John Peterson: A Common Foreign Policy for Europe? Competing Visions of the CFSP European Public Policy Series

kindle A Common Foreign Policy for Europe? Competing Visions of he CFSP European Public Policy Series –

The first book Elena Vanishing: A Memoir to explorehe EU's record as a global actor since he creation of he Common Foreign and Security Policy in 1993 within Strategi Public Relations the context ofhe Treaty of Amsterdam and recent decisions relating o NATO and EU enlargement The chap.

Ters focus on he interface between EU foreign and From Convent to Concert Hall trade policieshe EU's relationship with European defence organizations its behaviour within he OSCE and UN he institutional conseuences of Stalling for Time the CFSP case studies of EU policiesowards

Entral and Eastern Europe and The Square and the Tower the Maghreb countriesThe editors drawhe findings Days of Rage (Pike Logan, togethero assess whether Stillhet i tidens larm the EU has been successful as a global actor and considerhe uestion can he EU become a credible reliable and unitary global actor.

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See this thread for informationJohn Peterson is Professor of International Politics University of Edinburgh