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Sparks that fly every time they re in the same room Trust and affection take time to build and I really liked the way the author let it happen between these two characters without forcing it Maggie doesn t want a bad boy in her life and Jake doesn t think he deserves a good woman ntil he falls hard for one His patience with Maggie s damaged psyche made me want to stand p and cheer and Maggie s growing faith in his kindness and integrity was a joy to read Jake s public bad boy persona hides a good man beneath that hockey jersey and Maggie s prim and proper image hides a warm loving woman in need of a strong dependable partner They find each other in the end of course no spoiler here but it s the path they travel that makes a good storyVery enjoyable read and if you re a fan of pro hockey then you re going to enjoy it even My hockey streak continues and in hunting the Hockey Lists on Goodreads I found Anna Sugden s A Perfect Distraction And that s exactly what it was I liste A Perfect Distraction is a fun read that keeps the reader hooked from page 1 Maggie has survived a horrific marriage and is starting her life over for her and her daughter Emily She does a favor for her sister which introduces her to Jake Jake is known for his bad boy ways Maggie is afraid to trust but in time maybe she can trust Jake If she trusts him will he break her trust To find out grab a copy It is a great read and you will be hooked Hockey star Jake still recovering from injuries but determined to play to win encounters Maggie recently divorced from an abusive professional soccer player and can t figure out why she is so wary of him When he figures it out and can t get Maggie out of his head he decides to pursue her and his game suffers Or is THAT the real reason his play is less than stellar Hints about his back story gene. Man who could sideline those plans Maggie Goodman is not his sual type right down to being a single mom Still the sizzling connection with this gorgeous brunette can't be ignored With a little juggl.

This was a lovely engaging story I fell in love with both Jake and Maggie and her daughter was adorable All the characters were intriguing I really hope Jenny gets her own story somedayThe situation felt believable Even though from time to time I wanted to shake Maggie The Truth About Jane Doe until she was convinced Jake is nothing like her ex I couldnderstand why she felt the way she did I look forward to reading of Sugden s books This is an amazing debut story by MS Sugden I loved Jake and Maggie it is emotional and very sensual as they have a journey with lots of Mediterranean Men Bundle ups and downs to their HEA Maggie has moved from England to The States after an abusive marriage and Jake has lots of demons from his past to get over and concentrate on his hockey game It is filled with action and lots of love A great story and I highly recommend this one it gave me hours of reading pleasure Ms Sugden has a wonderful start to the New Jersey Ice Cats seriesJake and Maggie both have their own demons but the connection between them was worth fighting forI particularly enjoyed Maggie s journey She made the difficult decision to leave an abusive marriage with her young daughter Emily and become a working single mother Starting a new relationship with this background can beite complex This was portrayed accurately and authentically with the interactions of Jake Maggie and Emily and also the legalities of the custody issuesA very engaging story and I look forward to reading the next book in the series A single mother with an abusive ex husband Maggie Goodman struggles to ignore her growing attraction to Jake Bad Boy Badoletti a pro hockey player with a history of trouble both on and off the iceThrown together by Maggie s job at Make Your Move a relocation firm Jake and Maggie take their time getting to know each other skating around the issue of the. A face off head vs heart For Jake Badoletti this year is all about his career He has a rare second chance to make the most of being a pro hockey player so no parties no scandals Too bad he's met a wo.

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Rate accusations that he is involved in a drug scandal How he s saved from indictment is tangled with how Maggie gets rid of her ex once and for all A great read Review Posted on HarleuinJunkiecomJake Bad Boy Badoletti is ready to return to his career in the NHL after an accident injured him and took the life of his friend Adam He s vowed to be a better man on and off the ice A man that Adam would be proud of instead of the good time charlie he d been before Being traded to a team in New Jersey was the first step He d be close to his family and what felt like home Secondly he hired Making Your Move to get him settled in with a new home as well as a new homebody image Read More After surviving a car accident that took one of his teammates hockey player Jake Badoletti is taking his second chance to make some changes in his life Those changes include losing the Bad Boy image he s earned over the years Maggie Goodman has already made changes in her life leaving an abusive ex husband and finding a new life in New Jersey with her daughter and sister She s not interest in dating athletes and despite how handsome and fun he is she s staying far far away from Jake Only Jake is determined to get the The Indian Tycoons Marriage Deal uptight Maggie to loosenp This was a cute book and I liked the characters 35 stars rounded p I am not normally a fan of sports related romance but I found this book to be a compelling read despite its hockey setting The sports action actually advanced the plot and drove some of the things that happened in the book so it wasn t like it was just tacked on Plus the heroine had a background involving professional sports in Britain so she had issues relating to the fame surrounding sports figures It was all handled very well and gave structure to the story so I found myself really loving this sports romance Nicely done. Ing and a lot of focus Jake manages to have the game and Maggie Then his performance on the ice suffers and a scandal erupts Now he can't afford the distraction of Maggieeven if she is perfect for him.

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