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Ps change and the group have to decide exactly what each of them really wants out of life and face their fears I think I like SS I ll buy of her books This one was about women my age and I loved it that all characters were so real all problems came as conseuences of their characters it was exciting and intriguing and nicely slow at the same timeA bit much of the woman woman ro. Ys the mysterious one deeply involved with her commune in Cornwall nexpectedly offers Prospect House a property she has inherited in the Malvern hills where they may all forgather Rachel married to her former boss a Liberal MP gladly leaves a tangled domestic situation to join the friends she hasn't seen for so long And Maisie Maisie perhaps the most vulnerable of the four mother

A group of women who worked together planned a reunion 15 years on They had all gone their separate ways and have changed somewhat All have problems and secrets about to be revealed Maisie the youngest and seemingly most vulnerable doesn t arrive as planned The real drama of her disappearance causes changes for her family and her friends that are totally Tuckers Claim unexpected Relationshi. There were four of them young women dressed decorously in black employed at an exclusive jewellery store in the 1960s Close friendships were forged as Natasha Prudence Rachel and Maisie worked togethernder the benevolent rule of the two Markham brothersNow in 1980 Natasha newly divorced and back from America with a fifteen year old daughter decides there must be a reunion Pru alwa.

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Mance not very likely that 2 out of 4 girls would be lesbian in any given circle but the whole book was so good on the whole I didn t mind so muchI ll definitely re read It s OK Ma Ruth wouldn t let anything or anyone get to her twin brother They re practically incestuousWhat do you know about incest for God s sakeIt s in the BibleOh well In this case I m thankful for it p 107. F five children married to the The Runaway and the Cattleman unpredictable Edward fails to arrive at Prospect House The drama of her disappearance has a far reaching effect on the lives and destinies of them allCome Rain or Shine is a poignant andnforgettable story of the particularly close friendships that women enjoy and of the complications that can arise when friends meet again after many years have passed.