Portia Da Costa: The Accidental Bride

So in the first two books and the start of this one it was the run of the mill Portia DA Costa writing style and story I loved the Brent tom story line I smiled when I realised that tom was johns brother and Shelly s story line was okay but there could of been to it not just a chapter on their first meeting then next there months into the relationship there was so much hype about Clara that I feel the late night confrontation did not do the story line justice I was expecting Clara to be evil and cunning and erhaps make Lizzie s life hell and try and brake john n her up I do love a good evil conniving bit to a story Maybe the bit about charlie should of been strung out a bit leave the suspense instead of he is your son and the next Autumn Brides page over Willis has confirmed the date of birth is wrong he cant be mine se Absolute PerfectionThe Accidental series from Portia da Co. Now living together Lizzie and John enjoy a state of blissfully uncomplicatedleasure and an increasingly tumultuous sex lifeBut when an.

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Who seems intent on getting John back now that he might be snatch up for good and by a much younger harlot at thatI really enjoyed Callgirl and Mistress and had been biting my nails for Bride I loved the writing style as it is so far from what usually is coming out these days I seriously doubt that The Princess and the Three Knights posh folk actually talk like this but it is nice to indulge in a bit of verbal culture That being said it did get a bit tedious at times as the ch Finalart of the trilogyPast relationships hang over Lizzie and John s future hopes to marryplots and The Beauty of Believing plans continue almost to the end I m glad everything turned out as didLoved the eroticlay sessionsThe age difference at their age is negligiblebut future disparity is considered as should beI doubt his Lordship would be using the term love as et name Maybe my Love but love is very northern working class and not inkeeping Al it is difficult to tell where John's heart really lies Lizzie accidentally fell in love will it be just as easy to accidentally lose

Sta is 100% erfection The story is an absolute winner with all successful Forbidden Love Unchained parts needed for a bestseller I loved the ups and downs of the threeart series The love story between John Lizzie held my attention the entire time There was also Witches of the Deep South plenty of yummy delicious sexy time It was allerfect This is my fave book among the book in this seriesthe complication make this book interesting Lizzy and John are well into their relationship After spending a holiday in France they return to the manor and reality Lizzy embarks on a new business with Mary tries to reconnect with her friends Brent and Sheila and settle into the life of the osh upper class with her kinky loverBut there are storms on the horizon neither has met each others families and it is 5050 how they might react John s age Lizzy lack of edigree ect And then there is the threat of John s former lover Clara. Old flame from John's Christianity past turns up unannounced his and Lizzie's relationship is suddenly thrown into uestionDespite his marriageropos.

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