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E later accepts the offer A week before the wedding her feet are not just cold they re downright frostbit She runs into the H s aunt who sends her off to what amounts to a dude ranch the H ownsThe H is cynical and makes a lot of assumptions about her and her situation in between kissing them both senseless She finally decides she wants to give her V card to someone she s actually attracted to rather than the shark who doesn t really deserve it Really his plan is to fly home for the wedding and fly back out afterwards on business And wellNormally I really don t like the whole engaged to a great guy but this one s better thing but since this was of a corporate marriage and the h was about to bolt anyway I ll let it slide The H ahmaybe if he d spent at least some time investigating her for want of a better word maybe he wouldn t have been soj. Ley's getaway weekend at the Final Destination Ranch had brought the dutiful virgin p close and personal with the man of her dreams six feet plus of pure nbridled sex appealBut

I loved the doom but r we changing the covers of all our Fortune s book cause this cover is not on the book I have please need to know this is one of my favorite series Modern This is the first book that I read by this author and let me tell you I couldn t put it down It was incredibly well written a good story with heartwarming characters I m an inspiring writer and was captivated by her se of words as this story was packed full with one great line after another One of the better ones I kept thinking I d read a book about a Fortune Took a bit of digging but I found it No idea about connection beyond the Hs in the two are relatedsomehow AnywaySo a corporate shark approaches the h s dad telling him he s next nless his daughter marries him Dad lays a guilt trip on her she runs into the H at a wedding while mulling over the situation Sh. Fortune's Children The Brides Meet the Fortune Brides six special women who perpetuate a family legacy greater than mere richesIT WAS A BAD TIME TO BE A GOOD GIRLDebutante Renee Ri.

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Udgmental That did bother me Of course he got hoisted from his own petard sometime around the insertion of tab A into slot B and she let him twist in the wind since he seemed interested in giving her a better memory than convincing her to oh I dunno marry him instead So there was that It was an enjoyable read though More about lust than love I actually really enjoyed the writing and the ploting of this story and I love the charachters I really identify with Renee Mehpredictable easy read It was on the shelf at a resort and worked as a beach read No thinking reuired Poor little rich girl woman hatin rich cowboy type Lust set against a backdrop of high society draconian machinations you get the drill The writing is fine and well edited and it killed a few hours If this is your sort of thing it might be a good distraction for an afternoon. Arrett Fortune was no ordinary cowboy Renee was sure he could teach a woman all sorts of things Still she was a week away from marrying Mr Wrong nless she could lasso Garret's hea.

Elizabeth Bevarly was born and raised in Louisville Kentucky and earned her BA with honors in English from the University of Louisville in 1983 Although she can’t recall ever wanting to be anything but a novelist oh all right she toyed briefly with becoming an archaeologist until she realized how awful she looked in khaki and flannel and there was a brief fling with the interior decorator th