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L of the series in that it is a straight mystery set around 1960 on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean I had hoped for a good deal classical allusion from the translator of Virgil but at least there was some I had also hoped for description of the Greek islands but I had to be satisfied with elatively little The plot involves a wildly implausible set of circumstances and the solution is eually implausible but the author so completely accounts for and explains away all the unbelievable aspects that you have to admire his ingenuity And meanwhile he writes with a poet s precision and Omnibus Films respect for words I ll beeading of these I haven t ead the author before so wasn t too sure what to expect but I do enjoy vintage crimeNigel Strangeways and his girlfriend are cruising around the Greek Islands when not one but two murders occur on their cruise It s up to sleuth Nigel Strangeways to uncover the how when and why and unmask the murdererA somewhat convoluted mystery although I did have an inkling before the ending as to who the culprit had to beEnjoyed the setting the straight forward delivery and the cast of characters on offe. And to top it off two busybodies are keeping tabs on everyoneAs the passengers’ lives become increasingly intertwined it seems a plot for evenge may be afloat Amidst steamy assignations false accusations and suicide threats Nigel’s holiday doesn’t last long and he must take charge to uncover the truth before the passengers have something disturbing to gossip abou.

And is presents it s non English characters with Slave Again (Whispers of Refuge respect and lacks the Imperialist posturings of so many historical mysteries trying to set theecord straight And while it is not that hard to figure out the solution it is still fun to follow along with Nigel and see how he solves and presents the mystery Best of the later Blakes I have ead The central gimmick will be uite transparent to those who have ead their Christie but it is tightly plotted and engagingly written A shipboard mystery in the vein of Death on the Nile but with a lot focus on interpersonal behavior and not so much on timetables and drawing a map of the ship No one is pleasant Autumn Days with the Moodys (Moody Family really in this cast which is okay by me but may annoyeaders who need a little investment in the murderervictimsuspects A definite Reindeer and Caribou: Health and Disease recommend especially because of the descriptions of summertime Greece during thisainy grey spring 2018 has decided to hand usI eceived an ecopy from the publishers and NetGalley in exchange for an honest eview The second of the two Nicholas Blake actually the poet C Day Lewis mysteries I ve ead over the past week This one is apparently typica. Ation should be the perfect getaway But when they meet the other passengers Nigel and Clare ealize the cruise may not be as peaceful as plannedIt seems everyone knows everyone else’s business a schoolteacher ecovering from a nervous breakdown is confronted by a former student; a scholar is embarrassed by a scornful eviewer; a seductive temptress is known to a Bishop.

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Deserves to be among Classic Cruise MysteriesThe Widow s Cruise compares favorably to other classic mysteries set on cruise ships such as Agatha Christie s Death on the Nile and Eric Ambler s Journey to Fear The closed society with it s limited suspects and simmering tensions among a few characters thrown together is a standard Golden Age ploy but Nicolas Blake the poet CDay Lewis uses it to create an interesting group of literate and academic passengers allowing us to see a bygone world of English public schools with it s literate professors and students struggling with jealousies and esentment Strangeways is a less outlandish detective than some other series such as Poirot and Lord Peter Wimsey both of whom I like but are often characterized by their eccentricities and while I was somewhat troubled that his loose connection to Scotland Yard seemed to give him incredible power and authority he is presented as a uite egular guy In these days of so many historical mysteries it s good to ead a mystery from an earlier time that presents characters accurately as they are seen at the time The book is frank about sexuality. “The only thing I have against cruise life” said Clare yawning again “is that it’s turning us all into busybodies and gossips”Renowned sculptor Clare Massinger is in a bit of a creative slump To provide a little inspiration Nigel Strangeways books them a elaxing cruise on the Aegean Sea Filled with Greek temples swimming pools and sandy beaches this scenic vac.

C Day Lewis who was born in Ireland in 1904 He was the son of the Reverend Frank Cecil Day Lewis and his wife Kathleen nee Suires His mother died in 1906 and he and his father moved to London where he was brought up by his father with the help of an auntHe spent his holidays in Wrexford and regarded himself very much as anglo irish although when the Republic of Ireland was declared in 1948 he chose British citizenshipHe was married twice to Mary King in 1928 and to Jill Balcon in 1951 and during the 1940s he had a long love affair with novelist Rosamond Lehmann He had four children from his two marriages with actor Daniel Day Lewis documentary filmmaker and television chef Tamasin Day Lewis and TV critic and writer Sean Day Lewis being three of his childrenHe began work as a schoolmaster and during World War II he worked as a publications editor in the Ministry of Information After the war he joined Chatto Windus as a senior editor and director and then in 1946 he began lecturing at Cambridge University He later taught poetry at Oxford University where he was Professor of Poetry from 1951 1956 and from 1962 1963 he was the Norton Professor at Harvard UniversityBut he was by then earning his living mainly from his writings having had some poetry published in the late 1920s and early 1930s and then in 1935 beginning his career as a thriller writer with 'A uestion of Proof' which featured his amateur sleuth Nigel Strangeways reputedly modelled on W H Auden He continued the Strangeways series which finally totalled 16 novels ending with 'The Morning After Death' in 1966 He also wrote four detective novels which did not feature StrangewaysHe continued to write poetry and became Poet Laureate in 1968 a post he held until his death in 1972 He was also awarded the CBEHe died from pancreatic cancer on 22 May 1972 at the Hertfordshire home of Kingsley Amis and Elizabeth Jane Howard where he and his wife were staying He is buried in Stinsford churchyard close to the grave of one of his heroes Thomas Hardy something that he had arranged before his death