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Large Most of the time they re just large or not so large shrubs Hardly big enough to make even twig furniture from and then you d have to make sure you got all the thorns off Holly bushes get bigger than most mesuites And those thorns are deadly there are thorns on the thorns ick read okay First bookThis story pulled me right in and is was so hard to put down that I was almost late to work The suspense action and romance was very good in this book The story starts out with Sophia running away from her ex fianc Antonia He was abusive and held her as a prisoner at La Fuerte del Diablo in Mexico She had to find shelter for the night because of a storm moving in She was lucky to find an abandoned cabin to crash in Sweet Valentine until the storm passed Shortly. Or her life Sophia Carranza has crossed the Mexican border leaving a trail of ruthless enemies behindSophia's protection is Thorn's first assignment as anndercover agent and he senses trouble Inexplicably drawn to Sophia's beauty and figh.

After she laid down a big man came into the cabin Let s just say the first time she met Thorn was intense Afterwards he appointed himself as her body guard The romance between the two was sweet Thorn was dealing with his own heart ache He had never recovered from losing his wife Sophia helped him heal so he could move on Sample from chapter 1 Her own life seemed The Rancher and the City Girl unimportant but when Sophia discovered she was pregnant she knew a baby wouldn t survive the hell she d lived in for the past year That s when she d vowed to escape or die and take her baby with her rather than subject it to the terror that was its father Another Sample from chapter Sophia brushed away the tears and looked around not sure which way to go Instinct told her to head north Ting spirit Thorn fears his growing desire for Sophia could jeopardize the mission And when Sophia's captors finally catchp to them will Thorn trade his own life for another 2 books for the price of 1 Killer Body also included in this boo.

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This was actually two books in one Cowboy Resurrected and Killer BodyBoth books were thrilling page turnersI would definitely read by this author Sophia is escaping from a sadistic boyfriend and runs into Thorn who is a member of covert cowboys Both struggle against the attraction they feel but realize that they need each other and both deserve a second chance at happily ever after The story had some great mystery and finally resolves what happened to Hank s wife and child Didn t get into the second book in this set it seemed awfully similar to the first one So I just read Cowboy Resurrected Nice readIt did mention a desk built from mesuite wood which I found highly nlikely Mesuite is indeed a very hard wood but mesuite trees do not grow very. An expectant mother's protection is a cowboy's promise in Elle James's Covert Cowboys Inc miniseriesThorn Drennan stares death in the face when he's nearly shot by a ranch trespasser But this is no ordinary trespasser Pregnant and running

Award winning author Elle James grew up as an air force military brat She received her work ethic from her rock solid father her creative streak from her artistic mother and inspiration from her writing partner and sister Delilah Devlin As a former member of the army reserves and a current member of the air force reserves she's traveled across the United States and to Germany managed a full