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D this is about the language of politics or the politics of language It could well be both What I know is that Waldorf s flair wit and style glued me to the book The way he masters letters that Ess is superb words parenthesis acronyms paragraphs or better the lack thereof descriptions concepts characters and plots is truly mind blowingA complex book but highly recommended for a fantastic read and a new brobdingnagian vocabulary Waldorf s The Short Fall is a complete work from conception to xecution Style and content are perfectly matched It succeeds on three levels as a meditation on writing and language that revels in their possibilities and ven impressively thoughtfully addresses their limitations as a study of a character who is a cipher in life and as a narrator remains slippery while making the reader privy to his deepest if not always reliable inner workings and as an original slant on the political circus we re all so familiar with from the outside but which few of us really know that much aboutThe language of the book is remarkable At one point the narrator talks about carefully choosi. Sorrentino and Harry Mathews too Laird HuntA speechwriter shot during a botched assassination starts to recover powers of speech along with pieced together memories of the campaign he served and the candidate he helped make president of a bankrupt and volatile republic The the narrator remembers the he suspects that he was the target A frenzied lyrical farcical anguished monologue on the personal and politicalRaymond Chandler once wrote in a letter It doesn't matter a damn what a novel is about The only fiction of any moment in any age is that which does

I loved the writing in this novel the word picturesI liked neither Chad nor Vladbut time and again found myself wondering WONDERING at the author s creativity and perception to imagine inside a head wo a body that functions A bitter head a somewhat crazed headA note and uestion to Angela how DID you follow all of this American political tale stuff I m appalled at the very close truth of so much of what was written at least I think its probably close to the truth it That aside thank you for recommending this A wonderful Writer a strange in a good way story teller This is a spellbinding novel not only for the story itself originally and cleverly built around a speechwriter recovering from a botched presidential assassination but also for the multiple levels and deeper meanings of the writing It is so compelling that you can no longer distinguish truth from lie certainty from doubt facts from propaganda or honesty from deceit Everything ven the smallest detail is so dazzlingly designed that you believe it to be real and right until the very Unseen City end when you realize or do you I don t know if in then. The Short Fall is a rhetorical triumph a novel about the presidency built architecturally on language and skyscraper sentences an impressive high flying debut Jonathan BaumbachPossessed of great verve and tremendous inventive muscle Marek Waldorf offers style and substance to spare in this terrific debut Calvino's millennial ualities are all here but Art especially uickness and lightness and lots of pleasurable multiplicity I got hits in reading The Short Fall anxperience in short that I highly recommend of arly rollicking Javier Marias but also of Gilbert.

Ng words that have multiple meanings a techniue Waldorf has used consistently throughout beginning with the title packing so much info into this book than a page count would indicate because there s so much multiplicity of meaning puns connotations tc This results in some wonderful wordplay and skeins of meaning that can be drawn out of Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard each sentence There are so many metaphors and symbols for writing thatven a word like uills used botanically possesses another layer I caught references to political speeches from Churchill to Nixon to Bush p re and there are probably many others I missedThough ultimately tragic the book is also The Matriarchs (The Family extremely funny in places It flows beautifully and truly creates the impression of an acute mind trapped in a body that won t function left only with memories and speculation both of which are subject to spiral into obsessive flights Best book I vever read Buy it and support a writer who doesn t get much attention The blurb can tell you some things here it s Notes for the Everlost enough to point out that there s invention playfulness a mash of forms and inventiveness in this first novel. Agic with wordsMarek Waldorf does magic with words in The Short Fall a multilevel debut novel about a paralyzed speechwriter's relationship to his client a charismatic presidential candidate named Vince Talbot and about his own relationship to the written word The novel filled with livelyffusions of wit and unexpected humor is at once a non ideological fly on the wall When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) exposé of how campaigns are run and a meditation on writing and creativembellishment It's an achronological story of recovery one that merges slowly like an image on a Polaroid photogra.

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Marek Waldorf is the author of a novel The Short Fall and a collection of stories Widow's Dozen The novel was written from 1991 96 and published in 2013 The stories span 1998 to 2011 and were published in 2014