of him And then also to Kent who made my heart melt even though he was only in like two small scenes Holy heart warming protectivenessFor those of you wondering about cameos Blaireoes have a brief cameo but neither she nor Rush play a central part in the book As much as I love their characters though I Pages From Bee Journal didn t miss them here I was happy to see the book focused on Woods and DellaThe ending had me flipping pages like crazy I knew it would all work out but thatidn t stop me from being worried lol You know how it is To soothe your hearts you should know that there is no relationship cliffhanger The book ends in a good place relationship wise However this is NOT a stand alone and there will be a seuel out in the fall so there is a bit of a plot related cliffy in that something happened at the end to make me want of the story but at the same time it left them in a place where my heart could be happy to wait till the fall At the end of the book they are very much together as a couple So you will not want to throw your kindle at the wall It s all safe See Is she forever for you then She s worth throwing it all away She s it No one else She s all I m ever gonna want I loved the book and totally enjoyed spending my evening wrapped up in this world Definitely recommended if you are looking for something uick hot swoony slightly angsty fast paced and addictive 45 stars TOO FAR PERFECTION SERIES READING ORDER I know there s been a bit of confusion over these series reading orders so hopefully this ll answer your uestionsOk so originally Twisted Perfection was supposed to be the 3rd book in the TOO FAR series The first two books were Fallen Too Far and Never Too Far Those two books followed Rush and Blaire s story and then the original third book Twisted Perfection was supposed to be Woods followed next by Grant s This all changed when by popular Stones of Witness demand a third book Forever Too Far about Rush and Blaire was added to the TOO FAR series After this change Abbi Glines then separated the two series Now the original series is the TOO FAR series which now has a spin off series that Twisted Perfection starts called the PERFECTION series There will be a seuel to Twisted Perfection coming out this fall called Simple PerfectionI ll list them all here in order so you can seeTOO FAR SERIES about Rush and Blaire 1 Fallen Too Far out now 2 Never Too Far out now 3 Forever Too Far to be released late Summer 2013PERFECTION SERIES spin off of TOO FAR about Woods and Della 1 Twisted Perfection to be released today 2 Simple Perfection to be released Fall 2013Youo not have to read the TO. Razy sooner than they expectedWoods Kerrington had never been one to be attracted to fragile females They seemed like too much work He wasn’t in it for the work just the pleasure A night full of naughty fun had been exactly what was on his mind when he’d laid

Abbi Glines is a #1 New York Times USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the Rosemary Beach Sea Breeze Vincent Boys Field Party and Existence series She never cooks unless baking during the Christmas holiday counts She believes in ghosts and has a habit of asking people if their house is haunted before she goes in it She drinks afternoon tea because she wants to be Britis