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Sisters needed that its a never nding cycle of needs That s why she never wants to get married and have kids It ties you down and makes you feel obligated to give On Such a Full Sea everything up for them Being a surrogate gave her the opportunity to get out of her hometown and to be able help her family back home Helping a couple have the baby they wanted was just a bonus After she had the baby she left now Blake is at the school where she teaches to ask her to watch Drew for the summer But can she do it without falling for Blake and Drew Can she make it out with her heart intact She ll do it though so she can help her family once againBlake needed a nanny for the summer and he wanted Bella to be it He is newly divorced his wife left after they had Drew She figured out she wasn t cut out for motherhood Looking at Bella through newyes makes him want her for than just the nanny Can he convince her that he wants her to become Drew s mother The first time he married for love now he ll do it for Drew and what s best for himI Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! enjoyed reading this one It was a fast read and just what I was looking for Loved that Blake was going for what he wanted I really did wish that Bella would ve stood up for herself with her family Just because she is the oldest of her siblings didn t mean they got to walk all over her but they did and her parents didn t do anything to stop them or tell her it wasn t necessary All in all this was a great book withnough to keep you hooked and wanted There are Cannibal even secrets and deceptions that I didn t tell you about Check it out and leave the author love in the form of a review This was a decent book No doormats or asshole heroes here thank you very much Just a somewhat naive and maternal woman from the midwest who has felt trapped by her family and the siblings she practically raised so much so that she s sworn off being a mother But she did become a surrogate for Blake and Victoria and was very confused and heartbroken when it comes time to give up the boy So she s a bit further disconcerted when Blake the dad shows up and asks her to be his nanny for the summer Blake is a good guy and dedicated to family if not a teensy bit chauvinistic at times There were several things that didn t always make sense For starters I couldn t understand why Blake went to Bella in the first place He claimed to be angry with her for walking out on his son and not keeping in contact with himven though she had no claim to himI can t see why he d consider that abandonmentand he does Given that why did he want her to be the nanny Then he starts telling himself she d be the perfect mother and talking like he was going to marry her or something Yet he knows very well she doesn t want to have kids so how does that make her a perfect mother I would think it would make her a mother likely to abandon her children Then there s the whole money grubber thing she supposedly did the surrogacy thing so she could help her family but Blake doesn t know that He thinks she s after money and its confirmed when she asks for her nanny salary in advance This she wants to help her sister but really she wants it so she can give her sister money now and still have Mastered (The Enforcers, enough to go on her winter vacation Not a noble cause There was also a bit of a creep factor going on view spoiler Turns out that Bella isn t just the surrogate but is the son s biological mother Vicky thex wife actually payed for artificial insemination So all this time Bella s kind of lusting after Blake while he s married to Vicky and Bella s carrying hers and Blake s baby Little weird hide spoiler Good book Blake has come to Bella for help She was the surrogate who gave birth to his son He and his wife have divorced and his nanny is recovering from a broken leg so he has asked Bella to fill in as Drew s nanny He also has the ulterior motive of wanting Bella to be his wife The catch is that he has no intention of falling in love again as the first time turned out so badly Bella came to New York to be a surrogate as a way to Man, Son of Man earn some money to help her family She didn txpect it to be so hard to give. Ountry bred beauty Bella McAndrews as his surrogate Now she's agreed to be his infant son's temporary nanny It is only a matter of time before he convinces her to capitulate to his true desire.

In The Nanny Trap by Cat Schield Billionaire Blake Ford is looking for a nanny to spend the summer in Hamptons with his infant son Andrew and who could be a better choice than the woman who gave birth to his son his surrogate motherRead More great readWonderful story it was a great Alter Ego easy read full ofverything that makes a great book Blake needs a mother for his son and who better than the woman who gave birth to him ven though she left after she promised she would be part of their lives All secrets are xposed and Blake realizes that Bella s actions were triggered by his Uncommon Wisdom ex wives deception and afterverything they still get their HEA 35 4 Hum what to say about this book I was immersed into this story I was like ohhh how what no way alrightbut there was a thing that put me off or made me angry she was a cash cow for her siblings she loved them she would die for them I think I know and in reality is the same Unseen City extent for some people which is great because good people her family didn t have a choice and since she took care of them they turnt to her What if they knew they just didn t have the choice Anyway what felt right that she was human after all she was resentful but combine with guilt and what made her scare And as for Blake she knew by being with him was aasy way out but was it than it So it felt right that she thought of all that so Bella was truly human with a loving heart New York billionaire Blake Ford and his model wife Victoria want a child Iowa farm girl Bella comes to New York to Art earn money to help payxpenses for the farm and the seven siblings her Mom and Dad have Bella agrees to act as surrogate for big bucks Bella spends the last few weeks of the pregnancy in the Hampton beach house with Blake and Victoria but when the baby is born Victoria tells Bella to disappear God Is in the Crowd even though the surrogate agreement says that Bella can remain a part of thextended family Bella has no choice and goes through a painful separation believing she has done what was best for the baby boy Nine months later Blake comes to the private school where Bella teaches and begs her to be a Nanny for two months He and Victoria have divorced and the current nanny has broken her leg Bella needs the money for another crisis in her sibling s lives so reluctantly agrees Secrets start to unravel Did Blake know what his wife had done Why was Victoria so anxious to get rid of Bella Bella had promised Victoria that she would keep the secret Considering how HP books in general has j3rk H and a wimpy or worse doormat h I think this book went past that typical categoryWhile the H pretty much dictate the forward motion of the story and while he did at several times uestioned the h s integrity he never outright insulted or coerced the h to what he wants He is focused determined and driven yes but was never cold and mean I think his alpha air comes from his passion for a family His heart is ready Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard eager and bursting to have a family he can call HIS I am also impressed that his possessiveness is not the strangling kind When he realized the h cared about other people he opened his heart and included this other people This is the part where the doubledge come into play Here is one reason why my rate is only 4 star he The Matriarchs (The Family ended up like a cash cow in his willingness to please I like this Hspecially because he never let his action towards the h be dictated by the other women in his life He is the weight that carried this bookThe heroine on the other hand is your typical martyr who will sell herself to help her family Which technically she did The reason I like her though is that she also has a very relate able flaw towards her family Having said that I think she was the perfect h for this kind of H This h s strength is in her loyalty and dedication to those she love which is the same flaw that made her an asy prey to anyoneI think I will check this author s other booksThanks to my local library Bella McAndrews was a surrogate because as the oldest of her siblings she feels like she has to help out back home with them Her brother needed this or one of her. In her Billionaires and Babies novel Cat Schield tells the story of a surrogate mother turned nanny turnedstand in wife Billionaire Blake Ford has one summer to get what he wants He trusted

The baby up Now Blake wants her help for the summer to care for Drew She is hesitant because she is afraid of how hard it will be to leave Drew again and also because she had been attracted to Blake He had been married so she kept it to herself Now he is single again and she s worried about being alone with him B Blake Ford is a wealthy man and his biggest aspiration in life is to become a father Too bad his wife didn t want the same She is a model and recently failed in her attempt to become an acting star She didn t want to risk a pregnancy messing with her body Selfish muchThey decided on a surrogate but the wife is still unconvinced and really wants no involvement She certainly doesn t want to raise a child and simply did not want children in the first place She only agreed because her and her husband were having problems and she wanted to hang on to him because whenever she failed at something he was always there to pick her up and dust her off Actually the whole time they were trying to conceive she was still taking her Birth Control Pills unbeknownst to her hubsSo they hire a surrogate and when she left their mploy and home after the birth of their son our hero didn t understand why the surrogate Bella McAndrews didn t want to be a part of his son s life He found it difficult to comprehend how she could not want to visit the baby she had carried in her womb But what our hero didn t know is that his wife basically threatened her away and told her that if she didn t stay away permanently she would be the cause of her husband divorcing her Bella was uite naive She was raised on a farm in Iowa with a ton of siblings which she helped raise as the oldest female I don t feel she knew much at all about how the world works which made her not only very naive but also gullibleWhen Blake s wife left and they divorced there was only one woman he wanted in his and his son s lifeBella He had a planFirst he would hire her to be the child s nanny and he would begin building a relationship with her He already liked her a great deal and thought she would be an When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) excellent motherand wife just what he and his son neededSecond he hoped as they built that relationship she would see they would make a great family the three of them and any other children that may come alongOur hero had a very bad childhood with a mother who did not love him and left when he wasight years old He wasn t sure what love really looked like and as children do he blamed himself for his mother s abandonment Blake decided after his divorce that love would not No Biggy! enter into a relationship Unfortunately Bella was not privy to that bit of information The reason I did not rate this higher is because I m not fond of stories where andx of any type is included and tries to break up the new couple digs in her claws to try to get back the man she left Then there was Blake s sister who was his Crush It! ex wife s best friend and she was doing all she could to make Bella feel insecure so she would leave him She also tried her best to get her brother Blake tond his relationship with her He was strong and he had no problem letting his Attracting Birds to Your Backyard ex wife know that he had no interest in her any and he shut the sister down pretty uickly tooWould I recommend Yes unless you have triggers which includexes Actually 15 star maxI hate when the OW plays a role in bringing MCs together no matter how unintentional it may beI also hate plot holes Hero s half sister tells him at the Deep Listening end of chapter 11 heroine told her she loves him and this was his reaction Blake shifted his attention back to Jeanne Whatlse did she say That she loves you Damn He hadn t Bird-by-Bird Gardening expected her to feel that way about him It was a precious burden he would carry the rest of his life Yet at chapter 12 hisx wife comes over and tells him heroine was in love with him from the beginning and he suddenly hears it for the first time and goes like damn I wish I knew she loved me does she still feel the same way I d totally have declared ILY if I knew Me like WTF The news that Bella had once been in love with him dominated his attention Blake heard. Becoming his wife  Blake believes his son deserves a mother's love And Blake is determined to win this woman's love for himself toountil a deep secret The Works of Saint Augustine emerges turningvery truth upside down.

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