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Hat would happen next Initially feeling like there were too many characters to keep track of I got to like all of them and keep them all straight I was ntertained by the unexpected outcomes throughout the book I would recommend this to anyone who The Stall (Pony In Training enjoys fiction Loved the first 300 pages thought it wasxcellent then for me it all went downhill People died but I found I didn t care and this is not how I want to feel when reading It maybe my fault that I never connected with the characters and I m sure lots of people will really THIEME Atlas of Anatomy enjoy it but not me Just started reading this book and already I cannot put it downEdited to addFinished the book and oh WOW I could relate to the characters it was suspenseful and well researched and written If you love space aliens and the future this is for you I can see this as a film it s that wonderful I cannot wait for A solid science fiction novel with strong voices clever and real dialog and of course anngaging story that builds to a climactic conclusion The characters are thoughtful and keep you following along Good story highly recommend. RuctionCHILDREN OF EARTH is Sanibel Virgin eual parts sci fi action adventure a love letter to the bygone days of America’s manned space program and a story about people from all walks of life how their individuality defines humanity as an important race one worthy of saving and worthy of if not uite prepared for the next stage ofvolution.

I was given a copy of this book in Way of the Shaman exchange for my honest reviewThis book has space and aliens Need I say This book was amazing just down right amazing I love a good sci fi book and this book delivered for sure The writing is top notch The characters are well written and relatable At first I wasn t sure how much I would be able to relate to them since they were mostly scientists but that didn t really matter Lorinda did a great job writing them and giving themach their own voice The concepts in this book are really interesting and I could see things playing out in real life should aliens come in the manner they did in the book You will have trouble putting this book down I gladly look forward to reading from Lorinda Donovan The way she writes makes me feel like I ve made a friend like a friend is telling me this awesome story Totally worth checking out Gallowglass everyone Wonderfully imaginative and passionate science fiction An original heart felt and very human account of a not so friendlyncounter with aliens of the worst kind I loved the tale and njoyed the voice and creativity. In 2006 NASA launched the New Horizons probe to give the people of Earth their first good look at the dwarf planet Pluto and then to study what lies beyond it in the outer reaches of the solar system CHILDREN OF EARTH tells the harrowing story of what it discovers in 2015 the answer to the ages old uestion “Are we alone”The.

Of the author I look forward to the next book in this series Children of Earth by Lorinda Donovan is a great book for all you sci fi and post apocalyptic readers and will keep your glued to the dge of your seat throughout the book It is full of nonstop action and adventureThe author did a great job of storytelling and developed a book that is both real to life and believable It was The Public-Private Partnership Handbook easy to get into the story and follow along with the various twist and turns which kept popping up I love when I can place myself into a story and identify with itLorinda Donovan s characters were well developed andasy it identify with She built a great background for What Next After School ? each and tied the background into the story Again I love when I can relate to the characters and follow along with them and the storyAnd what annding I can t wait for the next volumeI really Emerging Markets enjoyed Children of Earth by Lorinda Donovan and I highly recommend this book to all readersPlease note I was given a free copy of this book inxchange for my honest review Entertaining ReadMy first sci fi read I was on dge waiting to see Answer is no We never have been The discovery of an ancient race hidden in plain sight sets in motion a global initiative never before attempted But if Earth is to survive the plan must succeed and only a small team of brave men women and revolutionary artificial intelligence stand between the human race and its potential dest.

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I'm a Philly girl born & raised Yo I've always loved to tell stories been doing it since I was a kid But I loved being a visual artist as well so I went to college thinking I was going to become a graphic designer and ended up a film major Met my husband there and we got married after graduation Then we packed up and hauled ourselves Beverly Hillbillies style out to Hell A and spent th